TLWE Chapter 5 – The Initial Show of Strength

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Translated by fairishalie
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No one knew the exact location of ‘The Rumor’, and no one knew who is the one in control behind ‘The Rumor’ too. Business giants only knew that The Rumor knows all of their secrets., The Rumor had proved it more than once.
Behind every business predator who could climb to today’s position, they must have unknown business secrets. A little carelessness would doom them. As a result, The Rumor’s intelligence organization were like a sharp blade hanging over their heads, frightening them, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Sailing along the south coast of the Zhuxia Country, turning down when reaching the high seas and dive deep into the sea. If your submarine could withstand the pressure, and the detection equipment you carry were capable enough; you would find sufficient clues. However, in that depth, you would feel doubtful. Why was there pure seawater with beautiful swimming fish in front of you, but you could not go through them?

If you recorded the coordinates and intended to report the phenomenon to the authorities, then come with a group of the more professional exploration team, you found out that all the curiosities you had seen already, disappear. Until then, you could walk freely through the bottom of the sea; the obstacles you had encountered seem to be only an illusion. Finally, the accompanying doctor concluded: “Maybe because you dive too deep and your submarine equipment can’t support it, resulting in hypoxia hallucinations.” 

After you left, however, in another part of the deep sea, there was a transparent barrier. Through the deep blue of the outer sea, they wrap up the core with a moving castle which was the obstacle you have encountered before. Congratulations — you are the first person to have the privilege of seeing it since they built it, and they have relocated because of you.
If the world learned of its existence, the master of the castle would be shocked! We could also see the castle as a giant submarine, insulated from the sea and filled with oxygen, connected to the outside world through undersea optical fibers. There was a stage of supercomputer and staff in white working clothes walking around. They were busy, but they worked in silence.

This place was the base of The Rumor; they monitored the entire world through the darknet. Even the core members of The Rumor didn’t know the true identity of the administer of that place. They only acknowledge that man called Silver Night.

Silver Night always stood in the lounge’s ever since they joined The Rumor. He wore a beautiful black robe, embroidered with the same color; a dragon pattern is sown on the cuff and collar, a silver mask on his face engraved with ancient and complicated patterns on the side. Silver Night has done nothing except conveyed commands and received messages. He didn’t need to eat, drink, or even sleep. He was standing there quietly, passed through his body were strange fluctuations. From these many indications, he doesn’t seem human.
Even the most experienced senior member here didn’t dare to approach him. They vaguely felt a threat. It was the human survival instinct. The consequences of approaching the Silver Night without careful consideration must be frightening, it wasn’t something they were capable of bearing. Although all of them graduated from famous schools and had always advocated science, in front of the Silver Night, they couldn’t help but doubt. Perhaps there was a supernatural existence in the world?
Silver Night spoke, his voice was clear and cold, just like a pearl falling off the plate: “How’s it going over there?”

He never spoke clearly, there was only one delegate, but his men immediately understood what he was asking. Because it was a file that had been followed up since The Rumor’s establishment, and Silver Night will refer only to that file as “over there.”
The leader who is in charge of this file was the No. 1 leader of the Tianzi Group. He immediately replied: “It turned out that Ren Qiao was the eldest daughter of the Tang family in Chunshen City. Tang Ya kidnapped Ren Da and his wife, threatening Ren Qiao. Ren Qiao agreed to return to Tang Family’s house tomorrow.”

On the surface, the team leader’s voice didn’t hesitate at all, but he wondered in his heart, why was Silver Night so concerned about such an ordinary person as Ren Qiao. In the beginning, in order to get rid of his enemy’s pursuit, he had to sign a confidentiality agreement with The Rumor and abandoned his identity to enter the deep-sea castle. Until this day, he couldn’t forget how shocked he was on his first entry into The Rumor, he worried that this was a terrorist organization, wasn’t it?

With The Rumor, Silver Night could easily overthrow a small country. But Silver Night didn’t, and he was so indifferent. Even if he had the strength to conjure up clouds with one turn of his hand and rain with another, but he had lack interest in the world. Jinshan Silver Mountain, bustling with clouds and smoke, such a jade beauty, didn’t even attract his attention. All living beings were like ruminant dogs in his eyes. He could hear all the joys and sorrows in the world, but for so long, only Ren Qiao was in his eyes.

(翻云覆雨 [Fān yún fù yǔ] = Conjure up clouds with one turn of one’s hand and rain with another  / capricious or skillful at playing powerful tricks.)
That man couldn’t help but wonder, is there any big secret about Ren Qiao? What kind of earth-shaking mystery could it be, that could attract the attention of Silver Night? Even if she was a daughter of Tang Family; it’s not worth it.

