The Best of You [Chapter 10]

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Xie Xun’s birthday celebration, many high school friends were present. The event looked like a small high school reunion.

After eating Hotpot, they all went to the bar. Because the school would inspect the dorm rooms every night, they didn’t dare to play until late at night. They returned to school at 9:30.

Other high school friends go back to school with their own cars. Sun Tiantian returned to school with Xie Xun and his two roommates.

 Sun Tiantian drank a little alcohol in the bar; she felt a bit dizzy. All the way home, she closed her eyes and slept in the car.

The bar wasn’t too far from the school, only about ten minutes’ drive. The area outside the school was always very crowded, even though it was almost 10 o’clock. Restaurants and some milk tea shop businesses were very good, and some students and intimate lovers would visit them.

Sun Tiantian had fallen asleep. Listening to the noise of the crowd from outside, she slowly began to wake up.

She rubbed her eyes and looked outside the window, and then she realized that they had reached the school gate.

 Xie Xun stopped the car and saw Sun Tiantian was awake. He asked, “Do I need to buy an anti-hangovers medicine for you?”

 Sun Tiantian shook her head, “No need, I’ll go back first.”

 After saying that, she opened the car door.

Xie Xun saw that Sun Tiantian was going to walk away, he shouted and held her back, “Wait a minute! I’ll take you back!”

“It’s okay. I can go back by myself. You better back to your dorm.” Sun Tiantian didn’t want to be escorted by Xie Xun, especially at this hour. It was not too late; the school area was still safe.

After saying that, without waiting for an answer from Xie Xun, she walked into the school.

Unexpectedly, when she turned her head, the corner of her eye swept over a tall figure.

Shen Nianshen walked across the street, wearing a clean white shirt and black trousers. His sleeves were rolled up twice and showed his sturdy arms. He put his hands into his pants pockets and walked towards the school.

As soon as Sun Tiantian saw Shen Nianshen, she narrowed her eyes and smiled, pulled the corner of her lips, and smiled sweetly to that guy.

Separated by a highway, there was a person who smiles so beautifully; it was impossible for Shen Nianshen to not look at it.

But he didn’t plan to greet Sun Tiantian, only looked at her coldly and avoided her gaze, continuing to walk straight ahead.

Because of his tall body, when his gaze passed through Sun Tiantian, he could pretend he didn’t see her. When passing through, his footsteps didn’t stop and continued walking.

Unexpectedly, he hadn’t taken a few steps forward; his arm was hugged by the girl.

 The wind blew at him, and he could smell the alcohol.

Shen Nianshen furrowed his brows and turned his head, seeing Sun Tiantian hugged his arm with his left hand and smiled sweetly at his side. The girl was raising her head, smile sweetly on her lips while asking, “Shen Nianshen, where did you come back from? I called you earlier tonight. Why didn’t you pick it up?”

At 8 pm, Shen Nianshen was accompanying her grandma watching TV at home Sun Tiantian called him. However, because he intended to stay away from her, he didn’t pick up the phone.

Sun Tiantian, who had been drinking alcohol, had more courage than usual. She hugged Shen Nianshen tightly and pressed his shoulders on that guy’s body.

The direction of Shen Nianshen’s gaze fell on the girl’s hanging arms, avoiding himself from pushing off the girl.

It might also because Sun Tiantian had touched him several times, so he was no longer disgusted now.

Sun Tiantian’s face was blushed, clearly looked from her face she was a little drunk.

Shen Nianshen looked at her sharply, “Did you drink alcohol?”

Sun Tiantian snorted and chuckled, “Drink a little.”

Shen Nianshen once again tried to smell the scent of her body. Deep in his thoughts, it seemed like this girl didn’t just drink a little.

Near to there, Xie Xun saw Sun Tiantian hugging a guy’s arm, his eyebrows also furrowed and immediately walked over.

After approaching, he realized that the man was Shen Nianshen.

Some time ago, the school held a basketball match with sophomore students, Xie Xun and Shen Nianshen had shaken hands with each other, it could be assumed that they knew each other.

He looked at Shen Nianshen and said, “Sorry, she’s drunk.”

As soon as he said it, he immediately pulled Sun Tiantian’s arm, “Let’s go, I’ll take you back the dormitory.”

He pulled Sun Tiantian entirely from Shen Nianshen’s side and looked at the girl with a grim face.

