Chapter 13. What a Nuisance!

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Ding Xiang shook her head: “Seems to have heard that the young lady saved General Lu……”(we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo)

Bai Guo raised her head, look at the crescent moon in the sky. “Yes, Brother also told me. Miss was very sick from childhood, even unable to speak. She was raised to three years old. She became more and more seriously ill and almost lost her life. The Master and Madam searched all over for famous doctors and elixirs, but could not cure her. Later, Madam took her to the temple to pray to Buddha. Saying that she is willing to give their life for Miss. Pleading to Buddha to save Miss’s life. Buddha really appeared.

Suddenly, the lady was better, and she could speak. Madam was very happy. She took Miss home. On the way, she saw a little boy in ragged clothes, fall on the side of the road. He was kicked and beaten by several old beggars. The Madam did not want to pay any attention to it. Miss insisted on saving him, saying that it was to build up virtue for oneself. The Madam agreed as soon as she heard it.”

“That boy is the present General Lu Ying. His family is a hereditary military household. His father died of serious illness and exhausted his family wealth. His mother took him to the capital to join his father’s friend and relatives, the Cui family. Unexpectedly, the Cui family despise the poor and curry favor with the rich. When they saw their mother and son in a terrible state, they both were driven out. General Lu’s mother had run out of money and had to beg all the way home with her son. It was not long before they left the capital that they were separated by accident. General Lu, a thirteen-year-old child, went to the streets to beg for money and almost lost his life. Miss saved him and asked the Master to teach him how to practice martial arts. After a few years, General Lu went to join the army. However, his household registration documents were in his mother’s hands. He could only start from a small soldier. He was also lucky and skilled. With the help of noble people, he stepped up to today’s status. In consideration of the Bai family’s favor, he volunteered to guard this Bei Guan city. ”

Ding Xiang listened for a long time and finally couldn’t help saying, “That… What does that have to do with Miss’s dislike of Madam Lu?” General Lu’s history is legendary. But the Bai family has many examples of Bai Fu Ling pulling someone out of desperate situations and slowly leading them to a better life. Like just now, Huang Bo, from Tong Yun Lou is an example. Ding Xiang herself has yet to reach this point, but their achievements and fame are not as good as Lu Ying’s.

Bai Guo glared at her and said, “Because this so-called Madam Lu was betrothed to General Lu by the Cui family!”(No, seriously.. why are you reading it here? please support translators at

“Ah? Didn’t they annul the engagement?” Ding Xiang was surprised.

“Humph! The snobs in that family; seeing General Lu’s fame and achievements, I don’t know what dirty tricks they used …They had the audacity to mention that they are relatives and forced their daughter on to General Lu! Don’t know why, but General Lu agreed. It’s really annoying!” Bai Guo rushed angrily.

Ding Xiang nodded and said angrily, “No wonder Miss hates that woman! If I knew, I would go up and scolded her just now! What a shame!”

Bai Guo, seeing her indignation, suddenly was not angry and snickered, “So you say ah… how could General Lu blame our Miss for ‘disrespecting her sister-in-law’, for such a woman?”

In the ebony carriage, the little gauze lamp swayed slightly along with the carriage. Bai Family’s Miss, who had just taught a bad woman a hard lesson, had no smile on her little face. She conveniently pulled out from her bosom a piece of green glittering and translucent Jade pendant to play. She gently said: “What if you don’t like her anymore? She’s already your rightful wife… What a nuisance! It was clearly stated that he would be my husband of choice…”(want to copy to read offline? try asking nicely at… thanks)

Under the lamplight, the jade is very similar to the one worn by Madam Lu. It seems to be a pair.


Returning to the boundary of Bai Family Village, it was time for the carriage to enter Bai Li Mountain and meet Bai Shen, the housekeeper.

Bai Fu Ling opened the door with a warm heart, Bai Shen took two steps to sit by the edge of the door. The speed of the ebony carriage did not slow down one bit, and Bai Shen’s posture at the door is very natural, clearly, his skills weren’t shallow.

Bai Fu Ling went over and took his arm and complained, “my parents are waiting for me again? Didn’t Uncle Shen persuade them for me? I’m already so old, I wouldn’t be lost! There are so many people following me. ”

Bai Shen is an old servant of the Bai Family. He was a few years older than Bai Family’s Master. Having never married or had children his whole life, he watched Bai Fu Ling grow up. He thinks of her as his own daughter. This intimacy was very comforting, smiling he said: “Uncle Shen didn’t sleep until he saw you safely. Not to mention Master and Madam? Fortunately, you have someone with you. Otherwise, you would suffer some loss today. ”

In other words, he has heard the news of what happened to Bai Fu Ling today.(this is a translation)

Bai Fu Ling wasn’t surprised by his information: “The yahang is our Bai Family’s territory. Even if I don’t have a person with me, and nobody can bully me. Tong Yun Lou is opened by Huang Bo. If something really needs to be done. I won’t be the one to suffer.  ”

(yahang= ancient pawnshop.)

“Always be cautious. ”

Bai Fu Ling kept silent, pulled a small drawer on the side, and carefully took out a pair of; slightly larger than the duck eggs, ivory puzzle balls out, and handed them to Bai Shen, saying, “Dad said Uncle Shen’s palm skills are very good. I happened to see this in the yahang today and wanted to bring them for Uncle Shen to play with.”

Ball Puzzls

(Puzzle balls = Chinese puzzle balls are ornate decorative items that consist of several concentric spheres layered, each of which rotates freely in another, carved from the same piece of material. Expert craftsmen made them without opening/breaking the ball… from outside to the inside. Source: My dad has one XD)

Bai Shen took it and put it on his palm. He saw that the surface of the two puzzle balls was very smooth, only a slight cloud pattern. There were thirty-six holes in the ball. From these holes, one layer could be seen after another. It had more than twenty layers. Each layer was smooth and could rotate freely, and each layer was thinner than the one before. What kind of skilled craftsmen can have such craftsmanship?!

Such a thing can be destroyed when it was held in your hand with the slightest bit of negligence, let alone used for turning and playing? Bai Shen only thoughtfully knew that this was a gift from the young lady to practice his skills.  To turn the ivory balls freely on his palm, he must grasp every point and inch of his strength with great precision. Such a precious thing… but he was also thankful to Miss for willing to let him try it.

Bai Shen put the two Ivory puzzle balls back into the box, laughing bitterly. “I’m very grateful to you, Miss. Uncle Shen will accept these two ivory balls.”( not reading at Translateindo? it’s been copied without permission)

Bai Fu Ling laughed.  “Uncle Shen is so powerful, what are these two puzzle balls? Soon, even ten or eightー Uncle Shen would be able to solve freely. It’s just a matter of finding a few more identical ones, but it’s going to take some time. ”

Bai Shen reluctantly said: ” Ten or eight? … Uncle Shen doesn’t know how long it will take to get started with these two. ”

They talked, laughed, and soon felt the carriage stopped. Bai Shen personally helped Bai Fu Ling out of the carriage and stepped back two steps to accompany her into the front hall. Master Bai has only one such baby daughter in his life. Seeing her close to other uncles, even if he didn’t say anything on the surface, surely, he would be very jealous.




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