TLWE Chapter 7 – Yi Rong Technique 

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Translated by fairishalie
Edited by RandomAlex

Ren Qiao felt surprised because of Gu Huai; the biggest villain in the story. In the early chapter of the story, his paragraph was less descriptive than Tang Shu. Readers only knew that he was the first son of Ling Qing before she married into the Tang Family. After Ling Qing remarried Tang Tianyang, she brought him into the Tang Family.

For various reasons, Gu Huai’s identity was very embarrassing. Even for Tang Shu, Tang Family’s servants could call her Eldest Miss, right and proper. As for Gu Huai, he was not a member of the Tang Family, and Ling Qing was indifferent to him, they would only call him Master Huai.

Gu Huai was like a transparent man in the Tang family, and everyone selectively forgets about him. Gu family also didn’t have a place for him. His father died, and his uncle was now in charge of the Gu Family. His uncle was not from his own family. For Gu Huai, there wasn’t the situation of an uncle and nephew, he always guarded against everything. That would put Gu Huai in such a difficult position.

Ten years ago, his biological father, Gu Hong, died in a car accident and left Gu Huai blind and disabled for the rest of his life. No one knew why Gu Hong appeared on the Panshan Road with his son on such a rainy night, which led to this tragedy. Gu Huai had no sense of existence, but at the end of the story, he became darkened.

With the help of his grandfather Ling Feng, he made a foothold in the treacherous shopping mall industry and began to tear down the Gu Family and the Tang Family crazily. At that moment, Zhou Yunqing, the male lead, already had a relationship with Tang Ya and helped Tang Ya. So, he targeted by Gu Huai.

Gu Huai’s business skill was no worse than the male lead, and he was an evildoer existence. His constant arrangements; one after another was successful in partially taking down the Gu Family and Tang Family. Even Zhanghong, the most significant macro enterprise also encountered crisis since its inception.

In the end, with the brightness of the male lead, Zhou Yunqing won a narrow victory over Gu Huai. Gu Huai’s various plans became the catalyst for the feelings of that couple and finally helped Zhou Yunqing to once again win over his beauty. Gu Huai was the villain with a fantastic talent, and his method was surefire. He only left some presents and a young girl for the male lead.

However, Ren Qiao didn’t appreciate Gu Huai because the way Gu Huai described in the book was too extreme. The shopping mall industry was like a battlefield, and every acquisition of a company was like a strategy to besiege and attack a city. Some people were kind to his company’s subordinates, such as the noble and benevolent character; Zhou Yunqing. After acquisitions by Gu Huai, he not only cut off the employees’ salary, he also treated the employees worse than before. He changed the companies management system.

Even Tang Ya, who was known as a witch and would fire vigorously, she still won’t destroy anyone’s life. If conditions permitted, Tang Ya would try her best to give enough pension under the Labor Law’s requirements, so that both parties could get together and disperse.

What did Gu Huai do? Gu Shanda from Gu Clan and Tang Huifang from Tang Clan were senior executive; they were forced to jump off the building. He directly cleared the ordinary employees, maxed out the credit card limit and pushed them to carry car loans and housing loans until they had no way out.

Gu Huai’s business empire was built with flesh and blood of thousands of people. There was someone who bumped his head to death in front of him and spattered him with blood. Gu Huai just took a plain handkerchief out of his coat pocket, slowly wiped the blood that man had sprinkled on him, and gave a faint order: “Notify the police to collect the body.”

Public opinion, commercial giants, even the government had put pressure on Gu Huai, but Gu Huai didn’t care. Others asked him, “Did you do such a great job that you are not afraid of dreaming about evil spirits?” And what did Gu Huai say? “I’m afraid, even the devil is afraid of me.” Evil such as Gu Huai was comparable to that of the great demons of her previous lives.

Ren Qiao looked at Gu Huai and saw that his stone-green brocade robe was as red as blood. Formerly beautiful wisteria stamens became a venomous snake, ferociously incomparable. After saying goodbye, Ren Qiao left in a hurry.

Tang Ya picked up the papers she had left on her desk, saw the alternative companies, and picked up her eyebrows. “Dad truly love her. When Jia He was given to me, it was a mess.” As Gu Huai tidied up the drawing tools on his desk, Tang Ya sneered, “It’s a pity you’re blind and can’t see her. She’s so beautiful even I’m ashamed of myself.”

