The Best of You [Chapter 8]

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“Why Tiantian hasn’t come back yet, should we call her?” Seeing the lights in the dormitory were going to be turned off, and Sun Tiantian hadn’t returned, several girls in the female dorm began to feel worried.

“Ten minutes ago, I called her. She will arrive shortly.” Cheng Duo said as she stood up from her chair, “I will wait for her at the front gate.”

She said while walking towards the door.

She never thought that when she reached the door, she heard a cheerful voice shouting voice outside the door, “My dear sisters! I’m home!”

The voice was so cheerful, unlike someone who was injured. Cheng Duo was stunned and opened the door.

As soon as the door opened, Sun Tiantian stood in front of the door with a triangular sling on her arm and bandage on her leg. With the injury on her feet and hands, she looked quite pathetic.

But, looking up, the face of the injured person seemed extremely happy. She was so happy so that her wide smiling lips were going to reach her ears.

Cheng Duo saw Sun Tiantian smile like springtime, and she already knew there would be some progress. She rubbed her chin and asked, “Wait there, tell your sisters, what are you doing when you are alone with Senior Shen?”

When asking, Xie Yan and He Miao also came over. The three girls surrounded Sun Tiantian, as if she didn’t tell them clearly about what happened, she could not pass through that door.

Sun Tiantian burst out laughing, “Let me in, I will tell you every detail.”

Xie Yan added, “It’s my first time seeing someone sick but smiling so happily.”

Despite saying that, some of the people still let Sun Tiantian in. Sun Tiantian came in with a limp leg, making Cheng Duo’s eyesight fall to her ankle, “Are you okay? What did the doctor say?”

“It’s okay, just minor injuries.” Sun Tiantian waved her hand and said nothing more.

She went to her desk and sat there, then looked up and smiled at everyone, “I think, the distance between Shen Nianshen and me is already one step closer.”

Cheng Duo laughed, walked across from Sun Tiantian, and leaned against the cupboard. Her hands were crossed on her chest and looked at Sun Tiantian, “Come on, tell me.”

Sun Tiantian curved her lips, shook her arm, “Wasn’t Shen Nianshen the one who made me fall? Now I’m hurt, so he has to take responsibility, right?”

Cheng Duo smiled and asked, “What kind of responsibility? Take care of yourself for his entire life?”

Sun Tiantian chuckled, “It doesn’t go that far, but sooner or later, I’ll make him take care of me forever.”

“Tsk, hearing from how you say it, you seem so confident.”

“Of course.” Sun Tiantian proudly lifted her chin, strengthen her position on the chair, and then raised his head again. She smiled sweetly, “Starting tomorrow; I will have lunch together with Shen Nianshen.”

“With… with whom? !!” As soon as these words came out, everyone’s eyes were fixed on her, “Did we hear it wrong? Are you going to have lunch together with Shen Nianshen? Did he agree to date you?!!”

Sun Tiantian laughed, “Of course no, but my arm is injured, he must be responsible for taking care of me. Is that right?”

Sun Tiantian smiled, and her eyes narrowed, she looked like a small fox.

Sun Tiantian, the little fox demon, was too excited, and she couldn’t sleep. She smiled foolishly and got out of bed to send a WeChat message to Shen Nianshen, ‘Shen Nianshen, my arm hurts so much.’

On the other hand, Shen Nianshen, who was getting ready to sleep, the cellphone next to his pillow, suddenly rang. He grabbed it and looked at it, in the WeChat application interface, a photo of a sweet girl appeared.

He briefly looked at the text message, pondered for a moment, but decided not to reply. He locked his cellphone, put it under the pillow, closed his eyes, and waited to fall asleep.

On the other hand, Sun Tiantian held her cellphone for a long time and didn’t get any reply from Chen Nianshen. She pulled the corner of her lips, closed the WeChat application, and called Shen Nianshen immediately.

The cellphone under the pillow suddenly vibrated, Shen Nianshen took it out. An unknown number was written on the cellphone screen, and it must be Sun Tiantian number that he hadn’t saved yet.

The cellphone kept vibrated, and he didn’t answer it. Xu Li, who was in the opposite bed, heard it, he thought Shen Nianshen didn’t realize it. He told him, “Ah Nian, your cellphone rang.”

