19. Scum Dad Who Isn’t Scum (19)

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Panpan’s eighteenth birthday was held in Wei Mingyan’s newly bought villa.

The beautiful girl was standing in front of the huge cake in the expensive dress that her father had specially made for her, and she was very happy.

The man held Qi Ya. On her daughter’s good day, she doesn’t want to take part while sitting in a wheelchair. Fortunately, after treatment, she can stand up and walk now.

Qi Ya had a happy smile on her face. She was supported by her husband and they moved toward their daughter together.

Then Panpan saw her mother handing something to Wei Mingyan, she smiled gently and said, “come here.”

“Okay.”[support the real translat0rs @ translateindo]

The man raised his hand and put a tiara made of precious stones in Qiao Panpan’s hair. He looked at the girl looking at him and smiled.

“Happy birthday, my little princess.”

This is the happiest day Panpan will ever remember.

She was wearing beautiful clothes and a magnificent tiara, standing in front of a birthday cake taller than a person. Watching the handsome man holding her mother and announcing that she was his daughter.

Almost everyone had a smile on their face. Familiar and unfamiliar classmates surrounding her. Entrepreneurs; who could always be seen on TV, were so kind and made her call them uncle.

She is the daughter of Wei Mingyan, and the successor of Nanya. If nothing bad happens again, she will spend the rest of her life in comfort and ease.

When blowing candles, everyone gathered around and watched Panpan make a wish with her eyes closed.

The girl’s eyes quivered nervously and she made a wish in her heart.

She hopes that all this is true.[support the real translat0rs @ translateindo]

She hopes that her father can always accompany them and protect them.

When she opened her eyes again, the handsome man was looking at her with gentle eyes, with a loving smile on his face, “Panpan, what did you wish for?”

Her mother was also wearing a beautiful dress, leaning against the man beside her and looking at her with a smile, her eyes full of happiness.

Qiao Panpan smiled. She blinked and hid her happy tears. Like a little girl, she said, “If I tell Dad, it won’t come true.”

And the man looked at her with tolerance and smiled, “Okay, I’ll listen our Panpan.”

Wei Mingyan’s Weibo was updated again that evening. In the photo, the beautiful girl wore a tiara and made a wish on the giant cake with her eyes closed.

The people around her; except for some school classmates, all have faces that can be seen frequently on TV, and all of them were happily celebrating the birthday of this 18-year-old girl.

The point of this Nanya’s boss’s Weibo post was the text.

[My daughter is worthy of the best.]

At this time, people still did not know what this sentence means. People thought he only wants to make up for the lost time with his daughter, who had been separated from him for more than ten years, but soon, everyone understood.[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

Nanya Group; which has always stayed safely in this city, suddenly started all kinds of reforms, and all kinds of new products sprang up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

Soon, not only the city but also the whole country and even the whole world knew about Nanya Group.

Wei Mingyan spent three years spreading Nanya’s name all over the world.

There are all kinds of speculations on the Internet. Why has Nanya, who had always been humble, suddenly become so radical? The most important thing is that despite the expansion in such a short period of time, there were no problems inside.

One of the most reliable answers is that the boss of Nanya has found his wife and daughter.


Today is the day when Zhu Yun is released from prison. After she was investigated by the police, all the things she did were revealed.

She was straddling two boats, she was taken care of by an old man. The man complained that his wife is too bossy. She came up with the idea of silently giving the wife some poison, which was also found out.

(脚踏两只船 [jiǎo tà liǎnɡ zhī chuán] Have a foot in two camps/ Straddling two boats = two-timing.)

Originally, it was only a crime of slandering someone, but now attempted murder was added on. The man’s wife did not die, but she was heavily poisoned. Zhu Yun was an accessory and was only sentenced to three years in prison; because she was too young.[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

Her family was too ashamed to see anyone. They came to see her several times. They spoke words full of resentment. Zhu Yun refused to accept it and roared back, after that, no one came to see her again.

On the day of her release from prison, of course, no one came.

She walked along the street in a daze, watching various people around her come and go, and for a moment she didn’t know where to go.

“Ah?  Today is the day when Nanya Group is handed over. ”

A young couple passing by looked at the contents on their phones and said, “I didn’t expect Nanya’s Wei Mingyan would love his daughter so much to the point of handing Nanya over to her right after graduation.”

“Isn’t he afraid that his daughter would ruin such a big company?  Nanya is the best in China. If it goes bankrupt, how many people will lose their jobs?”

“It’s all right. She graduated from a top university. People said that she could have continued her studies, but she didn’t go because she wants to inherit her family’s business. Besides, Mr. Wei is traveling the world with his wife. With him protecting her, who would dare to have evil intentions?”

“That’s right, since Mr. Wei could build such a large business, his daughter is certainly not far behind. It’s still a good family. Everything good is happening to her. Even if she does nothing, she won’t have to worry about anything all her life.”

“Come on, it’s not about working on your own. I heard that they were separated before. If it wasn’t for the daughter’s internship in Nanya, how would she know she was the daughter of a legend? If you don’t get into a top university and have no professional ability, how can you get into Nanya?”

As they talked, they gradually walked away, but the rest of the final words fell into Zhu Yun’s ears, which were listening.

“I heard that everybody around the daughter are rising stars, they thought she was an ordinary classmate, unexpectedly she became a princess. Now they got an advantage, it’s said that two of her roommates got into Nanya too, their future is boundless …”

Their future is boundless.[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

Zhu Yun slowly collapsed down the wall, knelt on the ground and wept aloud.

Why, why did it become like this …

If she didn’t bully Panpan, if she had a good relationship with Panpan like Lu Lin.

Wouldn’t she be the one who had a promising future in Nanya?


If the envy of everyone before Wei Mingyan’s early retirement was Qiao Panpan, his favorite daughter; then after he retires and starts to travel around the world with Qi Ya, the object of envy becomes this gentle woman.

Because Wei Mingyan was a Crazy! Wife! Show off!

In the past, he was busy with the company. Most of the Weibo post he sent every day were just some pictures:[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

[Soup my wife made for me]

[Flowers my wife raised for me]

[Look at the tie my wife gave me]

These seemingly ordinary but actually ostentatious items are like dog food, which are coldly sprinkled in front of everyone’s eyes.

(Dog Food = public display of affection, warranting hate from other dogs a.k.a single-people.)

Then when he retired, it became the following:

[Today, I took my wife to swim. She was so scared that she clung to me and refused to enter the water. I couldn’t help holding her. I didn’t want to show you my wife, so I’ll show you the water.]

With pictures of a clear swimming pool.

The vast number of netizens: “…” This Mr. Wei, is he 16 years old?  So childish.

The naive Mr. Wei always carefully avoid posting pictures of Qi Ya on his Weibo, either with a side profile or with a beautiful back. It’s important to let everyone realize the beauty of his wife but not show them her face at the same time.{we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo}

There was a lot of speculation about why he didn’t post her face.

Finally, these speculations were explained after Wei Mingyan was invited to an interview.

“Why don’t I post my wife’s picture?”  The man on the screen showed a mesmerizing smile and said to the camera, “My wife is too beautiful. Wouldn’t I have a lot more rival in love if I show her picture? I’m not that stupid.”

This smile was soon elected ‘the worst smile of the year’.

Would Mr. Wei die if he stopped throwing dog food!?

Or is he just a particularly boastful dog food thrower!!

At this time, a particularly discordant voice emerged.

[I don’t care, I have seen Mr. Wei’s wife, she is really very beautiful. It’s like she came out of a painting.]



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