“What’s her name?” Gu Huai spoke, his voice was clear, as pure as Tianshan snow.

“Tang Shu.” with the low voice, Tang Ya took the documents, stepped on her high heels, and left.

Gu Huai slowed down and stroked Ren Qiao’s painting with both hands. The ink was not dry and it stained on his hands. The paint had a faint smell. What haunted his nose was the sweet smell of Ren Qiao. It was as sweet as fruit and intoxicating as old wine. Suddenly there was the soft touch she had held, but the sound of her footsteps was too far away to catch.

At the third room on the second floor, Tang Ya knocked on the door and said, “Sister?”

Inside that door was Ren Qiao’s room with pink colors. Ren Qiao opened the door, and Tang Ya handed her the file: “You left it in the garden.” Tang Ya walked around Ren Qiao’s room hastily, as if the queen were looking at her territory.

She pushed open the cloakroom door, hundreds of different styles of clothes, shoes, and hats accessories were from the boutique. It was the fashion capital’s new products of the season, some had not even sold out, and they purchased them through private channels.

All this was not satisfactory for Tang Ya, and she said fastidiously: “Just like what an average person would buy, and it’s not as good as a tailor-made. Sister, I’ll take you to Somnus designer this afternoon. After the clothes are ready, I’ll arrange your meeting with Zhou Yunqing.” She turned around, pointing to the document given by Tang Tianyang, with a smile on her face: “Dad wants to support your growth, I don’t mind. Since he loves you that much, I’m sure he’ll be happy if you are dating Zhou Yunqing. It’s just that water can’t put out the fire. Good sister, remember that Ren Da couple is in my hands, not in my father’s. If I am in a bad mood and want to make them lose an arm or a leg, it’s as easy as turning the palm of a hand.”

“Tang, Ya!” Ren Qiao worried about the safety of his parents, she gritted his teeth and about to cry. Tang Ya just looked at her with an innocent expression.

It was a small thing to see a designer, but a meeting with Zhou Yunqing, it was the equivalent of giving her head to him! Once recognized by Zhou Yunqing, not to mention saving the Ren Da couple, she couldn’t even keep her own life. Thinking about how bad Tang Shu died in the book; now that she was just out of the novice village, how could she cross the stage and challenged the big boss??

(novice village; challenging the boss = gaming terms.)

Although Tang Shu was not a very good character in the book, Ren Qiao had to admit that she was a very bold person. Did Tang Shu know that beauty was her best weapon? Tang Shu knew it, of course! But between becoming Zhou’s wife and staying beautiful, she made a better choice — she didn’t hesitate to put a knife to her face and bear the pain of cutting her bones.

(cutting bones= changing your self permanently.)

Now, it was Ren Qiao’s turn to choose.

Her advantage over Tang Shu was that she had a lot of Xie Family’s way of thinking and skills in her mind, some of them even considered as a dissident skill by the members of the religious group, but were very useful to Ren Qiao, such as Technique of Yi Rong.

(TL’note: Yi Rong Technique is a technology (art) that changes the appearance of people. Science can create a lot of miracles. Today, the ancient theory of Yi Rong is no longer a rare thing. It has become a specialized technology, also known as “plastic molding.” //  Ed’note: so its basically prosthetic makeup? like those viral videos where a girl removes her fake nose? ew..)

In the book, after Tang Shu did plastic surgery, and seduced the male lead. He didn’t find out right away; he found out three years later. Even if Ren Qiao changed her face, there was no way to hide forever from Zhou Yunqing. She could only procrastinate day by day! There was also a crucial problem to be solved, how could she get back into the Tang Family after she changed her appearance?

Ren Qiao said: “I want to meet a foreign plastic agency first and make some minor change on my face.” It was a lie for Tang Ya, and all she had to do was pretend to be hospitalized and secretly do plastic surgery. As for the fact that if Tang Ya would question her later; whether she did a minor change or whole, it was not part of her consideration.

Tang Ya eyes were full of laughter: “That’s right, if you want to do a good job, you must sharpen your tools first.”

There were a lot of things to settle if she wanted to go abroad, not only to prepare a visa, she should also go through a video call with a doctor and ordered a dress to put on for the time being.

