22. Scum Man Of The 90’s (2)

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Yi Zhilan went home. When her aunt saw her, she rushed up to meet her. “Lan Lan, why are you so pale?”[if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been copied without permission]

Looking at the girl’s pale face, Aunt Yi quietly looked around and saw that there was no one, she asked softly, “Is ‘that’ coming?”

(TLNote: I think she’s implying her monthly, but it’s not clear here…)

Yi Zhilan’s pale face turned slightly red, lowered her head and said, “No, I didn’t sleep well yesterday.”

“Don’t go to town to make up a missed lesson next time. You are a girl. Even if there are only women in that family’s home, it is not safe. Uncle and aunt have money and can provide for you.”

Looking at the wrinkles on her aunt’s face that appeared early because of poverty, Yi Zhilan felt sour and comforted softly, “It’s okay. If I stay at Aunt Qin’s house at night, nothing will happen.”

Yi Zhilan’s parents died young. When she was one year old, she was taken home by her uncle. Aunt Yi did not object. She really loved her poor niece as she did her own daughter.

When she was a child, she was too weak to eat crude chaff. Aunt Yi couldn’t help but exchange the eggs laid by the only hen in the family with milk from other women.

She also had a big illness for three days, a small illness for two days. The couple just grinds their teeth and work hard to pay the medical expenses, bringing up the niece safely.

(大病三天,小病两天 / Dàbìng sān tiān, xiǎo bìng liǎng tiān = a big illness for three days, a small illness for two days/ meaning; she was always sick every other week. Her immunity was very low.)

Uncle Yi is an ordinary farmer. He went out early and came back late. He was in his early forties and was tired. Aunt Yi was also wrinkled. Right now, they also grind their teeth for Yi Zhilan to go to school and become a college student.[if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been copied without permission]

No one in the village could say that they weren’t good people. Yi Zhilan regards her uncle and aunt as her closest people. She studies very hard to get a good academic background, which in turn could help her find a good job. She respects her uncle and aunt and wants to let them enjoy their life. Now, seeing the look of concern on her aunt’s face, the grievance and perplexity after waking up, surged back up.

No, I can’t worry my aunt.

Yi Zhilan blinked and covered her teary eyes. She smiled at Aunt Yi and asked, “What about Qingqing?”

“That lazy girl is still asleep. Really… I told her to go to town and find a job, she refused and wanted to go to the university to take the entrance exam. If she had any ability to do that, your uncle and I would pay for her, even if we had to smashed the pots and sell the iron, but she doesn’t!”

Yi Zhilan’s eyes darkened slightly, but nothing was seen on her face. “I’ll go and see her.”

She entered the room. In the innermost small room was the kang where they both slept together. On top of it was a girl lying with her back to her. It was Yi Qingqing.

“Qingqing, Qingqing, Qingqing…”

Yi Qingqing personally handed her drunk cousin into Hun Zi’s hands yesterday. For the first time, she didn’t sleep well all night. After squinting for a while, she heard the voice of her cousin calling her. She trembled and stiffened.[we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo]

But soon, she remembered what Hun Zi told her and tried to calm her pounding heart. She rubbed her eyes and answered with a sleepy voice, “what?”

Seeing her normal reaction, Yi Zhilan bit her lip and asked softly, “Didn’t you pull me out to drink last night?”

“Mmm.”  Yi Qingqing closed her eyes and pretended to be confused.

“Then I got drunk. Where did you go?”

“I went home …” Yi Qingqing followed what Hun Zi taught her, and said, “I was drunk, and went home in a daze. You said you were going to look for someone, I don’t know where you went…”

There are many loopholes in her words, but Yi Zhilan herself felt guilty.

Yi Zhilan and Hun Zi are lovers. No one knows about this. Usually, the two occasionally meet up secretly. It really didn’t rule out the possibility that she was drunk and ran out to find her lover.

The doubts in her heart were cleared away. Yi Zhilan didn’t ask again, “Then you can continue to sleep. I’ll go out to help Aunty.”

When the girl left, Yi Qingqing finally opened her eyes. She looked at Yi Zhilan’s back in shock.

This shouldn’t happen![please read at translateind0]

Didn’t he say he would let the whole village know that Yi Zhilan was with him, and would intentionally let people see the two of them in bed?

Why did she come back so safely? There was no commotion outside!

Yi Qingqing’s heart was anxious. She wanted to get out of bed and ask Hun Zi what was wrong with him, but she was afraid to run out and make Yi Zhilan suspicious. So, she had to stay tangled up in her bed while she felt really uncomfortable as if 10.000 ants crawled up and down her body.

