53a. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (End)

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The wedding of Wei Mingyan and Song Qi could be regarded as a high-profile event. The two first participated in a variety show with top ratings. Wei Mingyan was well known to the people because he gave his life to save Song Qi. Then he announced his love affair as a matter of course. Just after fans received the news, Song Qi was already pregnant.

With previous explosive news, fans accepted it very smoothly this time, and then it blew up to the sun.

Their handsome, elegant, gentle and versatile idol was a rich second generation?

And his reason for returning to his family is also very simple and crude, making money to raise a child.

Is this the legendary inheritance without hard work?

Just when the Internet was buzzing like a festival, Wei Mingyan announced again that he would hold a wedding with Song Qi.

This wedding is destined to be blessed.

The man who was called a male god by countless people stood there with a gentle smile and took the hand of the person beside him.

A yellow dog squatted on one side with its tongue sticking out as if it was laughing.

The photo was taken and was preserved forever.

“Mingyan, Qi Qi, I wish you happiness.” Song God is still playing around, holding his husky.

Since the last time he learned that Qi Zhongjie was actually a freak who abused animals, it frightened the Song God so much that he refused to let his dog go out again. But to come to the wedding this time, he brought it out just because he wanted to show Wei Mingyan.

“Look, my family’s Xiao Ha… isn’t he particularly handsome? My friend gave him to me, a husky is a dog that looks most like a wolf. Much more handsome than your Stormy, isn’t he?”

The Song God was boasting about his dog in every way. Stormy saw him and came up from a distance.

Don’t know if it’s because he now is always in a good mood, but Stormy’s fur is getting better and better. He looks like a young dog from a distance. Only from his steady and gentle eyes could we see that he is older.

Today, Stormy’s hair was combed smoothly. He wore a beautiful black tie around his neck. He came with an elegant posture. The Song God looked at Stormy and looked down at his husky, who was spitting out his tongue without a care. The dog was full of ‘Ha’ from body to soul. He was just about to continue to praise its beautiful mouth and went silent.

 (TNote: A husky is also called an Er Ha [二哈]= or ‘Dummy that makes you go Ha ha’. So, here he means that the husky if full of stupidity/Ha ha. Just like the moon moon meme. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/moon-moon ) 

“Well, my family’s Xiao Ha was spoiled by me at home. Every time we go out, we ran into someone else’s dog while walking and he scared them away. He was really a bully. If I had brought him at that time, who might have won the competition?”

Although the match was terminated by the program group because of the earthquake, the internet was very clear about the situation at that time, and they all said that if it were not for the accident, the final winner would definitely be the Movie Emperor’s team.

The Song God is unconvinced. There are three people on their side and two people on the other side. Even if Stormy is added, that is only two and a half. How can they lose?

Of course, he still knows it a little, but this does not prevent him from blowing hot air. Besides, he is right. Every time he goes out with Xiao Ha, he is the one chasing the dog all over, and he had a hard time pulling the leash every time.

Just thinking about it, Stormy sat next to Wei Mingyan. He curled his head and looked at the owner smile calmly.

Xiao Ha is indeed a spoiled bully at home. Seeing Stormy was so easy to bully, he can’t help but come forward and stood like a big dog in front them in provocation, like a puppy.


The husky had just assumed an attacking posture, and Stormy turned and gave him a big bark and his mouth was growling.


Then, under the stunned sight of the Song God, the husky, who looks very much like a wolf, tucked his tail and ignored his master. He ran away whining.

Stormy didn’t even touch it!

“Brother, although Huskies looks like a wolf, his character is far from that of a wolf. Did your friend tell you this?”

In front of him the newlywed couple laughed, so the Song God thought back to that time.

It seems that the reason given to him is that his furniture is made of marble, eh?  It’s strange that he did not ask what the matter is with marble furniture at that time.

(TN: Huskies can’t shred, bite, or destroy marble furniture…)

“Anyway, my family’s Xiao Ha is handsome!”

After thinking about it for a long time, the Song God couldn’t remember, so he reluctantly blocked it with an air of righteousness, turned around and ran after the dog.

He will never admit that Stormy is more handsome than Xiao Ha, absolutely not!

Back at night, the Song God was preparing to take a bath to relax when he heard a microblog notification. He subconsciously turned on his cell phone and took a look.

[@Wei Mingyan: Do you still remember that someone said he wanted to sing ‘Little Waist’?]

The Song God looked at the bottom and got agitated. Various people in his comments: “…”

If I had known that Stormy was so powerful…

The wedding for Wei Mingyan and Song Qi ended in a pleasant atmosphere. Wei Mingyan continued to be a CEO and Song Qi also continued to act. However, unlike before, no one in the entertainment circle dared to poke her as hard as before.

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