37. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (4)

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After much discussion on the Internet about whether the man wearing the mask was Wei Mingyan, Guan Bo finally stood up and said that the dog was indeed the dog of the movie star Wei Mingyan, whose name was Stormy. The videos were also of Wei Mingyan who was looking for Stormy.

The fans exploded.

Yan-ge kept a dog and didn’t even tell them!

If it wasn’t for Stormy, would he still keep it from them?

But it was just a dog, why keep it a secret? (this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

Soon there was a spontaneous explanation from true fans. Although Yan-ge never said he had a dog, he never said he didn’t have one.

People had to say that most of the fans of the Movie Emperor; Wei Mingyan were young girls, and their way of distinguishing good from evil is also very simple and crude. Looking at it at face value. (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

Wei Mingyan’s face is the most dazzling star even in the entertainment circle where stars are shining. Not to mention; he had almost no shortcomings since his debut. He has been set as a gentle male god all the way. Although fans more or less knew that they can’t expect that the personality of the person on screen is the actual actor, they still can say that he is handsome!

Therefore, after public relations began to control the situation, everyone basically calmed down. Now fans began to ask for his dog in the comments.

“Mingyan, I’ve been in this business for so many years, your fans are really the best troops to dispatch.” The agent held the mobile phone and watched the comments growing exponentially every second. He couldn’t help but click his tongue.

Wei Mingyan was in the process of opening an express delivery, and looking down at it, saying, “It’s just my face.”(this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

The manager was shocked and tutted, this boy is really going crazy.

But Wei Mingyan has changed a lot recently, and his words were friendlier, “why do you say that you only have a face?”

The handsome man took out the blanket inside, sniffed the smell on it, held it in his arms satisfied on how clean it was. He turned and walked towards the room, suddenly remembered something, paused, and spoke calmly. “Don’t I have a body too?”

Agent: “…”

This is not only crazy but also narcissistic!

Although Wei Mingyan was very narcissistic before and thought that his face could lead the whole industry, he would at least show some modesty. How did he forget to be modest after playing with Stormy for a few days??

The manager was pacing in his study to observe the attitude of the Weibo fans.  Wei Mingyan went out of the study and went to the bedroom that was only separated by a wall. Holding a fluffy blanket that felt good to the touch, he walked to the bed. The old dog with a slightly brighter fur color than before, was half squinting on the ground and heard the noise. He stopped being quiet and quickly got up from the ground and shook his tail to meet him.

“Woof! Woof!”

“Woof…”(this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

Listening to Stormy’s loud and cheerful voice, Wei Mingyan squatted down with a smile, touched his head and praised, “Good boy Stormy, your voice got better so soon.”

Although he didn’t understand what he said, Stormy saw from the way Mingyan stroked him that he was very happy, so his tail wagged even harder. (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

A man and a dog were sitting on the ground close together. Wei Mingyan put his arm around Stormy and covered him with the blanket in his hand. Clearly knowing that Stormy could not understand, he asked it like a child, “is it comfortable? Is it warm?”

Stormy shook his tail and happily got into his new blanket. “Woof, woof!”

Seeing him happy, the man also smiled. He took out his cell phone and asked softly, “Shall we make a video for your Mama?”

His mama, of course, is Song Qi.

When stormy heard the words ‘mama’, his tail wanted to wag even harder. He rubbed against the man’s arms and cried eagerly.

It was really very human-like. The man’s slender hand gently stroked its back that had a layer of new fur and pressed the video application with a slightly nervous expression.

Since Stormy stayed, although Song Qi didn’t ask for it, Wei Mingyan would still call her every day to show her Stormy’s situation, saying that he wanted her to have a good look at Stormy. But the agent could see it clearly. The man’s eyes were basically on Song Qi and they never looked away.

“Today, Stormy ate some canned dog food. With more and more new fur on his back, I took him out for a walk. He was very happy and wanted to play by the river. There were too many people, so I pulled him back. Later, he also wanted to play in the swimming pool. I was afraid that water would touch the wound. He was a little unhappy when we came back. When I had dinner, he just squatted on the ground and looked like he wanted to eat…”

Song Qi listened quietly. The man on the other end reported the situation of the day as if he would never be tired of it. At the end of the day, he took some credit. “I steamed a fish myself, put a little salt in, and picked out the fish bones for him. Stormy ate the fish and drank the broth, and was happy. The wounds are healing very fast these days. Even the doctor said it was healing well, you see …” (this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

The camera moved down and landed on the pink scar on the old dog. The man looked forward to Song Qi praising himself and looked at her, but he saw that her figure had already disappeared from the screen. It should be aimed at the ceiling and could not show any part of Song Qi at all.