Shen Nianshen pursed his lips, looked at the number for quite a long time before answering it.

As soon as the telephone was connected, Sun Tiantian’s sweet voice came from the other side, “Shen Nianshen, why don’t you reply to my WeChat?”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

The male dormitory became silent, Sun Tiantian’s voice could be heard from the speakerphone very clearly.

Shen Nianshen once again felt a headache. He got out of bed, opened the door of the room, and walked out with his cellphone.

As soon as Shen Nianshen came out, several boys in the dormitory began to gossipy Cheng Meng’s voice was the loudest, “Wow! A Girl! Ah Nian picked up a phone from a girl at this hour?! What a wonder of the world!”

Xu Li, who knew the circumstances, only smiled, “The girl from the Department of Art, Sun Tiantian. Ah Nian seems rather feel that he has no other choice.”

The two men in front of him had never seen Sun Tiantian and asked, “Is she beautiful?”

Xu Li said, “Pretty enough.”

Cheng Meng asked again, “Is she prettier than Zhang Mengyao?”

Xu Li thought for a while and answered wisely, “She is indeed not as attractive as Zhang Mengyao, but she is also beautiful. Her beauty makes people comfortable to see her; she looks adorable when she smiles.”

Another man in the bed was also curious, “Seriously? Ah Nian even rejected beautiful girls like Zhang Mengyao, how could he be attracted to a girl like Sun Tiantian?”

Xu Li thought seriously for a while, then he just snorted, “Who knows.”

In October, the wind blows quite cold outside, let alone midnight. Shen Nianshen, who was holding a cellphone, stood at the end of the corridor. The wind from outside the window blew and was slightly cold.

Shen Nianshen was wearing a short-sleeved white T-shirt and black pants, one hand holding a cellphone and one hand in his pants pocket. He leaned his back against the wall, slightly narrowed, and his face looked lazy.

Sun Tiantian’s voice sounded from across, a bit naggy, “Shen Nianshen, my arm hurts so much. What should I do?”

Even though it was truly hurt, but there was a hidden smile behind her voice. Shen Nianshen could certainly hear it, the face of Sun Tiantian who was smiling sweetly flashed through his mind. His hand pressed against the top of his nose, trying to hold his emotions and speak with a tenderness that was very… very rare, “If you sleep, it won’t hurt anymore.”

“But I can’t sleep.” At the other end of the line, Sun Tiantian hid under the blanket, with her hand holding the cellphone, smiling widely.

Shen Nianshen was silent for a moment, not knowing how to answer. So he asked, “Then what do you want?”

Sun Tiantian’s voice was lovely, “Accompany me to talk for a while.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

“Shen Nianshen, I have something to ask you.”

Shen Nianshen answered with a ‘hmm.’

“Do you think you can like me?” Sun Tiantian’s voice was so soft, there was a hint of a smile there, also full of hope,

Shen Nianshen heard it, furrowed his eyebrows, and his tone was so helpless, “Don’t ask such a boring thing.”

Sun Tiantian laughed, “I think you can, how about we make a bet?”

Shen Nianshen: “No way, boring.”

“Hey, you….”

“Sun Tiantian, I’ll hang up the phone.” Shen Nianshen decided to end the call. He was willing to buy food for Sun Tiantian, but it was all because he had made the girl fall to the ground. He felt guilty and no other intention to give a chance to that girl. He didn’t want to cause misunderstanding.

“So fast …” Sun Tiantian was a little disappointed, but thinking that it was quite late, she didn’t keep sticking to Shen Nianshen. She murmured in a low voice, “Alright, see you tomorrow at lunchtime.”

Shen Nianshen answered with ‘hmm,’ not feeling hesitant to hang up and returned to the room.

Sun Tiantian, who thought that in a few hours she would eat together with Shen Nianshen, the next day was waiting for him earlier in the cafeteria.

As soon as Shen Nianshen finished class and headed to the cafeteria, the time showed a little past noon. It was right at lunchtime; the cafeteria was full of crowds of humans.

As soon as he entered, he saw Sun Tiantian with her arms hanging, sitting by the window.