Sun Tiantian was a little dizzy, but her brain was still normally functioning. She let go of Xie Xun’s hand and said, “You go back first. I have something to discuss with Senior Shen.”

Men were not much different from women; they would be susceptible to the words spoken by their loved ones. As soon as Xie Xun heard Sun Tiantian’s words, his face turned fierce, and he shouted, “What to discuss in this hour?!”

After saying that, he didn’t dare look at Sun Tiantian. He took her hand and pulled her toward the school.

“Ei, what are you doing?” Sun Tiantian tried to release Xie Xun’s hand, but that guy held her hand tightly, and Sun Tiantian could not let go. The girl started to get angry, trying to let go of Xie Xun’s hand, “Xie Xun, what are you doing, let go of me!”

 “I won’t let go! How do you know Shen Nianshen?”

 “It has nothing to do with you. Ei, hurry and release me, it hurts.”

 That person dragged away Sun Tiantian.

Shen Nianshen stood in the distance and didn’t move. His eyes were dark, and his gaze was so deep. His eyes observed in Sun Tiantian and Xie Xun’s hand.  For some reason, this view was very unsightly for him.

However, that feeling only came for a moment and flashed inside his heart, even he wasn’t aware of it.

He regained his consciousness and ignored it, walking towards the dormitory.

Sun Tiantian, who was forcibly pulled by Xie Xun to return to the female dormitory, the first thing the girl did after returning was to call Shen Nianshen.

 She wanted to explain! She had to explain this all!

Earlier, Xie Xun dragged her away. Perhaps Shen Nianshen would misunderstand.

The phone was connected long enough, but no one picked up.

 Sun Tiantian was worried and angry, “Why not pick up the phone!”

Cheng Duo turned, “Do you need me to call Xu Li? Maybe Shen Nianshen didn’t hear that his cellphone rang?”

Sun Tiantian thought there was no way that man would not hear it, surely he deliberately didn’t pick up the phone.

At this kept happening, her ambition and enthusiasm for a long battle would soon disappear.

 Sun Tiantian hung up and called Xu Li.

 Xu Li picked up the phone quickly, “Tiantian?”

Sun Tiantian was busy asking, “Where’s Shen Nianshen? I called him several times, but he didn’t pick up.”

Xu Li straightened his legs and lay down on his bed, “Ah Nian is taking a shower, maybe his cellphone is in vibrate mode, so there is no sound.”

 Sun Tiantian heard this; her eyes suddenly lit up, “Really?!”

Shen Nianshen didn’t intentionally pick up her call. He just didn’t hear it because he was in the bathroom, right?

 Sun Tiantian’s mood improved. He smiled, “Then I’ll call him later.”

After Shen Nianshen came out of the bathroom, Xu Li stuck his head out of the upper bunk, “Ah Nian, Tiantian is looking for you. It looks like she has called you several times, call back to her.”

Shen Nianshen did not answer; he wiped his hair while walking to the desk. He picked up his cellphone and looked at it; apparently, there were indeed some missed calls.

 But he only glanced at it and placed it back on the table.

He wiped his hair while pulling a chair and sat there. He raised his hand to take a book from the top shelf.

Xu Li saw Shen Nianshen was getting ready to read the book, wide-eyed, “Ah Nian, really? Tiantian had called you several times, and you are not going to call her back even just once.”

Shen Nianshen’s voice was so dull, “Not interested.”

Xu Li was stunned and looked at Shen Nianshen’s head for a few moments. He could not bear to ask, “Is it true that you don’t like Tiantian at all?”

Since the first year, there were many girls chasing after Shen Nianshen. But no one could approach him within three meters.

However, Sun Tiantian was an exception. She could even make Shen Nianshen ate with her.

Although perhaps Shen Nianshen did it out of guilt, from what Xu Li saw, Shen Nianshen’s attitude towards Sun Tiantian differed from his attitude towards other girls.

He still thought Shen Nianshen must have some feelings for Sun Tiantian, didn’t he?

Shen Nianshen’s tone was still cold, “It’s not about like her or not.”

He and Sun Tiantian were not people from the same world.

If they were not from the same world, why bother to talk about whether he likes her?