He was a little frustrated, but he soon perked up and continued to talk endlessly. “The doctor said Stormy was well raised. Although he was old, he didn’t look like an old dog at all. I heard that some dogs can live to 20 years old. As long as we carefully nursed him, he can certainly live this long …”

At some point, the man suddenly realized the fact that they had split up. He blinked nervously and said with some confusion, “I’m sorry Qi Qi, I didn’t mean to threaten you. I mean, we’re going to take part in ‘Survival in The Wild’ in a few days. The director said that we can take Stormy to the set. When the program is over, you and Stormy are close. In the end, I will naturally give him back to you. This will not expose our relationship, but also give you some attention. What do you think?”

There was no sound from the other side. He smiled dryly and tried to hide his loss. “Then, you must be busy…? I’ll take Stormy to the riverside to have a look. There should be no one there now. You should remember to eat and pay attention to your health.”


In a small room, Song Qi was sitting next to her cell phone, listening to the man on the other side hanging up the phone. She covered her mouth with her hand, not letting herself cry out, but tears had already flowed all over her face.

She can feel that Wei Mingyan desperately wants to please her and forgive him. A man, with such a strong sense of pride, can spare half a month to devote himself to accompany Stormy. This is what Song Qi didn’t expect.

He would take Stormy out for a walk, cook for Stormy, care about her eating and ask her to pay attention to her body. (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

These are all the things that Song Qi once dreamed of. If they were still in love, what he has done would make her happy.

But all this happened after Wei Mingyan lost stormy.

She really couldn’t believe him.(this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

In case they make up and quarrel again, what should she do if he throws him away again?

This time, he found him back. But what about next time?

If she made up with him; what if he wanted her to quit the entertainment circle again?

Different paths just wouldn’t work together …

Song Qi got into the quilt and buried her head. Soon, suppressed cries came out of the bundle.

She cried her heart out inside.



The agent is in the study. He can clearly hear how the man who is favored by thousands of young girls sings the monologue in a happy tone. When everything is quiet, he leaves the study with some worries and taps the man on the shoulder.

Trying to comfort, “don’t be too sad, Qi Qi is still angry, you are remorseful, she may forgive you.”(this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

But he didn’t believe it. Although Song Qi was not under his control, he also heard about the girl’s stubbornness when she interacted with Wei Mingyan.

At the beginning, Song Qi was asked to accompany someone as soon as she entered the circle, saying that she was a hostess. In fact, even if she was drunk, she did not let the man do it. Of the five newcomers present at that time, only Song Qi resisted and would only drink two cups. No matter how much he asked, she would not agree.

She was banned for two years and did not emerge until after the man fell.

In the entertainment circle, the banning of a newcomer was a disaster, but Song Qi just resisted without asking for mercy. With this, her character could be seen clearly.

She is so stubborn. He said that before. It’s really difficult to get back together.

Wei Mingyan holds Stormy, who had begun to sleep peacefully, and coaxes it like a child with one hand, “brother, do you think that she is that cheap?”

The agent’s eyebrows and heartbeat went up. He probably knows what the Movie Emperor in front of him is going to say.

Sure enough, the man looked confused, but his voice was full of pain. “When Qi Qi was here, I didn’t know how to cherish her. When she left, I wanted to protect her and cherish her again, but she would never give me this chance anymore.”

“Er …” The agent looked at the dog in his arms. He was clearly in his youth but went from a handsome young man to an old man with an empty nest. He sighed and turned to go to the study. (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

All he could do was to pass on these words to Qian-jie like a little spy.

Now he hopes that even if they break up, they will at least break up peacefully. Otherwise, in Wei Mingyan’s state now, he is really afraid of what he could do.

Wei Mingyan did nothing. He accompanied Stormy around every day, or he studied all kinds of cuisines in the kitchen with the dog.


When the day came, he took Stormy on his journey, carrying his bulging bag.

There are always two versions of ‘Survival in The Wild’.

First one, 24-hour live broadcast, no subtitle, no background music, full-screen reality will overflow.

Second one, edited version, subtitles, special effects, and background music. The second kind would have a better viewing effect, but on the contrary, the audience would rather watch the rough version and get the truth.

Five people, each of them had a visual angle. To watch the live broadcast, they must cut the visual angle. Of course, if five people were together, it would be different.

On the day of the announcement of ‘Survival in The Wild’, countless viewers were waiting in front of the screen and waiting for the stars to get abused.

It’s said that this time, the guests included the Movie Emperor, a beautiful and generous little sister, a handsome singer who can dance, a martial arts star who makes great efforts to make miracles, and a cute little budding girl!

Which angle will the camera switch to first?



Anticipating! (this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

Then they saw a dog.

(if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

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