51c. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (16-17)

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By dawn, Qi Zhongjie had almost lost a piece of meat. He was dying on the ground, only to see a man pouring water from a cup on his face.

He coughed, struggled to breathe, and was pressed against the by the neck.

The man said, “Dead cat, what’s your name? I’ll cut your vocal cords and see how you’ll scream…”

Qi Zhongjie opened his eyes wide in horror. “No, no, cough… cough… I’m not a cat, I’m human!”

The man didn’t seem to hear it, just like Qi Zhongjie who had ignored the miserable sounds from the animals and put his hands on his body.

“Strange… where is my knife?”

He felt around and found that he could not find his knife, and his eyebrows twisted with entanglement. Just when Qi Zhongjie thought he was going to escape, the man suddenly showed an enlightened look.

“Anyway, I can just put my hand in!”

“It’s just a cat. All the same. When it dies, it dies!”

There was no pity in the man’s eyes, there was even excitement in them. As if he had treated all cats the same way.

In Qi Zhongjie’s shocked and despairing eyes, he reached out his hand, slowly, into Qi Zhongjie’s throat.

Help! Help!!

No, no!

Don’t do this to him!

It hurts!


A cat with blood, a dog who died miserably— their shadow seemed to appear beside Qi Zhongjie. They stared at him with blood-red eyes, tearing at him. He rolled all over the floor in pain and coughed up blood in his throat.

Finally, this scum who took pleasure in cruelty to animals also felt the crime of being abused.

He will not die, but will be saved, and then he will continue to live a life worse than death.


Song Qi did not know what happened to the cold-blooded criminal last night. She slept on the balcony until 08:00 yesterday afternoon. After eating, she returned to her room and went back to sleep. Although she slept for a long time, she felt warm and comfortable.

She stretched comfortably and found that her lover and Stormy were still sleeping, so she got up and went to cook.

Although she is usually busy and Wei Mingyan is happy to do the housework, Song Qi likes to watch him eat her own cooking.

As soon as dinner was put on the table, Song Qi was about to wake them up when she suddenly felt dizzy and hurriedly propped herself up by holding the table with her hands.

“Qi Qi!”

Wei Mingyan just came out of the room to see such a scene, his face changed greatly, nervously he quickly came to Song Qi to check, “what’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

“I don’t know. I feel a little dizzy all of a sudden…”

Song Qi is also a little confused. She closes her eyes and suppresses the little stars in her eyes. “I guess I just got up too suddenly. ”

“No, I’m not relieved. We better go to the hospital first. ” Wei Mingyan was always so nervous about Song Qi’s body that Song Qi insisted on going after dinner, so he took two quick bites and accompanied his lover to the hospital with an uneasy look on his face.

Song Qi is pregnant!


When he got home at noon, Wei Mingyan happily touched his lover’s flat belly and couldn’t help but show a smile on his face at the thought of a little life inside.

Happy! I’m so happy!

What should you do when you’re happy? Share it with others!

As a result, fans saw that their Yan-ge forwarded a Weibo message sent by their agent yesterday.

[it’s a family of four, thank you.]

After posting Weibo, Wei Mingyan began to ponder again. Song Qi couldn’t help but laugh when she saw him like that. She was also happy to have a child. Having her own flesh and blood was no less than a big surprise for Song Qi, who was an orphan.

“Mingyan, what are you thinking?”

The handsome man’s face was full of thoughts. “I’m thinking, I want to make more money and give it to our children!”

“We have enough money now. He will be very happy when he is born. ”

Song Qi could not help but touch her belly, touching it, and smiled with a rare childishness on her face.

This is her child, her child and Mingyan’s child.

“Not enough. ”

Wei Mingyan’s expression is very serious. “I don’t want to film recently and I didn’t make much money. Now that I’m going to have children, I have to think about them. ”

“Well, I’ll change jobs. What do you think of Qi Qi?”

Change jobs? Is it an investment with the money saved?

Song Qi thought for a moment and expressed her support. “That’s good. I have some savings in my hand. We might as well keep an estate for our baby. ”


Seeing the lover’s support, the handsome man was happy again. He touched Song Qi’s belly and said softly, “you be obedient in your mother’s belly. When you come out, your father will be a billionaire!”

Song Qi had to muffle herself from laughing out loud. What billionaire? The child was conceived in October, less than a year later— it was impossible, even if gold fell from the sky.

But she was always tolerant to Wei Mingyan, so she smiled and nodded gently, “well, the baby and I are waiting for you to become a billionaire. ”

Hold back, don’t laugh, don’t dampen Mingyan’s enthusiasm.

In the afternoon, China’s largest entertainment company announced that Wei Mingyan would become CEO.

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