Deep-sea Castle, within The Rumor organization, Tianzi No.1 team leader reported to Silver Night: “Ren Qiao is planning to go abroad for plastic surgery.” The team leader sent the details to Silver Night, it even detailed what kind of the plastic surgery that Ren Qiao discussed with the doctor, which changed enough of her present appearance. The team leader asked suspiciously, “Do you want me to find out why she plans to do this?” Ren Qiao said it was a minor changed, but after consulting with the doctor, it was a big deal, and there was something strange about it.

Silver Night smiled softly: “She’s still so fierce on herself.” He tapped on the table with his left hand and said, “No need to look it up. I know it.” A small minor changed, she wouldn’t do that. She wasn’t afraid of pain from the knife; she didn’t want to give up. “You do it like this, first send Tang Shaoshi a new voice changer developed by The Rumor, and then…” His voice was like jade, clear, and cold as if there was an intense fragrance. After listening to Silver Night’s arrangements, his subordinates took the orders and stepped down.

In Tang villa, Ren Qiao’s room, Ren Qiao eyebrow frowned, looked at the document given by Tang Tianyang. With a computer on her side, she searched for comparisons from time to time. Thirty companies, whether intermingled excellent or bad, need to be investigated.

According to her agreement with Tang Ya, Tang Ya won’t release Mr. and Mrs. Ren until she became Mrs. Zhou. She didn’t think she could handle Zhou Yunqing! Seven years ago, Zhou Yunqing was a teenager who didn’t know well about affairs in life, and she could make him fall for her.

Today, Zhou Yunqing dominated the shopping mall industry, when top businessman saw him, they would smile at him, even the outlaws of the underworld all respectfully called him “green master.” It detailed the big picture of how he was far from women. That time, Ren Qiao idolized him because of this. Other male protagonists of other stories would hold many girls, until they could manage a harem in the palace, in the contrast of their group of pig teammates. The clean-living and honest’s Zhou Yunqing was attractive to readers.

Even if we didn’t mention the old story of seven years ago, Ren Qiao only had this face, could she win Zhou Yunqing over? Fortunately, she knew the plot; Tang Ya will be attracted to Zhou Yunqing in the future, and after that, she will no longer force Ren Qiao to seduce Zhou Yunqing. She had no choice other than pushed the development as the storyline; she was now considerate to be powerless. The battle between Tang Ya and Zhou Yunqing involved hundreds of millions of dollars asset. In that kind of commercial battle, they should not involve Ren Qiao at all.

Old Fang was still working hard, and so far, he had not found Mr. and Mrs. Ren Da. The worst-case scenario was for Ren Qiao to date Zhou Yunqing according to Tang Ya’s plan. However, it was unnecessary to put on a drug in Zhou Yunqing’s tea, as Tang Shu did in the original book. As long as she got through this storyline, male lead and female lead will eventually get married, and Ren Da couple will naturally be safe.

The above was just plans, and Ren Qiao could not entrust Ren Da couple’s safety on Tang Ya. She needs strength, needs to become powerful! If she could save Mr. and Mrs. Da in advance, then the birds will fly! Even if this great ambition cannot be achieved, it still considered a success.

She may not oppose directly and threaten Tang Ya, but she willing to cut herself into pieces and dared to sacrifice herself to pull down the emperor from the horse — if Tang Ya tried to break the contract, with Ren Qiao’s ability, she would break her ruthlessly! Either the fish dies, or the net splits! Once Ren Qiao grew up, these words didn’t have to be said, and Tang Ya could measure it by herself.

(Pull down the emperor from the horse = pulling down the person from his almighty position; The fish dies, or the net splits = in a state of struggle between life or death)

The attitude of others towards you depends on your strength to a large extent. When you were just grass, they will trample on you mercilessly, and no one will care about your pain. They even took your tears as a joke. She had to grow up because of her limited personal qualifications, and the low starting point. Even if she tried her best, she might just become a cactus. It wasn’t enough to grow into a towering tree. In such an extensive nature, still tiny.

But when you eventually become stronger. If you don’t believe it, you can see it. Do those people still dare to trample on you as cruelly as before? Before they step on you, they will at least considered whether the thorns would prick their skin. This truth, resembled a Chinese Silk flower, Tang Shu who only relied on men to survive, would not understand this, but Ren Qiao understood — she would become strong on her own so that she could defend herself!


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