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Early in the morning, Jiang City’s the only five-star hotel, and Tang Ya stretched a lazily. Although Jiang City’s economy isn’t developed yet, the air quality was great, “Sister, let’s go!”
They were on Tang Ya’s private jet; the aircraft was not big; the cabin layout was very comfortable, more extravagant than Jiang City hotel.
Tang Ya dressed in a loose robe and looked lazy. A staff that presented eight kinds of snacks for breakfast; both Eastern and Western, accompanied her. Tang Ya ate casually and went back to her room to rest.
At this time, the plane was in the high altitude. Through the window, Ren Qiao looks down at the overlapping clouds, mountains, rivers, trees, and tall buildings; as small as miniature models. As for people, their face couldn’t even be seen. The vast sea of clouds, the blue sky, was naturally like a broad palm. It gently caresses Ren Qiao’s heart. She felt relaxed and fell asleep.
A noise woke Ren Qiao up, and the chirping female voice seemed to come from all directions: “Who is this? Why is she sleeping here?”
“She must be the new maid! She dares to be lazy?!”
“Look how dirty she is. She stinks!”
Ren Qiao opened her eyes and saw herself curled up in a garbage dump full of vegetable leaves. Her white shirt dyed black and blue, her hair was messy and her bag bitten by bugs. Ren Qiao had a sudden pain in her lower leg, and there was a fat green worm that was eating her with relish as food.
Someone stuffed a broom in her hands and said, “You’re too dirty. Clean up here!”
Ren Qiao was about to explain when she saw a little boy with a delicate face. Looking at his size, he seems about ten years old, but he looked like a small adult, dressed in a British suit and solemnly wearing a bow tie. Behind him was a group of maids, they surrounded him like the stars circling a moon.
“I want her to give me a horse-ride!” The little boy pointed to Ren Qiao and spoke. It was as if he had found a treasure, his dark eyes sparkled. More than a dozen maids swarmed up, each of them powerful. Coupled with the fact that Ren Qiao had a splitting headache and was in poor condition, she was eventually pressed to the ground by them. Thinking that she was dirty, the maid covered her with a blanket and respectfully asked the little boy to sit on her. The little boy, with a cowhide whip in his hand, lifted it back and hit Ren Qiao, then ordered, “Go!”
Where did this ignorant kid come from, and being such a bully?! The blanket covered Ren Qiao firmly, she couldn’t see anyone, but she could hear a gentle female voice sounded: “Shaoshi, stop playing, today your eldest sister would come home, go and greet her.”
When the maids saw that Ren Qiao was no longer rebellious, they loosened her shackles, and she secretly overturned the little boy that was sitting on her. The little boy suddenly fell. His eyes were fierce. “You dare to drop me, and I’ll kill you!” The whip in his hand slammed at Ren Qiao.
Ren Qiao lifted the blanket, reached for the whip and to turn it on the little boy who was going to whip her. She used her skill, and it immediately covered the little boy with red marks. It made him cry out in pain, howling like a pig. The whip was as fast as the sound of the wind, it knocked all maids to the ground.
Ren Qiao shook her wrist and rolled the whip into a rope to tie, and inside was the little boy. “Mischievous kid, you considered a horse? Tired of your living, huh!”
‘Xie Jiawu’ was a brilliant skill, but the aura in this world was too weak. After more than ten years of practice, Ren Qiao still couldn’t draw it into her body. Otherwise, even if she was in poor condition, how could a dozen maids be able to hold her down?
“Stop it!” A melodious female voice, hesitantly asked: “Sister?” Ren Qiao followed the sound and saw two more people on the court. One was a beautiful woman, and the other was Tang Ya.
Tang Ya rushed up, regardless of Ren Qiao’s filth, holding her hand: “It’s you! Sister, why are you here?”
Ren Qiao snorted coldly, thinking about what happened, she already understood that this was all set up by Tang Ya. She was suspicious that Tang Ya had added sleeping drugs to something she ate this morning.

Otherwise, she has always been alert; how could she sleep so unreasonably and didn’t even realize that they moved her to the garbage dump? Tang Ya was probably waiting to see a good show right now! But, on the surface, she still pretended to be a good sister, hypocrisy! Doesn’t she feel tired!
“Why am I here, maybe I should ask you, didn’t I sleep on your private jet? I suddenly appeared in the garbage dump in the middle of my sleep. Why don’t you tell me why?”
The beautiful woman, with a cold face, scolded, “Shaoshi, who taught you to beat people with whips?” A pair of beautiful eyes swept over the surrounding maids, their eyes trembling with fear, and unconsciously retreating half a step.
Ren Qiao whip skill was excellent, and Tang Shaoshi ate a bitter fruit. His whole body hurt like being run over by a big truck, “Mom, she hit me!” He could still cry for pain. Even if the maids were smoked by Ren Qiao, they could not even breathe. They were so afraid of the beautiful woman that Ren Qiao could see that she was that powerful.
Waiting for them for a long time, but they still hadn’t come; Tang Tianyang looked for them and asked, “What are you doing here?”

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