52a. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (18)

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The fact that Wei Mingyan jumped into the CEO position quickly became a hot search.

On that day, Wei Mingyan fans were on a roller coaster, going up and down, left and right, and felt get dizzy.

At noon that day, fans first saw the Weibo post that Wei Mingyan forwarded from his agent.

[A family of four? Qi Qi is pregnant?]

[God! This speed!]

[So, our Yan-ge is going to be a Dad! How happy that is!]


[Seems like, it will take at least a month to find out that she is pregnant. That is to say, at the time Qi Qi fell into the sea, she was already pregnant?]

[Calculating the time, it’s true! Fortunately, the child and Qi Qi are all right. Otherwise Yan-ge would be heartbroken to death!]

[The most grateful thing is Stormy. If he hadn’t saved Yan-ge, even if Qi Qi and the baby were all right, they would have regretted it for the rest of their lives.]

[On the big day, why are we talking about this? Be happy!]

It’s not that there are no girlfriend fans, but the fact that Wei Mingyan almost died in order to save Song Qi had a big impact on them, and every girl has a dream of ‘saved by Prince Charming’ in their hearts.

A man who is handsome, excellent, gentle and can even give his life for you. When Wei Mingyan jumped into the sea and difficultly brought Song Qi back to shore, there were already a large number of girls who became fans because of this.

Such a perfect man should be happy!

Therefore, there are many blessings in the comments, looking forward to the arrival of a new life.

Then, before they were immersed in the complex emotions that their idol was going to be a father, Wei Mingyan threw out another bomb.

He’s quitting showbiz!

Fans who had just calmly accepted that he had a child were dumbfounded.

[Yan-ge, are you stupid? Yan-ge!]

[Now that your popularity is going up and people all over the country know you, at this time, you tell us that you are going to quit the entertainment industry?!]

[You are going to have a baby!]

[You have to fight for your child!]

As fans howled and turned around like headless flies to find out why their Yan-ge had dropped out of the entertainment industry, his agent was under pressure to hold an impromptu press conference.

Because the protagonist is the hottest Movie Emperor in the limelight, many reporters have arrived to start a live broadcast.

Countless fans are waiting in front of the screen, eagerly watching the man inside to answer questions.

“As a matter of fact, I had the idea of quitting the entertainment industry before, but because I loved this job, I didn’t make a decision for a long time, and my family always disapproved of me as an artist. They thought that it was waste of youth, with no future and security. To be honest, I’ve been under a lot of pressure. ”

As he said that, there was a trace of sadness on his handsome face, and the fans who looked straight at him were worried about Yan-ge.

How could he waste his youth? Handsome men like you become more and more popular as they get older.

What future and security? Yan-ge, are you worth at least 10 million yuan?

What kind of magical family is this? Still calling this not having future and security?

Are you going to quit showbiz because you’re under a lot of pressure?!

Yan-ge, wake up, Yan-ge! You just became a dad! You have to feed your child!

As if he heard the cries of fans, a reporter who was named asked the same question.

“Well. I admit that the excitement of becoming a father prompted me to make this decision, because I want to give my child a better life, so I have to work harder to make him grow up healthily and happily. ”

Fans: “…”

What kind of reason is that?

Shouldn’t your hard work be making money with all kinds of filming?

What the heck aren’t we getting here?

“Qi Qi? I asked her for advice, and although she was a little uneasy about my decision, she still expressed her support. Well, yes, she was always on my side, and everyone should be used to it a long time ago. ”

Fans: “…” I don’t want to get used to you as a wife fanatic.

“Now that my family has arranged a job for me, I still want to take advantage of this opportunity to relax. I hope to have an early start. I am responsible for making money to support my family, and Qi Qi is responsible for our beautiful life. ”

[Give up, man, there is no job that can let you relax and earn money to support your family at the same time.]

[The job assigned to me at home…]

[Civil servant?]

Fans are on the verge of wailing in despair, and they feel that they have witnessed history, the unfortunate fall of a genius.

[I’m a little worried. In the future, Qi Qi will be responsible for making money to support the family, and Yan-ge will be responsible for the beautiful family.]


[But if Yan-ge wants to, it’s okay for me to make money to support our family!]

[Comment above, go away! Yan-ge is mine, let me take care of him!]

[Sister get back to the point, isn’t the most important thing now is the withdrawal of Yan-ge? Qi Qi, unexpectedly did not stop him, ah! After quitting the circle, wouldn’t I stop seeing my male god? No, no! I finally fell in love with a good man who is handsome and has a good character and loves his wife and pets.]

[Hey, Yan-ge came to the entertainment industry as soon as he graduated. Now he says he wants to quit. I think he will be tortured by the tribulations of life. When the time comes, won’t he come back to us?]

[Comment above, even if Yan-ge really can’t handle it, there is still Qi Qi, ah! What kind of family is this?! Yan-ge now has at least a six-figure income every month, why force him to go home? Does the family want him to inherit a throne?]

During the uproar on the Internet, Song Qi carefully changed her clothes. She had just finished filming a scene, but Wei Mingyan didn’t want Song Qi to continue filming because of how she fell into the water and the fact that she fainted.

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