The Best of You [Chapter 7]

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When Sun Tiantian fell, the incident caused a slight fuss so that all the club members rushed over to her.

As soon as Sun Tiantian got up, the first words that came out of every one were to urge Shen Nianshen to take responsibility.

The word ‘responsibility’ in a situation like this was quite ambiguous. Some guys stood there and put on an expression as if they were watching an exciting show.

Shen Nianshen’s frowned slightly, and his eyes fixed on Sun Tiantian.

Sun Tiantian raised her head, bravely made eye contact with him.

Shen Nianshen looked into Sun Tiantian’s bright and black eyes; suddenly, there was a feeling of helplessness in his heart.

This Sun Tiantian was a type of human existence he had never met before. He never did things that weren’t according to his common sense; for example, like now, this girl managed to make himself had no choice.

Xu Li, who was beside them, also began to react. He said excitedly, “Responsible! Responsible! Of course, he will take responsibility!”

He tucked Shen Nianshen’s elbow, stared at him with a meaningful look, “Ah Nian, don’t just stand here and did nothing. Hurry, take Tiantian to the Hospital!”

Shen Nianshen furrowed his brow, although he was very reluctant to have contact with the girls, this time he already caused an incident to Sun Tiantian.

Shen Nianshen paused for a few seconds, then said, “Can you walk by yourself?”

Sun Tiantian looked down, she remembered her sprained ankle, then looked up and looked at Shen Nianshen, “My leg hurts.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Xu Li was afraid that the world would be chaotic; he immediately said, “Don’t worry! The Hospital is not too far from the school. Ah Nian will carry you there!”

As soon as Shen Nianshen heard these words, his brows furrowed, and he stared fiercely at Xu Li.

Xu Li knew Shen Nianshen had physiological trauma towards women. Although he didn’t know the reason, he always wanted to help Shen Nianshen to heal this trauma. It happened to be an opportunity like this so that he could force Shen Nianshen.

If Shen Nianshen continually refused to touch anyone, he wouldn’t escape from his trauma forever.

Shen Nianshen frowned, his eyes falling towards Sun Tiantian’s ankles. His lips were tightly closed, and he was silent for a long time.

He also wanted to get out of the shadows of his past, but he couldn’t make it. Just like when Sun Tiantian held his hand, he could not resist it, so he unconsciously pulled his hand harshly.

Sun Tiantian saw Shen Nianshen not move for quite a long time, she felt disappointed and decided not to wait for him anymore. She crouched down and tried to untie the shoes with her left hand.

But the shoes were tied very tightly, and it was very difficult for her to took it off with just one hand.

Her arms and legs felt so painful; it made her mood became worse.

Because her mood was not good, so her action was rather rude. She tried to untie the roller skate shoes on her feet impatiently.

She fell because of Shen Nianshen’s indifference. Sun Tiantian vowed inside her heart that in the future, she wouldn’t play with this broken roller skate anymore!

When she was mad, suddenly, a tall and large shadow squatted in front of her. She was surprised to look up, seeing Shen Nianshen crouch in front of her to help her took off her shoes.

Shen Nianshen did not say a word, only helped her untie the shoes solemnly, then helped her to take it off.

During the process, Shen Nianshen did not look at Sun Tiantian at all, and he kept lowering his head. Therefore, Sun Tiantian couldn’t see that guy’s expression.

Cheng Duo, who had been standing beside, was also begun to react. She pushed Xu Li, “Quickly bring over Tiantian shoes. The shoes are over there.”

Before Sun Tiantian wore roller skates, she wore canvas shoes and replaced them under a banyan tree not far from there.

Xu Li ran away, took Sun Tiantian shoes, and handed them to Shen Nianshen, “Ah Nian …”

Shen Nianshen accepted it and handed it over to Sun Tiantian, staring intensely, “Can you wear it yourself?”

Even Sun Tiantian still felt disappointment in her heart, but now her mind blank, and her eyes fixed on Shen Nianshen.

She had no idea that Shen Nianshen would help her take off these shoes. Although in the whole process, this man did not touch her at all. But … Shen Nianshen helped her !!!

Sun Tiantian’s anger disappeared instantly. On the contrary, she was fascinated when Shen Nianshen asked if she could wear her shoes or not. Unconsciously, she shook her head.

However, the next second, she saw Shen Nianshen furrow his brows. His face seemed to say, ‘don’t just because I gave you an inch, then you will ask for a yard.’

Sun Tiantian suddenly stopped and nodded, “I can, I can. I can wear it myself!”

Shen Nianshen already helped her took off the shoes; she had to do it step by step. If not, it would scare him, and then he’ll run away.

She put on her canvas shoes, then looked up, staring at Shen Nianshen poorly.

Shen Nianshen saw Sun Tiantian let out a pathetic expression, suddenly had a bad feeling. Sure enough, the next moment he heard Sun Tiantian say, “My leg hurts; carry me.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Shen Nianshen did not speak for quite a long time. His eyes looked at Sun Tiantian deeply. His eyes were as deep as an endless abyss, made Sun Tiantian feel a little scared, and spoke in a low voice, “Who… who told you to let go of my hand… you… must be responsible ….”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Shen Nianshen stared at Sun Tiantian for a very long time, and Sun Tiantian was about to give up, getting ready to stand up. Finally, Shen Nianshen turned around and gave his broad back. He said, “Get up.”

Sun Tiantian stunned; she was shocked yet happy. For the time being, she even couldn’t feel the pain in her arms and ankles at all. Afraid that Shen Nianshen would change his mind quickly, so she immediately climbed onto his back.

When Sun Tiantian was behind his back, Shen Nianshen’s body stiffened to the extreme level. His body was so stiff that he felt that he would not be able to move.

