Chapter 11 [Part 2]

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Never mind.

If Sun Tiantian continued this conversation with Shen Nianshen, she would feel even more annoyed.

The snack counter was indeed very crowded, but the buying and selling activities were carried out very quickly, it did not take long to reach Sun Tiantian turn.

When Sun Tiantian saw foods, her anger that caused by Shen Nianshen disappeared instantly. Her mood boosted, and she pointed to the popcorn box at the display, “I want these, two and also two cans of cola.”

After that, she reached out to take the wallet in her bag.  Before she could reach out of her purse, he saw Shen Nianshen handed over money for her.

Sun Tiantian was stunned and said, “I’ll pay for it.”

Shen Nianshen, “You’ve bought the ticket. I buy snacks.”

Sun Tiantian did not argue with Shen Nianshen; she let Shen Nianshen pay for it.

Because Sun Tiantian’s hand was a little uncomfortable, Shen Nianshen helped her to carry two barrels of popcorn and two cans of cola. They stepped away from the snack counter.

After buying snacks, it was already 3:13, and the movie had already started.

“Let’s go. The movie has started.”  Sun Tiantian rushed into the studio, carelessly pulling Shen Nianshen’s hand.

The movie had just begun, the studio was dark and filled with many people.

Fortunately, Sun Tiantian’s position was in the back row; they could find it easily.

The two of them sat quietly, Shen Nianshen handed the two barrels of popcorn to Sun Tiantian.

Sun Tiantian whispered, “You don’t want any?”

Shen Nianshen said yes.

Sun Tiantian smiled and whispered again, “This is very delicious, you know.”

That girl said while starting to eat it, after eating some popcorn, she sent the one bite of popcorn to Shen Nianshen’s lips, “Want to try?”

The soft white fingers suddenly beside his lips, Shen Nianshen took a deep breath and leaned his head against the back of the chair, “Don’t be noisy.”

Sun Tiantian’s voice was very soft, “Try a bit.”

Shen Nianshen pushed his face away, not eating it.

Sun Tiantian snickered, “Arrogant.”

Shen Nianshen, “…”

She opened a can of cola and handed it to Shen Nianshen, “Then, drink this.”

Shen Nianshen glanced at her and answered without expression, “No.”

Sun Tiantian, “…”

Shen Nianshen didn’t want to eat anything; Sun Tiantian decided to finish it all alone. However, the two barrels of popcorn was indeed too much, throughout the film, she was only busy eating popcorn.

At first, she ate popcorn while watching the movie. Until the middle of the movie, she felt the film was too dull, and she devoted herself to eat popcorn.

Nom, nom, nom, nom…

Shen Nianshen also felt bored; he leaned back in his chair and tried to overcome his boredom.

He lowered his gaze, and his eyes fell towards Sun Tiantian’s head.

That girl lowered her head, embraced two barrels of popcorn and endlessly put popcorn into her mouth.

How come she ate it like a little mouse, very cute.

Shen Nianshen stared at her for a long time, his eyes unconsciously showing a weakly

The long movie finally finished, when they came out of the Cinema, everyone talked to each other about the film.

“Throughout the movie, I want the toilet all the time. It’s not strange for you to say that I always run to the toilet at least four times.”

“Ah, I think you should empty your bladder.”

“No way.”

“But the movie is too boring; I almost fell asleep.”

Sun Tiantian heard some guy beside her, teasing each other, she looked up and asked Shen Nianshen, “Did you think the movie is good?”

Shen Nianshen pressed his nape, and try to flex the tension there. Hearing Sun Tiantian’s question, he answered, “What do you think?”

Sun Tiantian chuckled, “I also feel bored. I almost fell asleep.”

Almost fell asleep?

Shen Nianshen’s eyes twitch, so who was the one that eating popcorn like a little mouse during the movie?

Sun Tiantian finished two barrels of popcorn cleanly when she came out of the cinema she still held a can of cola.  She took it out and planned immediately drank it up in one gulp, then threw it away.

When Shen Nianshen saw her drinking cola in that way, he was a little worried, “Didn’t you eat too much? You already drank two cans of cola, will you get a stomachache?”

Sun Tiantian said confidently, “No, my stomach is firm.”

Sun Tiantian finished the cola in one breath, then threw it into the trash can beside her.  She looked up and smiled sweetly at Shen Nianshen, “Where are we going now?”

The time showed five o’clock in the evening on, still not too late.

Shen Nianshen said without expression, “I want to go to the library.”

Sun Tiantian’s small face contorted, “The library is very boring.”

“Hmm, you go play alone, I’ll go first.”

After saying that, by chance, the green light was on. Shen Nianshen immediately walked across the street.

Just walking a few steps, suddenly there was a hand that pulled his hand, a cheerful voice came from behind, “I’ll accompany you.”

This was the first time Sun Tiantian watched a with Shen Nianshen; her mood was very incredible. Along the way to the library, they walked together, and the girl continued to smile as she looked at Shen Nianshen.

“Let’s go and watch the movie again next Thursday; we have to choose a better film.”

“Can you ride a bicycle? How about we go cycling sometime? But I can’t ride a bicycle, so you have to give me a ride.”

“Shen Nianshen, have you ever played a doll catching machine? There’s a carnival at Mingyue Square, shall we go together?”

