52b. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (18)

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But in the first place, the TV series was halfway through the shooting. Secondly, Song Qi was actually a little anxious about Wei Mingyan’s withdrawal from the entertainment circle. Although she knew that the savings of the two could let them live well even if they didn’t work, when she listened to Wei Mingyan it was as if he wanted to start a business.

If you start a business, you need a lot of money. Song Qi thought about her lover’s decision, but she still felt that if she wanted to support him, she should still be in the circle, and she could make up for it more or less.

With this in mind, she rejected Wei Mingyan’s proposal to heal herself at home first, and carefully continued to shoot the rest of the scenes.

Fortunately, it is a modern drama, as long as you are careful, there will be no accident.

When it was dusk after filming, and when she finished her part in the evening, Song Qi greeted the director and was about to leave. But after changing her clothes, she heard someone saying her name.

“If I were Song Qi, I would regret it. I finally caught a masterpiece. But in the end, he dropped out of the circle as soon as he was with her. Even if Yan-ge graduated from a famous university, his future salary would definitely not be as high as it is now. The burden of the family should not be borne by Song Qi alone. ”

“Yes, now the whole world knows that Yan-ge saved Song Qi, and she’s pregnant. Now it’s too late to regret it. Poor thing…”

Several people said words of sympathy for Song Qi, but made no secret of their sneer on their faces. For them, it was a great pleasure to see Song Qi’s misfortune, who suddenly married a male god.

Song Qi ‘s face sank immediately. She opened the curtain and went straight out, looking coldly at the two people outside the door.

A person who was smiling saw Song Qi, with a stiff smile.

The woman with her back to Song Qi also felt that the atmosphere was wrong, and her smile gradually disappeared, turned around and immediately began to talk to her when she saw the expression on Song Qi’s face.

Anyway, it’s embarrassing to be caught saying bad things to her face.

“Song Qi, that’s not what we meant…”

“I don’t care what you mean, as long as you know. I don’t regret being with Mingyan. ”

“Don’t regret now, won’t regret it later! ”

Her character was originally stubborn, and now she heard the two women speak ill of her lover. She had already restrained herself from anger. Then, despite their ugly faces, she brushed past them with her belongings.

“What arrogance. When Wei Mingyan asks her for money, let’s see if she could be that arrogant… ”

One of the actors mumbled a few words without looking very good. The other pulled at her clothes. The two were about to leave when an actor came up with his cell phone. “Err, did you watch the news? Yan-ge is a rich second-generation! This is awesome!”


Just now.

An entertainment company, which held a majority of the business in the industry, issued a statement.

Wei Mingyan takes the post of CEO.

[… am I still awake …??]

[Pinch me, ok? I remember last time, there was an evaluation of the company in the news. Tell me, how much was it worth?]

[No, this is not the point, the point is … there is another company behind this company!]

[I’m back from Baidu Encyclopedia, oh my gosh …]

[*thumbs up* Turns out to be true!]

[I also just came back, in a daze right now…]

[What are you all talking about? How curious!  What happened to that company?]

[Have you ever heard of Hangcan Group …?]

[Is that the one that has branches all over the world and the boss is on the list of the richest people in the world?]

[The company where Yan-ge serves as CEO is owned by the Hangcan Group. I would like to reveal another piece of news. The top shareholder of the Hangcan Group is surnamed Wei!]





“What’s the matter? Scared? Do you want me to pinch you?” The handsome man smiled up to Song Qi and saw her look so shocked and unbelieving that he could not help taking out his cell phone and snap a picture.

“I can’t believe you are a rich second-generation…”

Song Qi was really shocked. A few days ago, she was thinking about Wei Mingyan, and in a blink of an eye, he became a millionaire.

No, billionaire!

Wei Mingyan pinched her little face. “Yes, I am a rich second-generation, but it doesn’t matter. I will work hard to make our son a rich second-generation. ”

He planned to quietly released several shocking news in a row, then drove around and came to take Song Qi home from filming. But in the end, when she got in the car, Song Qi already saw the news.

The two were talking when two dazed actresses came out of the door, one of whom was still trying to comfort herself.

“It’s said that ‘the red flag does not fall in the rich family, but the colorful flag flutters outside’. So, what if Song Qi marries Yan-ge? When the time comes, she will be old and yellow, he would just throw it away!”

 (钱人家里红旗不倒,外面彩旗飘飘 [Qián rén jiālǐ hóngqí bù dǎo, wàimiàn cǎiqí piāo piāo] = in rich families, a man might not abandon the wife, but he certainly has lovers outside.)

“Yes! When that happens, let’s see how proud she is! ”

Wei Mingyan listened to the whole discussion, and his handsome face immediately sank, “your enemy?”

“Not very familiar, not even acquaintances. ”

Song Qi expression didn’t look good, thinking about whether to open the window to say a few words or not. The man in the driver’s seat had already opened the window.

“My home is small, just one colored flag is enough. ”

Wei Mingyan took something out of his pocket. He took out a ring box, opened it, and a big shiny diamond immediately blinded their eyes.

” Take a long look at this diamond that I proposed to Qi Qi with. Old and yellow is not even enough to describe you two. It irritates my eyes. ”

With that, he rolled up the window neatly and drove away under the astonished sight of the two people.

“Oh, it’s good to lose the burden being an idol. Doing what you want, not afraid of making the news. It’s beautiful!”

Seeing the man next to her looking smug, Song Qi smiled. “Are you going to propose to me?”

Wei Mingyan froze as he looked at his lover with a smile.

Oh, it’s exposed!

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