Shen Nianshen had an inner struggle in his heart for quite a long time before he finally attempted to take this step. Even though it was hard, but at least everything was better than what he imagined. Before this, he should prepare himself so that he would not suddenly drop Sun Tiantian again.

Sun Tiantian wanted to hold Shen Nianshen’s neck, but she remembered that this man had an obsession with cleanliness. She asked in a whisper, “Can I hug your neck?”

Shen Nianshen closed his eyes, hesitated for quite a long time until he finally sighed.

With his stiff body, he carried Sun Tiantian from the ground and walked towards the school gate.

On the way to the Hospital, Sun Tiantian, who was on Shen Nianshen’s back, had her arms around his neck.

Even though she fell so miserably, but she also felt happy, “Why did you let go of my hand?”

Shen Nianshen paused for a moment and said in a low voice, “I don’t like being touched by other people.”

“Then, aren’t you touching me now?”

Shen Nianshen apologized helplessly, “I made you fall, sorry.”

Sun Tiantian listened to his voice, and her mood was extraordinarily exciting. She approached Shen Nianshen’s ears, her lips curved, and her voice so sweet and gentle, “Shen Nianshen, I like you very much.”

Soft breath on the side of his ear, with a hint of sweet candy flavor, made Shen Nianshen’s body stiff for a moment. But unexpectedly, he didn’t seem to hate the way Sun Tiantian approached him…

After arrived at the Hospital and some examination, it turned out Sun Tiantian didn’t experience a fractured bone. She just suffered joint dislocation. An old doctor strengthened the position of her bones, then applied for the medicine and hung them with a bandage.

When she was discharged from the Hospital, Sun Tiantian consistently pulled the bandage that was sling on her arm. She felt her hanging hands looked very ugly.

Shen Nianshen saw her always pulling the bandage as if she wanted to untie it, he felt dizzy and pressed the tip of his nose. He said helplessly, “Don’t pull it, the doctor said that it needs to be slung for a while, so the joint could return to its place.”

Sun Tiantian’s face contorted and was displeased, “But this is very ugly.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

“Besides being sling like this, I couldn’t draw.” After saying that, her steps suddenly stopped as if she remembered something. She turned and looked at Shen Nianshen.

Her eyes were spinning like she was thinking about an idea.

Intuition told Shen Nianshen that it was definitely not a good thing. Shen Nianshen furrowed his brows cautiously.

Sun Tiantian tilted her head, staring at Shen Nianshen for quite a long time. Then her eyes sparkled, and she smirked.

As soon as Sun Tiantian smiled, her face was like a bad girl who had done bad things. Shen Nianshen instinctively went away. Without hesitation, he walked out of the Hospital.

“Eh, eh! Why are you running away! I won’t eat you!” Sun Tiantian, whose arms were hanging, chased him from behind, “Shen Nianshen, wait for me. Let’s discuss something.”

Shen Nianshen walked faster as if a beast had followed him from behind.

When Sun Tiantian returned to the dormitory, the dormitory lights were almost turned off.

Shen Nianshen sent her to the gate of the female dormitory and said, “Go back, I’ll leave first.”

Shen Nianshen put his hand in his pants pocket, he turned around and about to leave.

“Eh! Wait, wait!” Sun Tiantian saw that he would leave soon, reflexively held his hand. Shen Nianshen furrowed his brows, the direction his eyes looked at his arm held by Sun Tiantian. Very rarely, he doesn’t let go immediately, but says patiently, “Let go of your hand.”

Sun Tiantian was stunned, and her eyes fell on her own hands. Only then did she realize that again she held Shen Nianshen’s arm. She pursed her lips and slowly dropped her hand. While biting her lower lip, she could not help saying, “What you shouldn’t touch from me, you already touch it, so what.”

Shen Nianshen listened to this, frowning even more. He asked while staring at the girl, “What is something I shouldn’t touch?”

Sun Tiantian raised her chin, “You already touch my butt.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

“That was when you piggyback me!”

Shen Nianshen took a deep breath, staring at Sun Tiantian in disbelief. For quite a long time, he could not say anything.

He had met so many shameless girls but never met anyone who reached the shameless level as her.

Sun Tiantian glanced at Shen Nianshen, who looked at her like he was seeing a lunatic, unable to stop herself from laughing and pulling on Shen Nianshen’s sleeve, “Never mind, I won’t talk to you anymore. Lunch tomorrow, remember to wait for me.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Sun Tiantian saw Shen Nianshen still unmoved; she thought he would break his promise. She immediately stared at him, “You don’t plan to escape from your responsibility, right? You promised me before!”

Shen Nianshen had a headache, answered helplessly, “I’m not running away from my responsibility. Yes, I already know.”

Sun Tiantian heard this, very happy, her face full of smiles, “Then, see you tomorrow afternoon. I will wait for you in front of the cafeteria!”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Sun Tiantian waved her hand to Shen Nianshen cheerfully, “I’m going back, you can go back too.”

After saying that, Sun Tiantian turned around and entered the dormitory.

Even though her arm had to sling and her leg was sprained, Sun Tiantian’s spirit was excellent. She couldn’t describe it in words.

She had already discussed with Shen Nianshen and reached an agreement. Because he was responsible for her injury, as long as Sun Tiantian’s hand was in a sling, Shen Nianshen had to buy food for her every day.

Thinking that she could be close to Shen Nianshen every day, her mood was extraordinary.

Shen Nianshen was still standing in front of the gate of the female dormitory, staring at Sun Tiantian’s back, which was getting further away. It took quite a while before reacting, turning around, and walking back toward the male dormitory.

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