Xu Li shook his head, reminding kindly, “Ah Nian, don’t blame me for not warning you. For your information, the man who was chasing after Sun Tiantian quite a few. One of them was Zhao Ye, the junior student. The other was that Xie Xun, who brought a sports car this afternoon. You must have seen him, right? If you don’t appreciate her, don’t regret it later on.”

“Are you enough?” Shen Nianshen frowned, suddenly feeling slightly annoyed.

“Ah, never mind. I won’t say anything else. As long as later, don’t blame me for not reminding you.” Xu Li didn’t understand how to deal with Shen Nianshen anymore, so he lay back on the bed. Writing a WeChat text, ‘Little sister, do you want to go for movies tomorrow?’

They turned the bedroom lights off at 11 pm; Sun Tiantian lay on the bed. Her eyes were still wide open, staring at the ceiling.

Every two minutes, she would pick up and stare at her cellphone screen.

However, the cellphone screen was still blank, not even one message.

Sun Tiantian felt disappointed; in her heart, she was sure that she would fail in waiting for a call from Shen Nianshen.

So she sent a WeChat message, ‘Shen Nianshen, me and Xie Xun are just friends, there is no other relationship, don’t misunderstand.’

The cellphone vibrated, Shen Nianshen was also lying on the bed. Hearing his cellphone vibrate, he took it under the pillow.

Seeing the message sent by Sun Tiantian, the feeling of annoyance that had occupied his heart suddenly vanished.

He stared at the screen for a long time, thinking about how to reply to this message. However, it seemed like the person across there was anxious and sent one more message, ‘Shen Nianshen, are you sleeping?’

Shen Nianshen’s finger just touched the cellphone screen and about to reply, but the other party had sent several more messages.

 ‘Shen Nianshen, you haven’t slept yet?’

 ‘Shen Nianshen, have you seen my call?’

 ‘Shen Nianshen, pay a little attention to me.’

 ‘[sad] [sad] [sad]’

Just seeing this message, Shen Nianshen could even imagine Sun Tiantian’s pitiful face, unconsciously raising the corner of his mouth. The expression lasted only for a short time, and he wasn’t aware of it.

He moved his hand and about to reply to the message.

Just typing in two words, suddenly a message came back in ー ー ‘Shen Nianshen, I don’t want to chase you anymore. I’m tired.’

Shen Nianshen’s hand that was typing suddenly stopped, his brows furrowed and his gaze turned dark. He observed the cellphone screen for a few moments.

Shen Nianshen pursed his lips, erasing the two words he had just typed. His finger pressed the screen hard as if he wanted to vent his emotions, ‘That’s what I expected.’

Sun Tiantian: ‘Hehehe, I’m just kidding.’

Shen Nianshen: “…”

‘Shen Nianshen, If I ask you to go to the cinema with me tomorrow, do you want to go or not? There is a movie that just went up a few days ago, and I always wanted to watch it. But my friends don’t have time to accompany me.’

Shen Nianshen replied, ‘Just ask your roommate for company.’

Sun Tiantian responded quickly, ‘My roommate is busy. Yan Yan will attend the Student Union meeting, Miao Miao prefers reading books, Ah Duo will go on a date with Xu Li, I am all alone.’

The corner of Shen Nianshen’s eyes glanced at the bed opposite him, suddenly said, “Are you dating Sun Tiantian’s roommate?”

Xu Li was stunned and immediately reacted, rarely that person could feel embarrassed. He laughed and said, “Not yet, she hasn’t accepted me.”

Suddenly he asked, “Ei, weird, how do you know?”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

His cellphone vibrated once again, and Sun Tiantian sent a message back, ‘How is it, Shen Nianshen?’

Shen Nianshen replied, ‘I have things to do tomorrow; just find your other friends.’

After a few moments, he added, ‘the man from last night is not bad, it looks like he is suitable for you.’

Once the message was sent, there was no response for quite a long time.

Shen Nianshen waited a while and did not get a reply; he put his cellphone back down.

Right before he put down the phone, the screen came back on.

He lifted it and looked at the screen.

Finally, after seeing the message, his eyes almost could not believe it.

Sender: I’m Sweet*
[Shen Nianshen, don’t tell that me you’re jealous???]

*(T/N note: Tiantian’s name has the same pronunciation with ‘sweet’ (tiantian) in Chinese.)

Shen Nianshen blinked and immediately replied, ‘Am I crazy?’

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