Sun Tiantian also saw him entered the cafeteria, she immediately raised her uninjured left hand, waved at Shen Nianshen excitedly, “Shen Nianshen, here!”

Shen Nianshen saw Sun Tiantian so excited in her seat and waved to him, suddenly felt a headache. Maybe he was already out of his mind to be willing to eat together with Sun Tiantian.

Sun Tiantian saw Shen Nianshen not come, though he didn’t see her, so she waved again, “Shen Nianshen, here, here!”

There were many people in the cafeteria during the day, Sun Tiantian waved and shouted the name Shen Nianshen, of course, many of the girls around her were staring. All those eyes looked at them with high curiosity.

However, Shen Nianshen had never been in contact with any girl, and Sun Tiantian shouted at him like that, really very carelessly.

Everyone was so curious, they all turned and looked towards Sun Tiantian.

Shen Nianshen looked at Sun Tiantian, felt helpless. He said to his friends, “You guys eat first, I have something to do.”

After saying that, he walked towards Sun Tiantian.

All his roommates put on stupid faces, even Xu Li was stunned.

This … what’s going on here? !!!

Cheng Meng first reacted, “Wah! Ah Nian isn’t secretly dating behind us, right?”


Shen Nianshen walked in front of Sun Tiantian, and Sun Tiantian smiled sweetly at him, “Let’s just sit here, I have wiped clean your chair.”

Shen Nianshen’s eyes brushed at the girl’s arm and went straight-to-the-point, “What do you want to eat?”

Sun Tiantian took out a meal card from her bag, handed it to Shen Nianshen, smiled sweetly, “Anything is okay, I’m not picky about food.”

Shen Nianshen glanced at her, received the card, “Wait a minute.”

Shen Nianshen put his book on the table, then turned around and headed to the food counter.

Everyone around them was shocked and stared in disbelief, “What’s going on? Is Shen Nianshen dating that girl?”

“It’s impossible, right? I thought Shen Nianshen just rejected Zhang Mengyao recently. She a Flower Campus, you know, and she’s been rejected. This girl is not as beautiful as Zhang Mengyao.”

“Maybe Shen Nianshen likes that type.”

“That’s true. Oh, God! I’m jealous. Shen Nianshen bought her food.”

Some of the girls who couldn’t resist their curiosity went to approach her. They asked Sun Tiantian directly, “Schoolmate, are you dating Shen Nianshen?”


So many people in the cafeteria, after waiting for a while, finally Shen Nianshen managed to get food and brought two plates in that direction.

Sun Tiantian saw Shen Nianshen walking towards her, immediately ran to get two pairs of chopsticks and a spoon. When she returned, Shen Nianshen had just placed the plate in front of her.

Sun Tiantian sat down, smiled sweetly, and handed a pair of chopsticks and a spoon to Shen Nianshen.

Shen Nianshen accepted, “Thank you.”

He didn’t look at Sun Tiantian, looked down, and focused on eating.

Sun Tiantian smiled happily, looked at Shen Nianshen, and said in a low voice, “There was someone who asked me about whether we are dating or not. Surely they might feel that we are a suitable couple.”

The words that came out of Sun Tiantian’s mouth were always unpredictable. Now she even said something as narcissistic as this. Shen Nianshen, who was eating, almost choked. He tilted his head and patted his chest, then his hand covered his mouth and coughed.

Sun Tiantian saw his reaction, pursed her lips and murmured, “Shen Nianshen, you will definitely regret it.”

Shen Nianshen coughed for a long time. Finally, he returned to normal. He looked up at Sun Tiantian and said, “Actually, I quite regret it now.”

Sun Tiantian was stunned, “Why do you feel regret?”

“I must have been in mentally illness to agree to eat together with you.”

Sun Tiantian: “…”

Shen Nianshen glanced at him, “Focused on eating, don’t speak.”

Sun Tiantian wrinkled her nose, “You arrogant.”

She took the chopsticks with her left hand, looked down, and prepared to eat. Seeing the food in front of her, Sun Tiantian’s eyes rolled up and said softly, “Shen Nianshen.”

Shen Nianshen looked at her, “What?”

Sun Tiantian shook her injured hand and lowered her eyes to the food in front of her as she said in a soft voice, “I’m having trouble to eat with my left hand, can you feed me?”

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