58c. Unfilial Son and Phoenix Man (5)

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He didn’t say it was okay, but as soon as he said so, the doctors, who had just stopped walking immediately cheered up, “you said you didn’t want me to introduce you to a girlfriend. It looks like there’s an interest…”

“That’s right! Didn’t you say you haven’t found one yet? Mingyan, why didn’t you tell us you weren’t single?”

“Speaking of which, when he went to the inpatient department with a perforated stomach, the little nurse came once and didn’t see Mingyan, she had a lost expression …”

“No, we just happened to meet.” The man solemnly explained, his ears were even more red than just now.

“We are all married, and wouldn’t laugh at you. We can also teach you some experience on how to win the favor of a girl. How about it? Do you want to learn?”

The director rescued him from the scene again, “you guys, stop!”

When the conversation turned, his eyes revealed some interest in gossip, “what little nurse?  Why haven’t I seen her, Mingyan you and her, really …?”

Just then, the girl’s crisp voice came from outside, “Doctor Wei…”

Lan Xue came to return the handkerchief.

Looking at the girl’s beautiful face, the director’s face was somewhat surprised. He had worked in this hospital for so many years, and of course he knew the Dean’s daughter.

The heroine of their story suddenly appeared. A few senior doctors that had a playful expression immediately convergence to a very serious face in the blink of an eye.

Wei Mingyan’s expression was flustered for a moment, then he walked over with a calm expression and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Lan Xue didn’t look down this time. Instead, she faced the man’s eyes and handed him his handkerchief. “I haven’t washed it yet.”

She glanced at the doctors in the office who were actually quietly watching. Gritting her teeth, she gathered up courage to ask, “Doctor Wei, can I add you as a friend?”

Lan Xue likes this man more and more.

At first, maybe she was attracted by his handsome appearance. Every time she came, she saw him doing things seriously, she quietly watched as he patiently pacifies patients and never missed any chances to learn. With such hard work and seriousness, it can be said that Wei Mingyan is the most perfect and outstanding man Lan Xue has ever seen.

Before, when she was most helpless and didn’t know what to do, her infatuation with him added another layer after the man calmly and steadily solved the problem.

After talking to her best friend and asking her opinion, Lan Xue finally decided!

She wanted to take the initiative to attack, even if she couldn’t succeed in the end, if she could work hard for the person she likes, she wouldn’t regret it.

She couldn’t think of anyone better in her heart. After she actually asked the question, Lan Xue silently thought about it again.

Doctor Wei wouldn’t think she was frivolous … right?

She was so nervous she felt like she could die. But, she listened to the handsome doctor in front of her respond lightly, “Okay.”

He turned and walked to his seat, scribbled down his number, and handed it to Lan Xue.

Lan Xue did not expect that it would be so smooth, she took the paper with a stunned look, “Thank you, thank you Doctor Wei.”

“Thank you for your help today. I’ll invite you to dinner tonight. ”

Invite! Her! To! Dinner!

Lan Xue was almost knocked unconscious by this huge pie falling from the sky.

She didn’t even remember how she agreed, and came down stairs. She walked out of the hospital with a slip of paper and didn’t react until then.

Doctor Wei said he would invite her to dinner!

Ah, ah, ah, ah, the person she likes invited her to dinner!

Lan Xue never liked dressing up very much, because medical students were always too busy their feet never touched the ground. Where do they have the time to do these things, but this is the first time that someone she liked had dinner with her …

(Dé jiǎo bù zhān de [得脚不沾地] = ‘keep feet off the ground’; meaning that someone is too busy moving, they almost never stand on the ground for too long.)

There was an irresistible smile on her face, then she took a taxi and went straight home.

No, she must show her best today!

Strive to capture Doctor Wei!


While Lan Xue was busy changing clothes, it was lunchtime in the hospital. Although Wei Mingyan had rest, he also put on a white coat and helped several doctors while reading.

His phone was not in his clothes pocket as usual, but on the table top, and he didn’t read the book with the same enthusiasm as before. He glanced at his phone from time to time. This scene was caught by the director nearby.

He has been lost in thought since he found out that the little nurse mentioned in the office was Lan Xue.

If nothing else, the director saw Lan Xue’s shy look at Wei Mingyan just now.

Now looking at Wei Mingyan’s distracted appearance, he was almost certain that the two might be attracted to each other.

After confirmation, his heart became more and more complicated. Lan Xue was a good girl and Wei Mingyan was a good doctor. Everything was fine, but would Dean Lan, who loved his daughter so much, agree to the two being together?

Although he also thinks that Wei Mingyan’s conditions are very good in all aspects, but if compared with the Lan Family …

After being stared at for quite a while, how could Wei Mingyan not sense it? He turned around helplessly and asked the director, “can I help you?”

“Err, Mingyan. Are you and the girl just now … ng?” The director gave him a ‘you know’ look, with gossip written all over his face.

“No, I don’t know her name yet.”

“You give somebody else your number, and still so eagerly waited for her to add you.”

The young doctor’s expression was calm, even a little cold, and his voice was faint and he could not recognize any emotion. “You are wrong.”

The director was not as easy to fool as the others.

He knew that this boy is best at his ‘ice face’ mask, just to camouflage his real thoughts. Leaning to the left of his chair a little, “tsk tsk, your ears are so red, why are you still reluctant to admit it? You are just pretending, sooner or later you might scare off your future girlfriend.”

Knowing these two young’uns liked each other, the director hesitated for a second between telling Dean Lan and not telling Dean Lan, and in the end, he quickly chose to pretend that he didn’t see anything.

Let’s not get into trouble with the younger generation.


Lan Xue was so excited when she changed her clothes, and forgot to add Wei Mingyan. She couldn’t wait to get back through the door and add him. Now she could only add him as a friend while feeling guilty in her heart.

Almost as soon as she applied, he accepted. It was so fast that Lan Xue almost thought that Doctor Wei was waiting for her. She carefully wrote a line, deleted it and deleted it again. For the first time, she really didn’t know what to say.


Apart from Wei Mingyan, the only one left in the hospital office was the colleague on duty. He stretched and was ready to ask Wei Mingyan if he would like to have something to eat with him. He saw that in the slightly dim room, the handsome man’s face was serious, looking at the reflection of the screen on his gold rimmed glasses, and there was an inexplicable sense of ritual.

So serious? Did he find another serious illness?

The doctor walked over curiously and saw that there was a chat interface on the computer, which was still blank.

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