She hates her cousin, but only Hun Zi knows about it.

There are many reasons why she hated Yi Zhilan.

Zhilan is beautiful, good-natured and good at studying. Even Qingqing’s parents liked her best.

Every time the villagers talked about her, they praised Yi Zhilan. When they talked about Yi Qingqing, there was nothing to praise. They just say ‘she looks like her sister’.

Yi Qingqing’s appearance is really good. In this dilapidated mountain village, she is already known as a beautiful girl. But who made Yi Zhilan look better than her?

People say that she doesn’t have Yi Zhilan’s will to study or Yi Zhilan’s diligence. But how come nobody ever thought that those were her parents?! If she lives in someone else’s house, of course she would have to work hard.

Finally, the reason why Yi Qingqing made up her mind to make a move was because of the man.

Long-ge from town. In other people’s eyes, he is a small-time gangster. Someone who plays around all day and doesn’t work. But in Yi Qingqing’s eyes; he had so many ‘brothers’ at a young age, who would dare to do anything to him when he goes out?

Her heart was hung on Long-ge.

But what did she hear?[ not reading this at Translateindo? it’s been stolen]

“Who can match our Long-ge?  Of course, it’s Yi Zhilan. She is a college student, and she is so beautiful. Long-ge often says she’s beautiful. ”

Yi Zhilan, Yi Zhilan again!

Then, she found out that Yi Zhilan was secretly in love.

When she found out, Yi Qingqing almost laughed out loud.

In her heart, if Long-ge is a dragon, then Hun Zi is a worm crawling on the ground. Yi Zhilan has no vision and taste! She knows that Hun Zi roams around the neighborhood every day, and he also bows down to Long-ge.

A deadly idea crept up in her heart.

Let Hun Zi and Yi Zhilan be together! Let this cousin; who has been better than her all their lives, marry a loser; who has nothing.

It is better to stop her from going to college and stay in this small mountain village for the rest of her life, while she will go to the big city with Long-ge and become a city dweller.

Everything was well planned. She got her drunk and handed her cousin over to Hun Zi.  She watched the man leave with a smile. Yi Qingqing was scared and nervous and ran home in a panic.

She thought about waiting until the next day; so she can see Yi Zhilan being spurned by everyone.

But how come nothing happened?

[if your NOT reading at Translateindo, this chapter has been copied without permission]

Meanwhile, Wei Mingyan counted the money in his pocket, 32.

How can he marry someone, with so little money?

What’s more, the wife-to-be has a little one in her belly.

He thought about it and knocked on Old Cheng Tou’s door.

Ten minutes later, he was enthusiastically sent out with a fishing net in his hands.

Old Chen Tou closed the door and walked back to his house with crutches. He spoke to his wife who was picking vegetables, “The child also said that he will catch fish for me to eat. What fish can he catch with my broken net?”

“Young people love to brag. It is rare for this child to care about you so much. Just calmly coax him a little.”

Old Chen Tou smiled triumphantly. “That’s right. I promised to cook fish for him. I was glad to see that kid leave happily. Although, he might not catch any, having this mindset is better than nothing at all.”

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Yi Zhilan helped sweep the ground, fed the chickens and was choosing vegetables when she saw her uncle coming in; carrying a big fat fish with a big smile on his face.

Aunt Yi was boiling water for cooking. When she looked up, she saw her husband carrying a fish. Her face suddenly burst out smiling happily, “How did you catch that fish?”

The family hasn’t eaten meat for a long time, but seeing this fish now, she was really happy.[we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo]

“I didn’t catch it.”  Uncle Yi had a bigger smile on his face. He handed the fish to his wife and said happily, “Hun Zi went to the back mountain to catch some fish. I don’t know how he caught so much. He had too much to take back. I happened to pass by. He borrowed my sack and gave me a fish.”

“It’s the fattest one. Look! Hurry up and cook this fish. Lan Lan and Qingqing haven’t eaten fish for such a long time.”

Aunt Yi was also happy, chanting that Hun Zi was quite generous while her nimble hands began to deal with the fish.

Only Yi Zhilan blushed quietly while looking at the fish.

On the other hand, Wei Mingyan dragged a sack of fish back and knocked on the door of Old Chen Tou’s home.

As soon as Old Chen opened the door, he saw the child who had grown up alone smiling while lifting a big sack full of fish.

“Uncle, I brought you some fish to eat.”


[we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo]

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