TLWE Chapter 6 – Not Alike

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Translated by fairishalie
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The villa that Tang family lived in, once a concession, presented a European style, elegant and generous. There was a staircase in the middle of the hall. Hovered above the fireplace, a chandelier. Everywhere was beautiful and splendid.
Tang Tianyang, dressed in gray casual sportswear and sitting on a milky white sofa, he had a handsome face, elegant attitude and a limited edition of the watch worn on his wrist. The price was staggering, ordinary people may not be able to buy it even if they had money.
“Tell me, what’s going on?” He spoke in a low voice and was not angry.

His wife, Ling Qing sat next to him, the beautiful woman who had previously yelled at Tang Shaoshi, whose surname represented Chunshen’s ancient family, was wearing a long ginger dress, high-waisted design, perfectly sets off her chest shape. Her face was beautiful, and her skin was like gelatin. Although she was over 40 years old, she was even more beautiful than a young girl.
In front of them stood three people, Tang Ya was in the middle with her dark suit, which made her look at least three years older than her age, more credible, and a mature intellectual image that she had always favored. When she opened her mouth, she admitted her mistake. “Dad, it’s all my fault. I didn’t take good care of my sister.”

Ren Qiao, that dirty and shameful girl was the woman on the left of Tang Ya. Tang Ya drugged her and threw her near the garbage dump. She retorted, “Take care of me? You drugged me and made me sleep. Since you didn’t take the opportunity to stab me, I should say thank you!”
On the right of Tang Ya was the little boy that spoiled by the family, Tang Shaoshi. He was Tang Tianyang’s only son, ten years old. He didn’t admit his mistake: “I didn’t know she was our big sister. Why wouldn’t you let me play with someone? Who can tell that she’s our big sister if she looked like this? Dad, don’t blame me if I don’t recognize her. Do you recognize her?”

Tang Tianyang did not answer him, he glanced at Ren Qiao and said, “Ah Ya, take your sister to clean herself.”

On the first confrontation, the eldest daughter was too stupid. They didn’t raise her on their side, abandoned her for over 20 years. Living until this age and crawling around the treacherous streets for many years. What tricks hadn’t he seen? He could tell the lies in it at a glance. It is just that he had always enjoyed seeing the struggle between his children — the way the Mio Ethnic people raised their children, is to catch hundreds of poisonous insects, put them in the same jar, let them bite each other, and the final survivor was the king!

Tang Ya brought Ren Qiao to the room, which she had told the housekeeper to prepare. Pink walls, pink princess bed, the whole place was pink and tender. Before Ren Qiao opened her mouth, Tang Ya was the first to laugh and say, “Sister, you have a lot on your mind. You didn’t rest well last night. I specially added sleeping pills into your breakfast.”

“And throw me to the garbage dump?” Ren Qiao sneered.

Tang Ya sat on the bed, her soft bed collapsing, her legs crossed naturally, straight and slender. Even if she sat down, her aura was powerful. Tang Ya squinted at Ren Qiao. “Just letting you play with our brother.”

“It’s a good way to get Ling Qing and me into a fight on my first day,” Ren Qiao quipped. “Then I can only stand on your side.”

“I didn’t dare to despise you like this. Han Xin can suffer from humiliation. How could I not know that my sister is a flexible person? Even if you were pressed on the ground by that Tang Shaoshi kid as a horse-ride, it wouldn’t keep you from allying with Ling Qing.” Tang Ya got up and intoned. “Sister, is there any need to be that troublesome? To accept being wronged? Better listen to me in the future, and I will naturally protect you at the Tang family. Otherwise, today is just an appetizer.”

(Han Xin (died 196 BC) was a military general who served Liu Bang during the Chu–Han Contention. Han Xin was accused of participating in a rebellion and lured into a trap and executed on Empress Lü Zhi ‘s orders.)

On the other side, in the westernmost room on the first floor, Ling Qing slapped Tang Shaoshi in his face despite his injury: “I already taught you! Tang Ya sets it up, and you just drill in?” 

She used a lot of force, Tang Shaoshi’s little white face was covered with a red handprint.

After his mother beat him, instead of crying, he calmly analyzed the pros and cons with her: “Mother, I already guessed what Tang Ya was up to. Someone deliberately led me in that direction. The Tang Family did not recruit a new maid recently and she didn’t wear a maid uniform. When I saw a young and beautiful woman, while today is also the day when Tang Shu comes back — I knew she was Tang Shu! How can I miss the chance to send her to the door in vain? So, I taught her a lesson. In one hand, I can use her as horse-ride, and I can also make father dislike her.” Instead of being domineering in front of his mother, his eyes shone with wisdom. But for a ten-year-old kid, at this early age. Too bad that scheme was not as good as many adults’. It’s just a horse-ride!

Ling Qing shook her head and finally sighed, “You’ve grown up and had your own plan. But you can’t even hide it from me, let alone Tianyang? If you think this trick can make him dislike Tang Shu, you look down on your father.”

“Mother, what do you mean?”

“Do you know why your father gave her that name?”

It is written inside the Zilin: “Shu, as in good appearance.” Tang Shu was the daughter of Shui Yao. Even if she only inherits 1/10 of her beauty, she could afford the word Shu. Tang Tianyang came to pick up Tang Shu to help through a business marriage.

(Zilin is Chinese character dictionary with 12,824 entries from ca. 400 AD)

At that time, the love between Tang Tianyang and Shui Yao was talked about by the whole Zhuxia Country. It was rumored that in order to marry her, Tang Tianyang wouldn’t hesitate to betray his family and gave up everything he had inherited from the Tang Family.

