55. Unfilial Son and Phoenix Man (2)

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The man was grinding his teeth slightly to bear the pain, when he suddenly heard someone coming in. Clenching his hand on his stomach, he stood up straight with a white face, and looked coldly at the incoming person.

Lan Xue was startled by his frighteningly cold eyes, but she still held on. She walked aside to pick up the medicine bottle, walked carefully to Wei Mingyan and handed it to him.

Wei Mingyan’s lips were a little pale because of the pain. He sipped his lips slightly and stared at Lan Xue lightly. Finally, he held out his hand and thanked her softly, “Thank you.”

Lan Xue just watched the man open the bottle with his slender and beautiful hands, took out the medicine, and swallowed it directly without even drinking water.

Doesn’t it taste bitter …?

Lan Xue, who was afraid of bitter drugs from childhood, subconsciously swallowed saliva and looked into Wei Mingyan’s eyes with a bit more awe.

Just as she summoned up her courage to start a conversation on the basis of the disease, the men outside the office could be heard talking and laughing.

Lan Xue paid attention to his eyes, and the man whose expression softened because she gave him the medicine turned back to the cold look. At first, she didn’t want to understand, but when the two doctors came into the office, they gave out smiling faces after seeing this scene, and seemed to understand something.

Infighting in hospitals aren’t rare. Although Lan Xue has never seen it herself, she has heard her classmates gossip about various hospitals. Including the story of people crowding out others in the office.

In her eyes, Wei Mingyan was obviously such an outcast. Otherwise, why would everyone go to dinner in groups at noon, leaving him alone in the office?

This time Lan Xue was also right. Wei Mingyan is really being squeezed out by the people in the office. As a new doctor, he was still just finishing his internship. In the eyes of the old doctors, this existence could be used however they wanted.

However, Wei Mingyan’s character wasn’t too pleasing. In other people’s eyes, he always sits in a gloomy position with no smile on his face. It looks as if he was plotting something secretly.

In fact, the same is true of him. As a newly-arrived doctor, his salary isn’t high but he does a lot of work. Although this is normal in hospitals, he can’t stand even half of it.

When he was assigned by the director to be on duty one night, he asked directly to his face ‘why?’. He had already finished his rounds this week and he wanted him to be on duty while the director had not been on duty for a long time.

In fact, everyone knew that the director’s little daughter had just been born. He is busy at home, accompanying the child every day and has not been on duty for a long time. Therefore, every time he should be on duty, it would be postponed. Of course, as compensation, the duty fee will be paid correctly for each time and everyone will be invited to have a meal at the end of a week.

Everyone accepted the decision, after all, who hasn’t had their own problems? It will be good for everyone if they help him today, and he would help them tomorrow.

It happened that the new young doctor had his nose in the sky and didn’t respect the duty fee. He asked the question in public and almost made the director feel embarrassed.

After that, his enmity with the director was also remembered.

The director is their immediate superior, and the others had no respect for Wei Mingyan, who had a gloomy face all day long. Now they have more reason to stay away from him.

The original Wei Mingyan also shrugged off it. Although he felt uncomfortable, in his heart, he was happy and at ease. After that, when he married the daughter of the Dean and gained power, all of these old colleagues turned to him.


At this moment, the atmosphere that had just calmed down in the office was stiff by the return of the two doctors. Lan Xue is little overwhelmed, looking at the man in front of her. The handsome man was still biting his lips, as if still trying to endure pain. He spoke, “you go first, thank you for just now.”

“It doesn’t matter, then I’ll go.”

Lan Xue really didn’t want to go, but she would only be embarrassed if she stayed here, so she had to leave reluctantly. As she walked away, Wei Mingyan’s white face and hard pressure on his stomach just now reappeared in her mind.

Such a fragile man…

It actually made her goodwill toward him rise a layer!

If she went on like this, she really couldn’t control herself, wanting to strike up a conversation…


After Lan Xue left, the two doctors just now looked at the doctor who sat down slowly with his stomach covered. They looked a little hesitant. They should have come forward to ask their colleagues about his appearance, but Wei Mingyan has always given the impression that he would not tell you even if they had asked.

After thinking about it, they still felt that it was better to do more and talk less, so they bowed their heads and went on with their work.

A doctors’ work is actually quite busy, especially when their hospital is the largest in the city, and the number of patients coming and going is even more frightening. The doctors in the whole office have been busy all day, and at the end of the day, besides the doctors on duty who goes to eat, there are still several doctors working overtime to handle medical records.

The director has always been the one who left the office first, since he had his daughter, but today his wife called to say that she and her mother-in-law had taken her to go shopping together and told him to find something to eat casually. Without her to watch, the director’s movements in leaving the office slowed down in an instant.

He has his own office. He dusted the cabinet, swept the floor and checked today’s medical records. After that, the director locked the door and was ready to leave.

Before leaving, according to his usual habit, he went to the larger office for a walk.

Then he saw Wei Mingyan, who was buried in his desk.

