Chapter 28. Expel the Tiger, Protect the Wolf

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As soon as Bai Fu Ling arrived at Heling Lake, the white tiger noticed her. The fierce and impatient look immediately disappeared, the big cat rubbed against Bai Fu Ling.

It was on all fours, and the height of its head was even with Bai Fu Ling’s chest, which almost pushed her to the ground. Fortunately, Bai Guo, the servant girl who came later, grabbed her and held her.

Bai Fu Ling reached out her hand and poked the white tiger between the eyebrows. She scolded it like a cat or dog: “Bad boy!  Don’t you know how strong you are?” The voice was as clear and pure as a jade song and seemed to have a little bit of whining and pettishness. Yang Heng, who came after hearing the news, was not aware of the ripples in his heart.

The white tiger is sitting in front of her face innocently, it was even more obedient than a domestic cat or dog, completely without the murderous look it had just now. Bai Fu Ling rubbed its head again and asked, “what are you doing here all of a sudden? You don’t know how valuable your fur is, you’ll be miserable if you meet bad people!” While speaking, she glanced at the direction of the gate intentionally. The ‘bad person’ in her mouth, needless to say, was Yang Heng; who she showed kindness to and refused to repay her kindness, but also put on airs with her. She heard rumors that rich and powerful people like to use rare fur to spread on mattresses and chairs to show their identity. White tiger skin is undoubtedly the best of them.

No matter how spiritual the white tiger is, it can’t speak human words. It just growled and suddenly fell down to reveal its belly. Now everyone can see clearly that there is a wound about the size of a palm at the joint of its left forelimb and chest. The wound is not deep, and it has stopped bleeding for a long time. However, the recovery is very bad, with obvious suppuration. Nobody knew what hurt it.

Bai Fu Ling immediately understood the reason why the white tiger suddenly came here when she saw it. It wanted to find her to heal its wounds!

Yang Heng and Lie Dang were very surprised when they looked at this scene. The abdomen is the weak spot of most animals. The white tiger showed its abdomen voluntarily in front of Bai Fu Ling. This is not only liking being close to her, but it also regarded her as a close companion.

Bai Fu Ling was taken aback and immediately ordered Bai Guo to fetch the medicine and prepare hot water and strong liquor. The white tiger refused to let others approach. Bai Fu Ling had to personally help him heal the wound. Fortunately, she has seen many of Fang Hai’s technique in treating wounds. Following the techniques, she managed to become a veterinarian although she was not skilled.

Yang Heng has never seen a weak woman daring to approach a beast, nor has he ever seen a pampered daughter heal a beast herself; without fear of blood and dirt. He quietly watched Bai Fu Ling clean up the wound with a face of concentration. She also warned the white tiger ‘not to move’ from time to time and comforted it with words like ‘soon it won’t hurt’. In his heart, he felt it both absurd and magical. The beautiful girl seemed like a mystery, including the Bai Family, which seemed to hide untold secrets …

Bai Fu Ling was sweating all over. Finally, she cleaned up the wound for the white tiger and applied medicine. Her delicate yellow dress was stained with a lot of blood. The white tiger leaned over and rubbed her carefully. Then he stood up and shook his tail with a growl and left.

Bai Guo saw a bit of sourness nearby and said, “Why don’t you ask him for medical expenses and treatment?”

Bai Fu Ling gave her a sideways glance and said, “ok, I’ll send you to ask for it. Don’t come back to see me until you get it!”

“Miss, I was wrong. Miss, you are so gentle and kind, with high morals. How can you vulgarly care about that little amount of money?!” Bai Guo flattered her.

Yang Heng listened to the conversation between the two master and servant and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. When Bai Fu Ling saw that it was him again, she felt unhappy, wrinkled her nose and gave a reluctant salute: “This little woman is stained with blood. She doesn’t dare to disturb Your Highness because she doesn’t want to be described as disheveled. She will retire first.” After saying that, she just wants to go back to Lengquan and wash up.

Yang Heng didn’t intend to let her go like this. He deliberately said: “There are auspicious animals here. Asking Miss Bai to please be a guide and take Bengong around…”

Bai Fu Ling thinks this man is really annoying. Can’t he see that she doesn’t want to deal with him anymore? Besides, he has been to almost every part of this place except the desolate back mountain these days. He has never been lost or dragged home by wolves, tigers and leopards as a snack. But now, he is whining about traveling with a guide. What’s his intention?!

But who made this guy someone she can’t openly offend?

She hates these types of royalty the most! He’s hiding in the border town countryside, but he still has to jump out to annoy her!

Bai Fu Ling condescended Yang Heng and bowed to Yang Heng in an obedient manner. She respectfully said, “please pardon Your Highness, this little girl is weak and can’t stand the rugged mountain path. It is better to ask General Lu to accompany you, so as not to spoil Your Highness’s pleasure. ”

Yang Heng looked at the petite and exquisite girl in front of him inch by inch. Although she was trying to be tame and docile with her head down, he could not help but send out a little smile: “General Lu’s wife came thousands of miles from the capital to meet with General Lu. How can I be such an unreasonable person and disturb the family reunion? Miss Bai might as well go back and have a good rest today and accompany this Lord tomorrow.”

He specially mentioned Madam Lu Ying, not without meaning to test Bai Fu Ling’s reaction. Even fools can see Lu Ying’s care for this adoptive sister. A young hero and a beautiful woman are like jade. Although the beautiful woman is still young, it is unavoidable to make people think more about it.

