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After such a happy and uneventful life, Wei Mingyan’s health first deteriorated.

The two have been together for nearly 60 years, but they have never quarreled. They have only left one daughter in their life and she has taken over the family business. She brought her two children to visit her white-haired parents.

Stormy left when their daughter was 10 years old. He lived for nearly 20 years and finally reached the end of his life. Although he was sad, he did not suffer. He closed his eyes in the company of his two owners.

Wei Mingyan and Song Qi buried him in a cemetery they had chosen for him a long time ago, waiting for them to go back and bury him.

“When I leave with your mother, remember to bury us with Stormy. He is a good dog. After all these years, he must still be waiting for us. ”

Although old, but you still can see the handsome and commanding old man, although he has said it countless times, the daughter still answered with a smile, “mother said the same thing.”

“Yes, your mother, she remembers Stormy. He really is a good dog.”

That night, Wei Mingyan died.

Song Qi is also old. She came to the bed and looked at the man that had his eyes closed. He pampered her all his life, just like the vows made at the wedding. He pampered her, cherished her, respected her and loved her. He really did it.

She gently stroked the face of the man who seemed to be asleep. She smiled and buried her face in his arms. “Mingyan, thank you, I am very happy.”

Song Qi also fell asleep amid the cries of her daughter and grandchildren.

The last words she left were the same.

“Bury your father and me next to Stormy. He is so good that he must still be waiting for us. ”

[Ding!  The task is completed. Ask the host to leave the world.]

[Please choose: 1. Vacation 2. Continue Task]

Wei Mingyan still choose his original answer. “Continue the task.”


When he woke up, his nose was full of the smell of disinfectant and his body was sore, like being run over by a big truck. He sat up straight and looked around. This was a big office, but there were few people in the seats around him.

[This world mission: Guard Wan Youlan, guard Wang Tie, guard Lan Xue. The current mission completion is 0. Please complete it as soon as possible]

Why are there so many people to protect in this world?

Wei Mingyan picked his eyebrows and received the memory.

Wan Youlan and Wang Tie are the biological parents of the original owner. Both of them are honest people. They handed over their child to their old mother and went to work in the city together. Although they are willing to bear hardships and work hard, because they have no academic qualifications, they don’t earn much in a month.

However, both of them are very thrifty and save money in order to create a good environment for their son. They have even figured out where to send their son to school, where to buy a house, and when to take their old mother to the city for good.

At the same time, the village party secretary called and said that their child had been stolen by human traffickers and their old mother had chased them but pushed down, so they don’t know where they went.

The two felt heartache and anxiety, they rushed home in a trance. Before entering the house, the old mother had already taken her last breath. The child was gone, and the mother was dead. How could the blow not be great?

They called the police, but they couldn’t find the child because no one except their old mother knew the faces of the trafficker. The couple held a funeral in sorrow and decided to resign after some discussion, to focus on finding the child.

This body is the child.

His adoptive mother was unable to bear children. In order to appease her, his adoptive father sent someone to buy a child. When he bought the child, he only thought that his biological parents couldn’t afford a child, he did not think that it was an abducted child.

They named him Mingyan, and he was raised as their own son. He entered a medical university with excellent results. But at this time, when they were traveling, an accident happened to his adoptive parents, who came from well-to-do families, leaving only Wei Mingyan who had just entered university.

He lost his parents overnight, and his relatives came to make trouble when dividing the property. Coupled with the fact that a sworn enemy had been against him openly and secretly at school at that time, his character gradually changed.

After that, he went to the hospital and tried his best to please the Dean’s daughter, Lan Xue, the third person he has to guard.

Lan Xue was naïve and quickly believed what the handsome young Doctor said. The two talked about love. Although her Dean father objected, Lan Xue insisted on staying with Wei Mingyan. The day after the Dean reluctantly let go, the trafficker was finally arrested and revealed the whereabouts of the child.

This time Wang Tie had a car accident when he went to look for his son because of a false news. The perpetrator escaped. The already struggling family was even worse. They always thought that the child was abducted to a poorer mountain village and suffered hardships. Now they know that he has been doing well all this time and are overjoyed.

The two didn’t think much, just wanted to take a look at their child. Wan Youlan found Wei Mingyan but was rejected by his own son.

He refused that the shabby-dressed, sycophantic old woman in front of him was his mother, especially on the eve of his marriage to the Dean’s daughter.

Just when Lan Xue came to discuss the wedding with her fiancé, he saw Wan Youlan standing outside the door. “Mingyan, who is this?”

“I don’t know, some beggar.”

He clearly knows the person in front of him is his own mother, but he still said so.

For Wan Youlan, who had been searching for her son for more than 20 years and suffered so much, this is no less than pouring cold water on her head and freezing her bones.

She went home in a daze, but was told that her husband’s leg needed more money to continue treatment. That night, he was suffering from pain. He was also told that after more than 20 years of searching, the child who he had loved for more than 20 years refused to recognize them. Holding the thought that his sick body should no longer drag down his wife, Wang Tie committed suicide.

Overnight, Wan Youlan lost her son and husband, and she collapsed.

Just when she collapsed, Wei Mingyan married Lan Xue. After marriage, he kept the image of a good man and found a mistress he hid. When his father-in-law left, Lan Xue, who knew nothing about the world, was coaxed into handing over the hospital.

His father-in-law who suppressed him died, he got the hospital, also gave birth to an illegitimate child, and Lan Xue was useless now.

She was robbed of everything, suffering and helpless, and finally died of the disease in an infectious disease disaster that suddenly appeared all over the country.

Of course, this ‘illness’ was secretly a scheme her husband did, which Lan Xue didn’t know until the day she died.

In Wei Mingyan’s life, there are many people who he had wronged. But only these three people who love him were killed, directly or indirectly, by him.


In one breath, he accepted the memory of a person’s whole life. It’s false to say that he didn’t feel tired. He rubbed his eyebrows and prepared to get up for dinner.

Lan Xue knocked on the door and came in holding a medical record that her father asked her to send.

Entering the door, she saw the man sitting opposite her.

He has a fair complexion, beautiful facial features, and gold frames on the tip of his nose. Although he slightly scrunched up his eyebrows, he is graceful as if he were walking out of a painting.

Wei Mingyan raised his head when he heard the noise, and asked faintly in a pleasant magnetic voice, “What’s the matter?”

Lan Xue was stupefied, looking at him, her face red.


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