20. Scum Dad Who Isn’t Scum (End Arc)

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[Pics! or it didn’t happen… hand it over, so I won’t kill you!]

The sister didn’t expect so many people to reply to her words. She was rather flattered and released the photos she took.

The comment area was silent for a moment.

[This sister, are you a photography major?]

[Be honest, were you paid by Mr. Wei to put this up?]

[Mom!  I’m in love!]

In the photo, a slender figure leans towards them. From the handsome side face, it can be seen that it is the dog food throwing CEO who they were fighting against, and he is holding a woman at the moment.

A standard Princess carry.[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

The background is a stream, water droplets splashing around the two people. The woman in Mr. Wei’s arms is hugging his neck tightly with a smile. Her facial features are beautiful and gentle. It’s a kind of beauty that can only be displayed in a happy state. Under the long skirt, she had white and slender legs. Her bare feet are really white as light in the sun.

People had to say that this picture really is, as beautiful as a painting.

[Mom, I’m bent and I want to lick the screen. Why is Mrs. Wei so beautiful?]

[I’m also bent, we’re in this together.]

[The atmosphere of these two people is simply blinding my dog’s eyes, ok?  Mr. Wei is always throwing dog food all the time!]

The sister released her own photos one after another.

At the edge of the stream, Qi Ya sat on the grass and looked at the opposite side with gentle eyes, while the man was approaching with a pair of shoes. Both of them had a smile on their face.

Wei Mingyan came toward the woman and knelt down on one knee. He helped her to put on her shoes with his own hands. He looked down at her and her eyes were full of happiness.

[I admit that I am a photography major and took photos that day. Incidentally, I saw Mr. Wei and his wife. My hands itched and I snapped a few pictures.]

[You don’t know, when I was behind them, they were about to cross the stream. Mrs. Wei wanted to go by herself. Mr. Wei stopped her and took off her shoes. He princess-carried her in his arms and turned to get her shoes. Later, when she put on her shoes, he also bowed his head and kissed Mrs. Wei on the forehead. Tsk tsk, it was like a big dog food scene.]

When she finished sending these words, a bunch of roaring masters appeared.

[Why do you have to talk so much!?  I neeeeeed the pictures!!]

[pics or it didn’t happen, hurry up and put up Mr.& Mrs. Wei’s pictures! Only then would we still be good brothers!]

[No, we can always find Mr. Wei!  Anyway, I want to see Mrs. Wei’s face. Now he has no reason to hide it again.]

[Makes sense!  Let’s go with that!]


Qi Ya laughed while reading the microblog and look at the man who is laughing at the sly people on his mobile phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Answering them.” Wei Mingyan smiled at her and showed his mobile phone to her.

She saw the words written on it.

[My wife is mine, I won’t show anyone]

“You don’t know. Young people nowadays don’t know shame. Seeing a beautiful girl, they would rush up to you and just call out ‘wife…wife’. You are my wife. I don’t want them to call you like that. ”

(老婆 / lǎo po = another word for wife, also a term of endearment for a girlfriend/ female lover/darling/sweety, etc.)

Seeing her husband’s childish behavior, Qi Ya smiled and nodded at him, “How can you be so childish?”

“I just don’t want to grow up, eh, wife, where shall we play next time? Do you want to go to Iceland?  To enjoy the hot springs!”

[ not reading this at Translateindo? it’s been stolen]

Two days later, while Panpan was working hard, her cellphone rang.

She put down her document and opened it. It was a selfie taken by her parents. Both of them were smiling. She could see that they were having a good time.

At the bottom of the message was the following words: [Dear daughter, work hard. The fish caught by your parents have been mailed back by airmail. Remember to eat it.]

Qiao Panpan put down her cell phone in distress and laughed. Lu Lin just walked in, “Chief, the meeting report has been sorted out.”

“Okay, put it here. By the way, when you come to my house for dinner in the evening, take some fish back.”

“Ah …” Lu Lin’s face was bitter. “It’s fish again. Where did uncle and aunt go this time?”

“Iceland, with a special license it can be sent by airmail.” Panpan also felt some helplessness.

Clearly, she is an adult now but every time her parents go to a new place, they bring gifts as if she was still a child. All kinds of strange and varied gifts have already filled a room to the brim.

If it was some kind of traditional handicraft, she could still keep it. But even if she ate it right away, she couldn’t finish all of the fish sent to her, even if it was stuffed with ice and airmailed.

But this is her parents’ good intention, Panpan is touched and distressed. So, she had to give some to the close people around her to eat together, and obviously, Lu Lin is this close person.

“My mother loves it. Every time I bring fish back, she’s so happy she invites relatives to eat. She says Chief Wei gave it to you, and you gave it to me. Then I have to sit there and listen to a bunch of people boasting. My head would grow big.”[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

Seeing Lu Lin’s sad face, Qiao Panpan proposed with a smile, “Next time you can say that I’m asking you to work overtime and sneak out. If it’s not enough, you can come sleep at my place.”

“Okay!  Anyway, you live next to the company, let’s walk to your house to eat fish! ”

Wei Mingyan traveled around with Qi Ya for 40 years, until they couldn’t travel anymore. They have developed a new pleasure, fish farming.

So, every time Panpan, who has long been a strong woman, goes home to see her parents. She would see them sitting leisurely under a tree, throwing fish food into the lake.

Yes, they willfully dug a lake in the yard. Who made the house so big?

After another ten years, Qi Ya left first, which was discovered by Wei Mingyan.