Bai Fu Ling knew about this earlier and even Madam Lu; Cui Shi, had already ‘crossed paths’ with her before she entered the city. It was no surprise to hear Yang Heng’s words, but she was angry at his insistence on enslavement and harassment of herself.

“Well, this little girl excused herself!” Bai Fu Ling bowed with gnashing teeth and said goodbye. Yang Heng spoke without any intention to give her any room for rebuttal.

Yang Heng saw that she didn’t seem to care about Lu Ying’s wife, and thought that tomorrow he could let the girl stay with him all day long. He was in a good mood and didn’t embarrass her anymore, so she left with her maid.

Bai Ping Zi has been paying close attention to Yang Heng. He himself is also a romantic person. As soon as he sees it, he knows that Yang Heng is mostly teasing Bai Fu Ling. He cannot help but frown. This person is not a good match for Miss. But, he so happens to be a real Prince, even Lu Ying is helpless. This is really troublesome.


Bai Fu Ling went back to the Lengquan courtyard and washed herself from beginning to end. Ding Xiang came to report that General Lu had been waiting for a long time in the Flower Hall outside. She thought of Yang Heng and walked to the hall with a sigh.

Lu Ying is sitting under the window looking out at the flowing spring water in a trance.

Bai Fu Ling tiptoed over to him and stretched out her hand to pat him on the shoulder. “Older brother, what are you doing here?”

Lu Ying turned to look back and saw that she ran out with her long, half wet hair. She frowned and said, “this side is closer to the cold spring. It’s cooler than the outside. What would you do if you catch cold like this?”

Lu Ying was very strict in his discipline and never joked. When the northern army saw him, none of them dared to laugh. Even the old General, who had more than ten years of experience in combat, dared not be a little presumptuous in front of him. This frown, in the barracks, would immediately frighten a general officer to kneel down, but for Bai Fu Ling is useless.

She just shrugged and said, “I’m not that weak!  You have known me for so long, have you ever seen me sick?” What she said is the truth. Since she recovered from a serious illness at the age of three, she has never had any illness or even minor illness. However, only she knows the reason.

“Girls shouldn’t be that reckless.” Lu Ying habitually wanted to rub Bai Fu Ling’s head, but suddenly remembered something, and stopped halfway.

“Eldest brother is unhappy. Is it because you know that your wife had come to Beiguan City?” Bai Fu Ling went straight to the point.

Lu Ying’s eyes darkened and he said, “it’s nothing…”

“Humph! If you are happy that she is here, then it will be my turn to be unhappy!”

Bai Guo, who came in to change the tea, just heard this ‘clear love and hate’ declaration, and almost couldn’t help but want to cast a side-eye: after all, it’s your adoptive brother’s wife. Aren’t you afraid of being misunderstood!?

“Ling’er…” Lu Ying’s heart felt bitter. He has many words he wanted to say to Bai Fu Ling, but he also knows that she is choosing to give in. On the day he married Cui Zhenyi, he is no longer qualified to say these words to Bai Fu Ling.

Bai Fu Ling smiled nonchalantly and giggled. “Older brother, you don’t have to take the things we said as children to heart. I saved you, but you have been good enough for our family over the years. Although I want to depend on you to take care of us like this all my life, I must admit that you don’t owe us anything anymore. ”

“I don’t like your wife, just because she is not a good person. She wouldn’t be sincerely good to you. My older brother is indomitable and worthy of the best woman in the world, but it happened that he was forced to marry such a woman. I am angry!  If older brother couldn’t see that and really liked her, I’m even more depressed.” Bai Fu Ling spoke with an undisguised provocation for the couple’s feelings.

“How can older brother like her…” Lu Ying said with a wry smile, in his heart, she was the only best woman in the world.

“Humph! You came to tell me that you are going down the mountain, right?” Bai Fu Ling pouted.

“Yes, older brother really will go down the mountain tomorrow morning. Anyway, she is my wife in name. I want to see why she suddenly took the trouble to run to the borderlands. The most important thing is that older brother should go back to Beiguan City as soon as possible and be ready to take over the relevant matters so that His Royal Highness Prince Liu would leave Bai Li Mountain as soon as possible.” Lu Ying does not have Bai Ping Zi’s rich practical experience, but with his concern for Bai Fu Ling, it is not difficult to see Yang Heng’s ‘bad intentions’. How can he rest assure when that man is in Bai Family village all the time?

The best way, of course, is to get him to Beiguan City as soon as possible.

Bai Fu Ling knew what he said was right, so she didn’t want to detain him. She just stretched out her hand toward him and said, “where is my gift?”

Lu Ying smiled and gently took out a colorful colored glass flower from his chest pocket and put it into her hand. “Do you still like them?”

“Ah? Is it colored glass?” Bai Fu Ling took over and looked carefully from left to right. This colored glass flower is very exquisite and elegant, with extremely high transparency and an even and clear color. It is a treasure no matter the era. Compared with those seen in the past, it is simply not the same.




Expel the Tiger, Protect the Wolf = a play on words from ‘Expel the Tiger, swallow the Wolf/ 驱虎吞狼 [Qū hǔ tūn láng]. Meaning; to use a powerful force to destroy another one that is weaker than it, while conserving your own strength.

I think its a play on what is happening; with the tiger leaving and all. But also trying to expel YH while protecting BFL.

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