The Best of You [Chapter 9]

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Shen Nianshen ate very fast. In a flash, he finished all the food in front of him.

However, when he looked up, Sun Tiantian’s food remained untouched. That girl hadn’t eaten it at all.

Shen Nianshen’s blinked his eyes and looked at Sun Tiantian, “Are you counting rice?”

He had seen no one eat so slowly.

It stunned Sun Tiantian as she heard that. She immediately looked up and raised her left hand, which was holding a spoon. She immediately said, “Try to eat with your left hand.”

Shen Nianshen looked at her and said shamelessly, “Even if I eat with my left hand, it must be faster than you.”

Sun Tiantian was stunned again, wrinkled her nose at Shen Nianshen, “Who wants to be compared to you.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Sun Tiantian lowered her head and continued to eat. She held a spoon while murmuring, “Asking you to feed me, but you aren’t willing to do it.”

Shen Nianshen stared at Sun Tiantian for a long time, as if he saw a monster. Until the end, he put down the word ‘heh.’

When Sun Tiantian heard this, she looked up and asked, “What the heck?”

Shen Nianshen also didn’t feel hesitation and said it bluntly, “I have never met a girl who didn’t even feel ashamed like you.”

Sun Tiantian raised her chin and smiled sweetly, “I will just assume that you are praising me.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Sun Tiantian ate a bite after a bite, and it was very slow. Shen Nianshen waited impatiently as he said, “You eat by yourself. I still have things to do.”

After saying that, he immediately stood up.

“Hey! Wait!” Sun Tiantian said with a mouthful of food. Seeing Shen Nianshen who suddenly stood up, she reflexively pulled the guy’s hand.

Shen Nianshen furrowed his brows. His subconscious desire to pull his hand roughly from the girl’s grip was strong. But the next second, when the corner of his eye brushed against Sun Tiantian’s hanging arm. He could only hold his desire.

He frowned, the direction of his eyes fixed on Sun Tiantian’s hands over his hands. Silent for a long time, then glared at Sun Tiantian, “Let go of your hand.”

Sun Tiantian raised her head, and her eyes collided with those cold eyes. She pursed her lips, let go of her hand, and said in a low voice, “Wait a minute, please.”

Shen Nianshen looked at her, his voice cold, “I just said that I’d help you buy food, bye.”

When the words came out, with one hand carrying a plate and the other hand carrying a book, Shen Nianshen turned around and walked away.

It stunned Sun Tiantian in the spot. Her eyes didn’t flicker and followed the direction of Shen Nianshen’s back. After seeing Shen Nianshen walked out of the cafeteria. She slowly recovered her gaze, sighed, raised her spoon again, and ate slowly.

The legend that says that Shen Nianshen was a cold and heartless person, it was indeed not made up.

Sun Tiantian felt very uncomfortable to eat with her left hand, so she ate so slowly. She also didn’t want to waste any food. When everyone left the cafeteria, she still sat there and chewed slowly.

When the food was still half portion left, her cellphone rang.

Sun Tiantian put down the spoon and reached for her cellphone in the bag.

As soon as she found it, she saw the caller ID. That call came from Xie Xun.

She picked up the phone and put it beside her ear, “Is there anything?”

“Old Granny, I called you since last night, why didn’t you pick it up?” A man’s voice was pleasant to hear from the other side.

Sun Tiantian was stunned, “You called me last night?”

“Nonsense! When I called you, you were on another call. Been waiting quite a while and calling again, eh, you already turned off your cellphone.”

Sun Tiantian listened to this and remembered that last night she called Shen Nianshen. She smiled and said, “Yesterday I had a small matter, why did you look for me?”

On the other hand, Xie Xun and several other school friends were playing basketball on the campus basketball court. At the break time of the game, Xie Xun grabbed a bottle of mineral water and sat next to the court. Then he unscrewed the bottle, tilted his head, and swallowed the water down his throat.

The young man looked very handsome down the sunlight in his white basketball suit. Big sweat fell from his hair through his face.

While drinking water, hearing Sun Tiantian ask why he was looking for her, he suddenly choked and coughed nonstop.

Sun Tiantian: “… are you all right?”

Xie Xun was angry, “Sun Tiantian! Today is my birthday, and how dare you to ask why am I looking for you?!!!”

Sun Tiantian: “…”

Sun Tiantian and Xie Xun’s family had been friends for a long time. They were neighbors, so they had known each other since childhood. They were in the same class as in high school, but it turned out to be at the same University. But Xie Xun majored in Civil Engineering.

These days, only Sun Nianshen was in Sun Tiantian’s mind, how could she remember Xie Xun’s birthday. When Xie Xun said it, she just remembered and busy asking, “What birthday gift do you want, I’ll buy it for you.”

Xie Xun felt like going to vomit blood, “Old Granny, if you want to give a present to me, can you use a little heart?”

Sun Tiantian: “…”

“Tonight we will eat hotpot. I will wait for you at the school gate.”

Sun Tiantian completely forgot Xie Xun’s birthday. For the first time, she did not know what birthday present to prepare. After lunch, she went to a shopping mall in the city center. She wandered around for a moment and finally bought a fountain pen.

Xie Xun had always liked calligraphy since he was in elementary school; he likes to collect various kinds of writing brushes and fountain pens from various brands. Sun Tiantian carelessly chose one that was expensive and bought it.

In the afternoon, in front of the school gate, Xie Xun was waiting there. He wore a black T-shirt and jeans, was standing in front of the school gate to make a call.

Sun Tiantian walked over to him and patted his shoulder.

Xie Xun turned his head, and his eyes fell on Sun Tiantian’s hanging arms, it shocked him.

