58a. Unfilial Son and Phoenix Man (5)

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Wei Mingyan’s eyes paused and fell on Lan Xue’s face, sitting next to the middle-aged woman, who was wearing headphones, closing her eyes and going to sleep with a touch of bluish bags under her eyes, as if she didn’t sleep well last night.

Lan Xue really didn’t sleep well.

Because of the child’s lost and her father was so busy these days that Lan Xue watched him and followed him anxiously. In addition, she was about to face an internship. A lot of things were making her busy. Today she was going to take a nap while on her way to school.

She slept deeply and listened to the songs in the headphones. The whole person relaxed, and naturally did not notice the woman sitting beside her.

While sleeping, she suddenly felt that her shoulder was lightly touched by someone. Lan Xue opened her eyes a little confused, but saw Wei Mingyan’s beautiful face.

Seeing her awake, the man shoved his glasses against the bridge of his nose, revealing a slightly cramped smile, “What a coincidence.”

“Doctor Wei …”

Lan Xue thought she was dreaming, she yelped in a trance, and then remembered her sleeping position with her head tilted. Her panic made her blush and she sat up straight.

“I’m going to the next stop, how about you?”

Listening to the man’s actively asking herself, Lan Xue was happy and felt it unbelievable. She gripped her phone nervously, listening to the thumping of her heart, and whispered, “I am also getting off at the next stop.”

Seeing Wei Mingyan nodded and smiled, Lan Xue finally couldn’t help it, and bravely asked, “I’m going to the medical university, where is Doctor Wei going?”

The first time she spoke so actively to someone she loved, Lan Xue couldn’t be more excited. She wanted to see the expression on Wei Mingyan’s face, but didn’t dare to raise her eyes. She had to lower her eyes slightly and look at the man’s neck.

Wei Mingyan wore a refreshing white shirt today, and the buttons on it may have been unbuttoned because of the heat, exposing his white net neck and collarbone.

Before this, Lan Xue had never thought that a man’s collarbone would be so beautiful. She had looked there to ease embarrassment, but when she looked at it, her face became even more red.

“I’m also going to the medical university to return a book to the library.”

Wei Mingyan showed her the medical book with a polite smile on his face.

The topic ended there.

Lan Xue wanted to talk again, but didn’t know what to say. She was terribly anxious, and she was shy, so she had to sit up straight and not embarrass herself. She didn’t listen to the song, she didn’t sleep, she quietly looked at the man next to her with her eyes.

She moved her eyes carefully, but saw Wei Mingyan was also looking at her. The two of them were facing each other, and Lan Xue’s nervous heart was about to fall out.


She saw that the man ignored her and his eyes fell on the middle-aged woman next to her. The woman didn’t notice the two people near her, playing with her mobile phone. As a child transporter, she clearly knew that the more normal, the more relaxed she was, the less dangerous.

What’s more, people basically couldn’t care less. No one will notice that the child she is holding looked wrong.

She was playing with her mobile phone, and suddenly heard a magnetic male voice coming from the side, “elder sister, is your child hot? I think he is very red.”

The middle-aged woman put down her mobile phone and a smile appeared on her face. “It’s okay. He wears less inside. The subway has air conditioning. Shouldn’t I be more afraid of him getting too cold?”

Although she knew that the picture of the child had been posted on the internet, she still didn’t worry too much. The child was only five days old. everyone knew that any child was basically the same before they grew up. Even if there was a birthmark, she was still holding the child thoroughly. Would people ask her to take off his covers?

Lan Xue didn’t notice the quiet little baby beside her at the beginning, but now she heard Mingyan say that, her eyes also fell on the baby.

He closed his eyes tightly, opened his mouth slightly, his face flushed red, as if he was asleep.

She first thought that the child was really good, he could still fall asleep in such a noisy place, and then remembered that something was wrong.

The child looks like she was just born a few days ago. It’s sweltering now. When she went to the hospital to help, she heard parents who were taking care of a baby carefully. They were afraid of the child getting prickly heat rash. How can a baby be wrapped tight like this?