Sun Tiantian talked very much, but Shen Nianshen did not feel annoyed. Sunlight when the sunset hit the girl’s body, an orange circle, appeared above her head. Shen Nianshen saw the bright smile on that girl’s face, without realizing she was blown away.

When the two of them arrived at the library, Sun Tiantian lowered her voice and whispered to Shen Nianshen, “Actually, I hate coming to the library.”

Suddenly she smiled, “But for your sake, I have no problem coming here every day. How about it? Do you feel touched?”

Shen Nianshen sat before her, opened a book while listening to her words.  He answered vaguely, “If you can stay quiet for a while, I will be more touched.”

Sun Tiantian, “…”

Alright, she will shut her mouth up.

Sun Tiantian was very bored; she went to the bookshelf to look for some novels.

But Sun Tiantian could only focus for a maximum of 20 minutes on her book, and when she looked up, she saw the concentration of the guy in front of her was extraordinary.  That guy was writing very seriously in his notebook.

Sun Tiantian was curious; she stood up from her desk and sat next to Shen Nianshen.

The chair in the library was some kind of bench that two people could occupy the chair.

She sat next to Shen Nianshen and looked at his notebook.

Then she stared blankly on it because the book was full of English writing.

“Shen Nianshen … are you from the English Department?”

Shen Nianshen, “…”

“No way, you go to the Business Department, right?”


Sun Tiantian’s admiration for Shen Nianshen immediately increased by several levels and suddenly hugged his arm.  She said excitedly, “Shen Nianshen, how about you teach me English? I haven’t passed CET-4 yet.”

Shen Nianshen was still doing his activities, his head was not raised, and his voice was weary, “CET-4 is very easy, you just have to practice with two sets of sample questions.”

Sun Tiantian was an Art Student; she was not a smart student. Language, politics, and history were slightly better.  But her English and Math were horrible.

“Just like that, tomorrow I will bring examples of CET-4 exam questions, and you get to help me.”

Sun Tiantian proclaimed the decision she had made herself to Shen Nianshen.

Shen Nianshen silent and finally raised his head, “Did I said that I agree?”

Sun Tiantian smiled, clasped both of her hands together and looked at Shen Nianshen with a pleading look.

Shen Nianshen, “…”

Shen Nianshen seriously studied again. When he entered this phase, he could be silent for an hour without moving at all.

But this was very difficult for Sun Tiantian. After sitting for several hours, she began to feel uncomfortable.

The most important thing was she seemed to have a stomachache.

She had gone back and forth several times to restroom, but it wasn’t diarrhea.  However, the pain in her stomach was getting more and more intense.

Within half an hour, she had gone back and forth to the restroom three times. Shen Nianshen finally felt something was wrong. He looked up and saw Sun Tiantian nestled on the table with her face buried inside both of her arms.

He was a little worried, stretched out his hand and touched that girl, “Sun Tiantian, are you alright?”

Sun Tiantian did not move, but when she looked up from her arms, her face was pale and looked scary.

Shen Nianshen’s eyebrows rose, he asked frantically, “What’s wrong with you? Why is your face so pale? You’re not feeling well?”

Sun Tiantian’s voice was weak, her other hand holding her stomach, “Seems like … it seems like I have a stomachache.”

The girl’s face was pale, Shen Nianshen frowned and immediately put down the questioner. He stood up from his chair and headed to Sun Tiantian’s side. That’s when he realized that the girl was holding her stomach in the appendix position.

“Can you walk?”  Shen Nianshen held her hand and asked anxiously.

Sun Tiantian tried to stand by herself, but because it was too painful, so she sat down again.

Shen Nianshen saw this situation, his eyebrows stiffened, he immediately crouched before Sun Tiantian, “Go up, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Shen Nianshen carried Sun Tiantian and immediately flew to the Hospital.

Sun Tiantian who was on Shen Nianshen’s back, even though her stomach was very painful, but her heart was filled with joy.

She hugged his neck and leaned her face on his shoulder.

She hoped that time would stop at this second, she also hoped that Shen Nianshen would always carry her like this.  She hoped that Shen Nianshen could like her as much as she loves him.


Half an hour later.


Sun Tiantian was infused, Shen Nianshen sat next to her and accompanied her, but his face was very horrible.

Sun Tiantian slowly touched his arm and smiled, “Shen Nianshen, don’t be angry. Next time I won’t eat that much anymore, nor will I drink cold cola anymore.”

Shen Nianshen glanced at her, “Why I need to be angry? The one who sicks is not me either.”

His mouth said this, but his face was still very awful.

Sun Tiantian looked at him, her heart pleased.  She approached and whispered beside him, “Shen Nianshen, are you worried about me?”

Shen Nianshen frowned and looked at him, “You think too much, I just feel that you are troublesome.”

Sun Tiantian, “…”

Sun Tiantian was again struck, snorted and glanced at him.

Shen Nianshen also ignored her, staring out the window. His gaze was so deep, whether he was thinking about something.

After a while, Sun Tiantian’s anger subsided. She took the initiative to talk with Shen Nianshen.

“Shen Nianshen, can you help me get a glass of warm water?”

Shen Nianshen fell silent and turned around to take it.

When he already handed the glass of water to her, Sun Tiantian’s eyes curved, and she spoke softly, “Thank you.”

Chapter 11 [Part 1]

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