“Order your food first. I’m picking up Tiantian and will be there soon.”

Xie Xun hung up the phone, raised his hand to touch Sun Tiantian’s arm, his eyebrows furrowed, “Sun Tiantian, are you okay? I haven’t seen you for a few days, why are you like this?”

Sun Tiantian smiled sweetly and said, “I just fell, not a big problem. Just need to wait a few more days to take off the bandages.”

Sun Tiantian took out a fountain pen box from his bag, “This is for you, a birthday present.”

Xie Xun accepted it. When he opened the box and found the fountain pen, he grinned, “At least you know me well enough.”

Sun Tiantian chuckled, “Great if you like it.”

“Let’s go, the others have arrived there.” After saying that, he pulled Sun Tiantian’s arm and walked away.

A red Ferrari parked in front of the school gate, Xie Xun opened the car door for Sun Tiantian and said, “After dinner, we’ll go play at the bar.”

Sun Tiantian didn’t complain and said, “Whatever, I don’t mind.”

“Hey, you guys know that girl?” As the sports car drove away, several people around there began to talk about it.

“Don’t know, is that perhaps Xie Xun’s girlfriend?”

Xie Xun has just entered his first year of college this year, but because he was handsome, his popularity was high.

“Wow, really?”

“I know that girl. Her name is Sun Tiantian. She’s from the Department of Arts, and I heard she and Xie Xun was a childhood friend, both are from rich families.”

Tsk, Tsk, a matching pair based on family status.”

Shen Nianshen and Xu Li, who had just left school, saw Sun Tiantian from afar. Xu Li wanted to call her but instead saw that girl being pulled by a man and headed into a Ferrari sports car.

Xu Li was shocked; then he heard several people around there talking about them.

After listening to everything, he unconsciously looked at Shen Nianshen and said in a low voice, “I can’t believe it, it turns out Tiantian came from a rich family.”

Shen Nianshen’s face was expressionless, and there were no emotions in his eyes. As if he wasn’t listening to anything and said to Xu Li, “I’ll go first.”

“Ei, all right. Be careful on your way.”

Shen Nianshen left school. He went to the hospital to get medicine for his grandmother, then took a bus to his home.

He sat in the back row and stared out the window. The sun’s rays were bright and going to set slowly.

His eyes were gazing at the sunset outside the window, not knowing why in his mind suddenly Sun Tiantian’s bright smile appeared; cheerful and innocent.

That smile suddenly appeared in his mind, Shen Nianshen couldn’t help to furrow his brows. He wanted to drive that girl’s image out of his mind.

However, the more he tried to dispel the image, the smile became more apparent in his mind and couldn’t be dismissed.

Shen Nianshen tried hard for quite a long time until finally, his brain was full of that girl’s smile that he couldn’t drive out from his head.

He frowned and scolded himself inwardly: Shen Nianshen, have you gone crazy?

When Shen Nianshen came home, he just walked into the alley, and he smelled the scent of cooked rice that he was very familiar with.

The houses in the alley were old-fashioned, there were no smoke suction holes in the house, so when someone was cooking, they had to open the window. It will blow smoke from cooking out by the wind.

Shen Nianshen walked to the window and saw her grandmother stir-frying vegetables in the house; he brought out a happy smile that was rarely found, “Grandma, I’m home.”

An old woman stood by the window smiled happily when she heard her grandson’s voice, “Ah Nian is home, hurry to get in, food will be ready soon.”

Shen Nianshen agreed and walked two steps towards the main door. He pulled the key out of his pocket and opened the door.

From the front door, the narrow living room with an old fabric sofa and a coffee table could be seen. In front of the coffee table, there was a long table and an old TV up there.

The things inside the house were old enough, but they were still very clean. Because the sky was getting darker, the ambiance in the house became rather dull.

Shen Nianshen changed his shoes while pressing the light switch on the wall. When the lights on the ceiling lit up, and the house immediately brightened.

Shen Nianshen put the medicine he was carrying on the coffee table and immediately went to the kitchen, “Grandma, let me do it.”

A pot of shredded chicken sauteed with ginger, Shen Nianshen took the spatula from her grandmother’s hand and sauteed on the pan skillfully, “Grandma, I bought the medicine and put it on the coffee table. Later after dinner, take medicine immediately.”

The old granny sighed, “I will not live long with my old body, why to waste money to buy that expensive medicine.”

Grandma was the person who raised Shen Nianshen. He had lived with his grandmother and had depended on each other for several years. His grandmother was old, and her health was not that good, so he always worked part-time to afford the medicine for his grandmother.

Hearing his grandma’s words, he frowned, “Grandma, don’t talk carelessly; you’re only 70 years old. Not old, and you will still live for hundreds of years.”

The old granny smiled; she knew that her grandson was very respectful. However, she understood more about her own body.

At dinner time, Shen Nianshen realized that his grandmother kept paying attention to him. He couldn’t help looking up and asked him, “What’s wrong, Grandma?”

The old lady hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Ah Nian, at school, do you have a girlfriend?”

Shen Nianshen’s hand that was holding chopsticks trembled, pursed his lips, and answered, “Why do you suddenly ask something like this?”

The old lady smiled kindly, “I’m just asking. You’re now in college, and it’s the best time to date someone. If there is a good girl, take it home to meet Grandma.”

The old lady knew that she was old, her health was also not good; it was not impossible if she would not wake up from her sleep the next day.

It was enough for her to live until 70 years old, but she still worried about his grandson.

Ah Nian was an introvert kid since childhood, his friends were few. If she left and left her grandson alone, she could not imagine how lonely his grandson was.

If his grandson can find his own happiness, and there was a good girl who accompanied him through his life, she could rest in peace.

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