54. Unfilial Son and Phoenix Man (1)

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Lan Xue has been secretly watching the man in front of her for a long time. She had to say, even if Wei Mingyan’s face value is placed outside, it would definitely kill the public, not to mention in the hospitals where there were bald doctors are everywhere.

Strictly speaking, Wei Mingyan has just left his internship period and is now crowded into a large office with a bunch of doctors. His salary is not high, but his popularity in the hospital has always been very good thanks to his handsome face.

Human beings are all visual animals, whether patients or nurses. When they see such a doctor with his handsomeness, their attitude will involuntarily be a little better. Although Wei Mingyan is not very talkative because of family factors and his expression was always faint and does not like to laugh, who made him so handsome?

To outsiders, the noble and cold male god is actually very simple, ‘common people are unworthy’.

Before, he didn’t know the identity of the daughter of the Dean, Lan Xue. He kept a cool attitude towards the little girl. After he confirmed that she was useful, he began to take her heart little by little, turning the girl who adored him into a stepping stone.

“I… I’m sending the medical records.”

Lan Xue couldn’t help but be nervous at the sight of the person in front of her. She originally didn’t like to come to the hospital very much. Since she accidentally saw Wei Mingyan last time, she has quietly come several times. Of course, every time she came, it was under the banner of visiting her father.

She is very active in all kinds of tasks to help her father, just to see him.

“Put it there.”

Wei Mingyan just looked up, then lowered his head again. His voice was light and he said nothing. His expression did not look like he wanted to communicate with Lan Xue anymore.

Lan Xue was somewhat frustrated, but the girl was easily embarrassed. She did not take measures to talk. She put the medical record on the table, looked at the man who did not look up again reluctantly, turned and went out.

In fact, she has always rejected being a doctor. Although she did not say no when her father asked her to go to a medical university, she still rejected having to operate on the operating table afterwards.

Although her grades were good and her practice was good, Lan Xue was always afraid of becoming a doctor. She still remembered that when her father had an operation when she was a child, a patient’s family found their home and caused problems. Her mother died of a heart attack at that time, because the treatment was too late.

Lan Xue was even more afraid when her father said that no doctor could guarantee that all his patients would come down from the operating table alive.

She was afraid that she could not treat patients well and the family members of the patients were ferocious in appearance. Clearly the doctors didn’t make any mistakes. Clearly, they had already told them that there was a risk; But if something happened, all mistakes fell on the doctors, and all the difficulties had to be borne by the doctors, which was too difficult for Lan Xue, who had been pampered. She had never walked out from under her father’s protection.

However, her father had only one daughter, and he has high hopes for her. Lan Xue could only continue to study hard.

She was very resistant in coming to the hospital, and seeing people in white coats walking around easily reminded Lan Xue of so many people in white coats on the day her mother died. She sat in the corridor of the hospital and watched her mother being pushed out. Her father hung his head, his eyes were red and swollen, and his face was covered with blood, caused by scratches from the patient’s family.

But she had to come sooner or later, not only because she would become a doctor, but also for her father.

Like taking medicine, she comes once a week, and then one day, she saw the man.

He was really white. Lan Xue looked at him from a distance. He was wearing the same white coat, but it was close-fitting and slender. He walked past her.

The man’s facial features are beautiful, his lips are tightly clamped, his expression is serious, he is wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, and his face is white as jade.

Lan Xue had never seen such a good-looking man. Strictly speaking, she has never seen such a good-looking doctor.

Of course, she had no ideas at that time, she only thought the doctor was really good-looking.

Later, on the day she came to the hospital again, there was a family creating problems in the hospital.

For ordinary people, medical problems are very far away, but for Lan Xue, whose father used to be a doctor and is now the Dean, she had seen it too many times.

It may be because of money, or because of life, it is not that there are no doctors who actually made mistakes, but there are too few.

Lan Xue subconsciously wanted to escape from this scene, but was held back by the family.

Although she was not wearing a white coat or a nurse’s uniform, those people did not care, and they pushed and quarreled loudly.

Lan Xue was stepped on several times, and someone took advantage of her. She let out a subconscious scream, and then a hand suddenly appeared and blocked the man.

She looked down, the hand was long and strong, and it went up to the cold, unhappy face of the man.

He glared coldly at the man, who took advantage of her. The man took a few steps back and submerged into the crowd.

Lan Xue, ashamed and afraid at the time, gratefully thanked the excessively handsome young doctor, but he ignored her and went on to rescue the other trapped nurses.

In Lan Xue’s opinion, although Wei Mingyan is cold, she knew his character that day. Since he was willing to stand up when other doctors were hiding in the office.

Since then, she had a deeper affection for this young doctor, but she is afraid to say it because she was timid. It would have been fine if she had stayed like this, but after Wei Mingyan discovered that she was the daughter of the Dean, he began to seduce and pursue quietly. Only then did Lan Xue really start to fall in love with this man.

Until the day she died, she never knew if he really liked her.

Wei Mingyan actually didn’t want to come out that day, but the director never really liked him. He sent him a task to rescue her that day. No matter how unwilling he was, he had no choice but to go.

That’s why, in Lan Xue’s opinion, he did a good deed and looked serious about it.

In fact, he was unhappy because he was sent out.

This was a bad fate, but now, it has become a beautiful misunderstanding.

Lan Xue thought about the cold look that the man gave out after he was rescued that day, and the more she thought about it, the more she thought he was a gentleman.

Her heart was sweet again. Then she thought that the man doesn’t pay much attention to her, maybe he doesn’t remember her at all, and she felt sour again.


As she was about to leave, she inadvertently glanced into the room. Wei Mingyan, who had just been sitting, was holding his hand on his stomach, his good-looking eyebrows wrinkled deeply. A look of pain.

Wei Mingyan took a medicine bottle out of the drawer. How could he forget that he didn’t go to the cafeteria to eat because he was resting, because of a stomachache.

The medicine bottle was held in his hand. No one knew if it was too painful, but when his hand shook, the bottle fell to the ground and rolled several times to the distance.

Wei Mingyan frowned and tried to get the medicine bottle, but the moment he stood up, he had a severe pain in his stomach. He subconsciously grunted, covered his stomach and curled up.

Surprised, Lan Xue pushed open the door and rushed in.


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