Ling Qing didn’t meet her face to face, only heard people talk — ‘capable of causing the destruction of a city and magnificent unmatched in her generation’.

(Capable of causing the destruction of a city or state and magnificent unmatched in her generation means that the girl was gorgeous)

After Ren Qiao freshens up, changed into a fiery red dress and reappears in front of the crowd, all of their eyes was in surprise! Ren Qiao’s facial features were too flirtatious, and it was such a face as though she wore the red dress out of the bright light. She just stood there, as if all the light in the world, gathered in one place. A natural luminous body, making people sighed for the creation of Zhong Lingxiu.

As for her beauty, Ren Qiao herself was ignorant and sat down after smiling at everyone. Everyone’s eyes quickly pulled away from Ren Qiao, and only Tang Tianyang was still stupefied, the look revealed a bit of nostalgia. He had never been so thrilled and angry, and for the first time having such an expression on his face. Others thoughts bewildered him.
Ling Qing took the initiative, “Does Shu Shu look like her mother?” A living man was no better than a dead man, let alone a dead man who saw a beautiful girl as a siren. If Tang Tianyang recalled on his own, he would only beautify her image, it was better to ask it out.

Tang Tianyang turned around and shook his head. “Not really.” In terms of appearance, Tang Shu and Shui Yao were still five points alike. In terms of temperament, the difference was too far.

Tang Shu was too introverted, and her appearance may intimidate people on the first time they met. But because of the practice of Xie Family’s skill, she was good at converging Qi and appeared to be ordinary. As soon as that breathtaking moment passed, when tried to recall again, it felt like it was lacking something. As a result, other people would have a general opinion about her. She has a beautiful face, but that’s all. She’s just like a vase with a beautiful flower.

(Qi = something like an aura or internal power)

After all, people believed that — nice-looking leather bag were thousands, but fascinating souls were one in a million. This resemblance of his first wife alone was enough for Tang Tianyang be attracted to Ren Qiao.

After lunch, Tang Tianyang called her to the study room, pointed to the leather chair opposite him, and said, “Sit down.” The voice was unexpectedly nice.

Ren Qiao smiled; the book didn’t write about these details; she didn’t know that Tang Shu’s never called Tang Tianyang father. Anyway, she couldn’t speak out in front of this paralyzed face.

Tang Tianyang didn’t mind her not addressing him, looking at the information in his hand, frowning slightly: “Ah Ya did too much nonsense, unexpectedly she tied up the Ren Da couple.” In just a moment, he had decided: “You are my daughter, and I have always treated my children equally, and I can’t let you be subjected to Tang Ya just because you were late in returning to the Tang Family.”
Ren Qiao was confused, what does Tang Tianyang mean by this? Is it that difficult to help her save the Ren Da couple? Let’s just say that she doesn’t understand Tang Tianyang.

Tang Tianyang handed a file to her: “There are 30 companies here, you can choose one of them, and when you grow up enough to compete with Tang Ya, you will be able to save the people you want to save on your own.”
Ren Qiao’s heart was cold, and he was the old fox in the ‘Implement of Grand Plan,’ Tang Tianyang! Any expectations towards him, just a waste of feeling. Tang Tianyang waved to let her go: “Go, take a good look, you also could take a field trip. I give you ten days to make a choice.”
Holding this pile of information in his arms, Ren Qiao felt that she was childish and ridiculed. Did she even fantasize about Tang Tianyang coming to save her, why would he? We could sum up from the description of Tang Tianyang in the book into several words; you can’t get up early without profit.

Unless she can prove that she was more useful than Tang Ya. Otherwise, the person who boasts himself as a ‘fair’ person, Tang Tianyang; would never favor her!

Coming out from the study room, all the way infront of her, she could see a garden. Many flowers were striving for beauty and pink butterflies fluttering lightly. In one corner of the garden, there was a simple wooden flower rack, covered with wisteria, with beautiful spikes hanging upside down and elegant fragrance. Under the purple flower rack, there was a young man in a stone-green robe. He looked up slightly; the sun shining through the dense wisteria branches and leaves, mottled on his face. His complexion was as pale as paper, almost transparent. His face was bright, a pair of amber eyes, in which there was a light flowing inside, like glass.

In front of him, there was a small table of yellow pear wood, which was covered with rice paper. He held the brush in his hand, stained it with paint, and painted on the paper. He had great handwriting; in one smooth flow, the painting was excellent. Even at Ren Qiao’s level, she couldn’t draw this smartly and elegantly, but unfortunately, “Don’t you even look at it when you paint? The sky should not use cinnabar’s word, and the distant mountains should not use imperial concubine’s word.” Ren Qiao’s voice, just like an intoxicating spring breeze blows softly.

(Cinnabar word & concubine word= ways of brushstroke of the Chinese character.)

The young man looked stupefied, and the hand with the pen halted in mid-air. From Ren Qiao’s point of view, he was beautiful from this side, with slightly drooping corners of his eyes, a warped nose, good lips, pure and harmless. Such a face, coupled with this bewildered look, was like the white fox she loved in her previous life, Ren Qiao’s heart softened into water.

She went forward, took his hand, took out another piece of rice paper, and drew strokes of Chinese character, ‘distant mountains such as umber-black dye, the nearest river keeps the smoke‘. 

The young man was too nervous, trembling slightly all over, relying on Ren Qiao’s hands, so nothing went wrong. When she almost finished, she heard Tang Ya call out, “Sister, let’s go and have a good breakfast! Did you teach Gu Huai how to draw? He is blind, and he will never learn it.”

“Gu Huai” two words, Ren Qiao dropped the brush surprisedly. A stroke crossed the painting, an oblique one, destroying all the artistic conception.
“Sister, what’s the matter?”

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