Chapter 12. Exactly Hitting You!

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Hey everyone, I ‘v decided to pick up this book into English because I have been doing Indonesian translations and now I’m trying my hand into English too. I tried to contact Dreamer (the first 11 chapters translator), but I have yet to receive any reply. If she does contact me back one day and say that I have to stop, I definitely will… but for now, here ya go.. 



“What?!” This time even the silent maid Ma Lan exclaimed, only the sturdy Bai Guo was serving Bai Fu Ling some cabbage.

Ding Xiang ate, “So, that lady is, is the family of General Lu?” No wonder it’s such a big show…(this is a translation)

“It’s the wife of Big Brother.” Bai Fu Ling remained motionless as if offending her first sister-in-law was just a trivial matter.

“They didn’t report their names, nor did they bring their family members to the General’s Fu. Why are you so sure, Miss?” It is impossible for her servant girl to have too much contact with General Lu Ying of The North Garrison. However, the General’s Fu has a simple population and a limited number of family members often go to Bai Family Village, from time to time. Many people in Bai Family Village recognized General Fu‘s people. However, those family members just now, regardless of their clothes and appearance, are very strange. Otherwise, Bai Shi San wouldn’t fight so easily.

(Fu = mansion/ home, usually house of nobility.)

“The two ladies just now had good clothes, and their jewelry was exquisitely crafted and of special style. They were totally unlike ordinary people. They were well-trained and apparently from large families. This Bei Guan city borders on the barbarians. Although there have been few wars in recent years, the situation is unstable. Most of the people living in this area are businessmen. The wealthy and powerful people are unwilling to live in such a dangerous place. Bei Guan city has no one to support such a family besides our Bai family, and the male owner of their family is certainly not a native.” At Bai Fu Ling’s analysis, several girls nodded.( not reading at Translateindo? it’s been copied without permission)

“There are ten of them alone. Ordinary people only visit relatives and friends locally, they will not bring so many people with them. Most of them have traveled a long way, so they have to take so many people to escort them. They have just arrived in Bei Guan City and have not found a place to live. ” Bai Fu Ling heard the audience perk up their ears and spoke more vigorously.

“Miss, you don’t take fewer people out than they do!” Ding Xiang couldn’t help but laughing and change the subject.

Bai Fu Ling glared at her and said, “It’s good of me to take you out to see the world and look around so that you don’t feel sad and bored every day looking at the flowers and trees in the village. I won’t take you next time if you have any comments.”

“Miss, I’m wrong. Go on, go on with what were you saying!” Ding Xiang rushed to beg for mercy.

“Humph! The two women, in all their flowering branches swaying, did not seem to be in a hurry. They were obviously about to arrive at their destination. They attached great importance to the people they were going to meet. They wanted to dress up carefully for fear of being rude. But unfortunately, because of heavy rain, they had to stop halfway, and wait for the rain to stop and clearing up before meeting people.”

(花枝招展 [huā zhī zhāo zhǎn] =The flowering branches shake to give notice; used to describe the beautiful dress of a woman/ be seductively dressed/ gorgeously dressed to get attention.)

“There are no male family members around them. If they want to meet an older man or someone trivial, they wouldn’t be so attentive. That’s not only for the Madam. Even the young lady is dressed like she is going to meet a lover. Obviously, they are going to meet someone who is very important and attractive to them. And certainly, a man!”

Several maids thought about the dress of the two women just now. It was not the ordinary dress someone would wear to visit relatives and friends. They were convinced by Bai Fu Ling’s statement.(if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been stolen from our site)

“Someone in Bei Guan City, very rich and powerful. Having good conditions, attractive, not a member of the family that they haven’t seen in a long time. Besides my elder brother, who else could it be?!” Bai Fu Ling concluded.

Ding Xiang took the lead and applaud. She said, “Miss is really smart, observing deeply and seeing thousands of miles ahead…”

Bai Fu Ling smiled at her praise and then said, “The most important thing is…”

Is? The curiosity of several servant girls was aroused.

“The most important thing is that the jade token hanging on the waist of the lady is clearly a pair with that of General Lu’s, on which the word ‘Lu’ is clearly engraved in white! It’s so clear, you can see it carefully. ” Bai Fu Ling didn’t speak, but Bai Guo, the maid beside her did.

“Ah? So, that’s how!” Several maids’ admiration for Bai Fu Ling was instantly taken back.

Bai Fu Ling grabbed the peanuts from the small dish and threw them at Bai Guo, laughing and scolding, “Sure, you just can’t stay with me for too long… They were all so into it. Just had to rain on my parade!”

(TN: stay with me for too long = she means, Bai Guo knew her too well.)

Several people laughed and giggled, but the two sisters Ma Lian and Ma Lan were grimacing and said, “How is that okay? That lady is Miss’s sister-in-law! Miss, you know, how… how could we do this… We also injured their family members… Miss, we should go quickly and make amends with General Lu’s wife. It’s all a misunderstanding…”

Bai Fu Ling snorted at this and said, “What wrong needs compensation? Why don’t you tell me, what did I do wrong?”(translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else)

How dare these maids insinuate that she was ‘abusing power’?!

Bai Fu Ling Spoke: “She was asking for a fight herself, was I wrong when I didn’t do what she wanted? Besides, Bai Guo scolded them, didn’t Bai Shi San fight to defend us? What did I do wrong?”

Bai Guo turned her eyes superciliously: “Clearly you motioned me to scold them. How could you push it all on me?”

“Nonsense! I just looked at you. Even if my eyes could talk, they couldn’t talk to you in that detail!” Bai Fu Ling grimaced at Bai Guo.

“Good! You can send me to the General’s Fu to make amends.” Bai Guo acts aggrieved.

“You’re my family. Do you have to make amends to that kind of woman?” Bai Fu Ling hummed and said, “I was really worried that the two women could not hold back and pulled out Big Brother’s name…  Ignorance can be forgiven!”

Bai Guo didn’t care at all. “I have long thought about it. If they really said that they were North Garrison General ‘s family members, I would insist that they were fake and they wanted to try every trick to mislead the public. Hit first, ask questions later!”

Bai Fu Ling immediately looked at her with a new understanding and said, “Great! It’s really great! Bai Guo, you’re getting smarter and smarter!”

“Miss taught me well!” Bai Guo was very modest this time, and the two master and servant looked at each other and laughed. The other three maids could only look at each other in dismay, and coincidentally think of a four-character idiom – One hand washes another!

(狈为奸 [láng bèi wéi jiān] = wolf and dog support each other in villainy; to collude in doing evil; backing each other up when doing a bad deed.)


The rain outside the window is getting thinner, the sky is dark. Looking out from Tong Yun Lou, the outline of the whole city was obscure. Dark clouds dispersed, revealing a crescent moon. Under the silver moonlight, the night breeze brought a bit of coolness. Bai Fu Ling heart suddenly felt that something was off, after casually drinking a sip of tea. “Go home!”

On the way back, Ding Xiang rode her camel near Bai Guo and whispered, “Sister Bai Guo, Miss seems to hate Madam Lu very much. Why is that?”

Bai Guo quipped: “Who likes a woman like that?”(translateindo.C0m did not give other site permission to PDF this)

“Didn’t she meet Madam Lu for the first time? Did Madam Lu ever offend her?” Ding Xiang feels that it is a duty and responsibility of a competent maid to know her master’s preferences. She takes the opportunity to consult her predecessor.

Bai Guo said, “You may as well tell me. Do you know how General Lu met Miss?”





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