Seeing this, the director’s eyebrow can’t help but wrinkled up, the older he is, the more he hates this guy, that had a straight face every day, as if the whole world owes him. Unluckily, one or two of those little nurses thought he was so cool, young and lifeless, and it was really frightening for him to listen to them talking about him every day.

Although he didn’t like Wei Mingyan, he didn’t intend to do anything, frowned and decided to leave, but was about to turn around when he noticed that the man’s long hands were dangling off the table.

It’s not normal. His forehead is on the table, his hands are hanging down, his head is so close to his body that he can hardly breathe well. Who sleeps like this?

Although he did not like this boy, the director was also a doctor. When he found something wrong, he quickly walked beside Wei Mingyan. “Wei Mingyan?”

He didn’t respond when he called out, and reached out to pat him on the shoulder. The man moved slightly, with a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.

White lips, sweating forehead. An illness!

Is this boy ill?

The director didn’t think twice and slapped the man to wake him up.

The sick young doctor opened his eyes slightly, and his voice was so weak that his usual cold tone lessened, “Director?”

“Do you know if you are ill?”

Seeing that he could still open his eyes and speak, the director, whose face had just shown a sharp color, quickly withdrew his worried look and said with a serious face, “Do you know what’s wrong?”

Wei Mingyan’s eyes gradually sobered up. He propped himself up and sat up with his back straight. If it weren’t for his pale face and cold sweat on his forehead, he would definitely not have seen any signs of fragility.

“Stomachache, old problem, no big deal.”

His voice was still salty, and it was the most annoying tone for the director.

If the director had always heard him say so, he would have gone straight away, but he was a doctor and couldn’t help asking when he saw a patient’s discomfort. “Take medicine quickly, or take good care of yourself and find your family to cook some stomach warming soup every day. You should have learned more about this.”

Hearing ‘family’, the young doctor’s eyes were dimmed, a little lost, and fleeting. “Okay, thank you, Director.”

This boy seems to have thanked him for the first time.

The director marveled in his heart and felt less ill feelings towards the doctor in front of him. He left the office with his hands behind his back and walked out of the hospital comfortably.

When he came to the parking lot, the footsteps stopped again.

No, how could he forget that Wei Mingyan seems to have no one at home?

What he said just now must have poked his heart!

Wei Mingyan wouldn’t think he was intentional …

But thinking that he was clearly hurting like that just now, and he still tried to act as if nothing had happened. Because it was so painful, the cold tone of the voice became fragile, and the director felt that he couldn’t take it anymore.

Although this boy is not pleasing to the eye at ordinary times, the thought that this boy is only several years older than his eldest son. It seems that Wei Mingyan did not appear in the canteen all day today, so he didn’t eat all day ….

Although the director is less than 50 years old, he looked very old because he had stayed up late for a long time and worked continuously. He always regarded himself as an old man. Although he is not a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he has learned a few things from his good friends.

A man with stomach problems hasn’t eaten all day …

He endured and endured, thinking of Wei Mingyan’s face just now. But he still couldn’t resist and turned back to the hospital.


Wei Mingyan had a stomachache.

The news soon spread all over the office.

They are all doctors. They know that stomach perforation can cause people to wallow in pain and syncope. Failure to treat them in time may result risking ones’ life. If the director hadn’t found Wei Mingyan who fainted, by the time the other attendants returned from dinner, it would have been too late.

Wei Mingyan, who was hospitalized with gastric perforation, was very pitiful, at least in the director’s eyes.

At first, the fasting period was over. Later, he began to recover slowly by himself. As a person who needed to take good care of his stomach, he can only eat take-out food pitifully every day.

Of course, their surgery department is still quite far away from the ward where Wei Mingyan stayed, but the subordinate was ill. As the director, he would like to go and see if he can help the situation. After he went there, he listened to Wei Mingyan’s pitiful and miserable words.

Sure enough, he looked handsome even when ill.

The director went three times, and every time he went to that handsome young doctor, he was reading a book. He was still reading a medical book. For his ‘never-too-old’ learning spirit, the self-proclaimed old director, slowly put down his prejudice.

In any case, young people like Wei Mingyan who aren’t impetuous are really rare.

After seeing him several times, he found that Wei Mingyan did not have any opinions about him, but he was used to it.

Even now, he didn’t think that asking the director about the shift adjustment in public that day was humiliating.

The director’s mood was very complicated.

He thought the young man was a weasel with no heart, but he turned out to be a stupid, honest and frank man.

He just kept secretly feeling cautious of Wei Mingyan’s somber expression for a long time.

This is clearly a good boy who is diligent and studious, but doesn’t understand the world.

The fourth time, the director brought medicinal stomach soup made by his wife.

This child is also very pitiful.

He had no one in his family. Even if, he looks like the Monk Tang, incredibly, he still doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.

(Monk Tang = someone that’s like Tang Seng [Sun Wu Kong’s teacher]; very far from worldly cares.)


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