Because she had been thinking about the missing child for a few days, Lan Xue suddenly remembered that the child was only three days old when he was stolen, which is basically in line with the age of this child.

She quietly looked at the middle-aged woman again. She was carrying a big bag and couldn’t see what was inside. The posture of holding the child was correct, except that her eyes were never placed on the child, and she didn’t even look interested.

Lan Xue didn’t act rashly. She took out her mobile phone to see the Weibo she posted. Compared with her the baby, the more she looked, the more she felt that this was the child.

The terminal of the subway is near the train station. If it is the child, this person may get off that terminal …

Lan Xue’s brain was thinking at full speed. She didn’t know what to do. Just then, she suddenly remembered the little nephew her cousin had just given birth to this year.

The cousin-in-law said that the child could not bear the sudden sounds around him, and he cried as soon as there was a sound, making the whole family unable to sleep well. Lan Xue was ruthless, she cranked up the music to the maximum, and unplugged the headphone cable of the mobile phone.

Although some people were talking around them, the sudden sound still shocked the people around. Lan Xue quickly said sorry, and plugged the headphones back in again.

The woman didn’t respond very much, she was still playing with her cell phone, and she didn’t even think about seeing if the child was frightened, and the child still didn’t move.

Lan Xue was even more sure that there is something wrong with the child, but she really didn’t know what to do. Should she grab it directly?

What if she recognized the wrong child?

She was thinking when Wei Mingyan suddenly stood up and came to the woman with a faint voice, “Sister, the child doesn’t look right. Is she sick? I don’t think he ever opened his eyes. ”

He asked frequently about the child, and finally alerted the woman. She put down her phone, held the child in her arms and looked coaxing, with a little worry on her face. “Yes, he’s a little feverish. I’m going to go to the hospital, aren’t I?”

“If you don’t mind, let me have a look. I’m a doctor.”

As Wei Mingyan said that, he was going to take the baby and was dodged by the middle-aged woman. “Forget it, we will be there soon.”

Lan Xue saw every opportunity and asked in a crisp voice, “The next stop is the Medical University, after that the terminal station, and there are no hospitals at the last two stops. Which hospital are you going to?”

The middle-aged woman went very pale, and when she saw Wei Mingyan coming over, she said angrily, “this is my child! If I say you can’t look, you can’t look! Do you have any proof that you are a doctor?! What if you make my child worse!”

Without hesitation, Wei Mingyan took out the badge in his pocket and said, “if you are worried, you can have a look at it.”

Who goes out with a hospital badge?!

The middle-aged woman was stupefied, she felt uneasy, and the dispute between the three people had attracted the attention of the people around her. While she was afraid of causing trouble, the subway stopped slowly. She clenched her teeth, stood up with the baby in her arms, and walked to the door. “Who knows what you want to do? Don’t touch my child! ”

Seeing that she was leaving, Lan Xue panicked and went after her to grab the child in her arms.

“What are you doing? What are you doing?! You’re trying to kidnap my child! Somebody help! She’s a kidnapper!”

The middle-aged woman kept retreating with the child in her arms, shouting loudly, and at the same time looking for her hidden companions in the crowd, and motioned for them to come out to rescue.

This was also their usual trick, if recognized, they fight back. First, lead the public’s attention on that person, and then slips away quietly with the baby in her arms.

Sure enough, the staff on duty on the platform were attracted by the sound and came over one after another.

Lan Xue knew what would happen if she guessed wrong, but she would rather be criticized than imagine how much she would regret if she had let the stolen child leave under her nose.

Despite Lan Xue’s help, the woman held the child in her arms, and she didn’t dare to exert herself for fear of hurting the baby. The woman did not have any worries in this regard, as if she regarded the child as a piece of property, shouting and retreating to the outside.

Two men got off the subway. They looked at each other and stopped Wei Mingyan and Lan Xue, “what are you doing? Kidnapping children?”

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