He called Panpan, lying beside his wife, touching her cold wrinkled hands, and said in a weak voice, “Panpan, in Dad’s life, what I regret most is that I left home at the beginning; Which caused so much suffering for you and your mother. In recent years, I have been afraid to ask …”

“Dad …” Panpan knelt beside the bed and cried with tears all over her face. Looking at the man who helped her control the company like a big shielding tree, even when he wasn’t in the company, she choked, “You ask, ask anything you want, I’ll answer …”

“You, you …” The man coughed a few times, quivering, “Do you blame dad?  Blame dad for leaving you…”

“No, when you came back, I knew. Dad, you didn’t leave me and mom, you love us, I know …”[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

Panpan sobbed and grabbed her father and mother’s hand. “Dad, after you come back, I was happy I’m very grateful, thank you …”

The man on the bed smiled. He patted his daughter’s hand feebly and ordered softly, “Burn me and your mother together.”

After saying that, his eyes fell on the woman at his side with a gratified smile, “Burn to ashes and put them together. I will never leave her again…”

At some point, he slowly closed his eyes and never woke up again …

“Dad!!”[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

[Ding! The task is completed, the host is asked to leave the world.]

[Please choose:  1. Vacation, 2. continue to the next task]

Wei Mingyan stretched his waist: [continued task.]

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This time, he woke up on a Kang bed. The wall was dark and old, with a musty smell, and the pillow was hard, like sand.

(Kang bed = heatable sleeping platform.)

Next to him laid a young girl, her eyes closed, her facial features childlike, with tears on her face, and her shoulders exposed from the quilt were white and smooth.

Wei Mingyan got up and looked at his yellow clothes; which he didn’t know he had worn for how many days, and frowned.

[This world mission is to protect Yi Zhilan, let her go to college and save the aborted child. The current progress: 0. Please complete it as soon as possible.]

A large number of memories spilled out and were received by Wei Mingyan.

This is a dilapidated mountain village in the 1990s. The golden phoenix will always fly out of the mountain nest. The girl in bed is the golden phoenix in other people’s eyes.

(The golden phoenix will always fly out of the mountain nest. = someone who is hardworking and has potential would always soar/ fly out of poverty/ a difficult situation.)

Since she was a child, she was raised by her Aunt and Uncle. She was allowed to study in high school and finally admitted to a university.

In this era, a college student can stir the whole village, and her aunt and uncle also said that they would do their best to provide her with schooling. Thus, Yi Zhilan became the envy of all the girls in the village.

Her original life was supposed to be brilliant, but these were all destroyed by the original owner of this body.

His name is also Wei Mingyan, but people called him Hun Zi. Only Yi Zhilan is willing to call him by his name.[support the real translat0rs @ translateindo]
(混子 [hùn zǐ] = an Ill-bred person/ a bastard/ scum.)

Hun Zi’s mother died young and he lived alone with his father. The man didn’t like his son, he beat and scolded him frequently. Hun Zi spent almost all of his childhood in beating and scolding. After the man died and no one beat him, he began to live in the village.

He was pitiful when he was a child, and the villagers watched him grow up. Although they were angry with his behavior, they did not report him to the police, so they let him stay in the village until now.

Yi Zhilan is a beautiful soon-to-be college student. Almost half of the young men in the village liked her, they all liked to help Yi Zhilan work or smile in front of her.

Although Hun Zi is uneducated and didn’t fit in, he has a handsome face and pretends to be a good person. When Yi Zhilan fell into the water while washing clothes and nearly drowned, he jumped down and saved her.

The feelings between them got better with time.

Hun Zi likes to brag, Yi Zhilan believed every word that came out of his mouth. The two secretly fell in love.

Although people of this time are a lot more open-minded, it was still the countryside. He still had the ‘Hun Zi’ image, she knew her Uncle and Aunt certainly won’t agree. She advised her lover to find work. When he has a formal job, as long as he came to propose, her family will certainly agree.

Hun Zi is very lazy. Although he covets Yi Zhilan’s beauty, how could he have any intentions to work? He thought about it and came up with a ‘good idea’.

When the rice is cooked–, isn’t that how it goes?![ not reading this at Translateindo? it’s been stolen]
(生米煮成熟饭 [shēnɡ mǐ zhǔ chénɡ shú fàn] = the rice is cooked/ what’s done can’t be undone; the usual saying is often used to speak about having ‘done the deed’ so they would have to get married.)

He worked with Yi Zhilan’s cousin to get her drunk, then he put her on his shabby and moldy bed and took her innocence.

Hun Zi was still afraid that this wouldn’t be a done deal. So, Hun Zi arranged for his brother to break in and see them both naked on Hun Zi’s bed. He shouted out with great fanfare to make people come and see.

Yi Zhilan woke up in a daze and was forced to accept being watched by a crowd. She subconsciously shrank behind her lover in order to get his help. She was too scared to say a word. Hun Zi gracefully embraces her and announces, “We are a couple.”

In the 1990s, this was a scandal.

Yi Zhilan was so absent-minded for the first time that she was struck in a trance. Her cousin took the opportunity to stand up and tell everyone that they were really a couple.

She slept with someone first, before getting married, and she was caught by so many people.[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

In one night, she changed from a college student admired by all, to a slut.

After that, Yi Zhilan married him.

Hun Zi did not allow her to go to college, because he knew clearly that he was not worthy of a college educated wife. He kept her at home and refused to let her go.

Yi Zhilan collapsed. She finally stopped compromising. However, she lost her unborn baby in a dispute with Hun Zi. Then, the doctor announced that she had lost the chance to become a mother.

She began to have nightmares all night long, dreaming that a child was crying and calling her mother. Soon, she withered like a flower at a speed pitiable to the naked eye.

She could no longer go to university, she also couldn’t have a child. The considerate handsome lover turned into a devil. She was still young, but the girl whose life has just begun desperately ended her own life with a rope.


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