51b. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (16-17)

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Well, the three rocking chairs go like this: Wei Mingyan-Stormy-Song Qi.

No matter how long Wei Mingyan’s hands are, he can’t reach the Song Qi across Stormy beside him.

The handsome man looked at his lover who was squinting at the book in her hand and made up his mind.

“Qi Qi, do you want to touch Stormy?? The hair on his body is getting smoother and more comfortable to touch. ”

Hearing her lover’s words, Song Qi didn’t think much about it. She put down the book and put her hand on Stormy. With some surprise, she said, “Stormy has put on weight. It feels so comfortable!”

“Yes, it’s so comfortable. ”

The man’s slender hand fell on Song Qi’s smooth and slender hand, and the strategy succeeded, so he closed his eyes contentedly and was ready to take a nap.

Song Qi looked at him, and in the sun, Wei Mingyan’s good-looking lips were curled into a smile, his eyebrows stretched out, and he looked very happy.

So, she couldn’t help showing a smile, turned sideways, one hand was held by her lover, and the other was placed on Stormy’s soft and undulating body.

When the book was put down, she closed her eyes and fell asleep with a smile.

In the sun, Stormy seemed to have a nightmare. His eyes were still closed, but there was a low whining in his throat. The voice was so low that neither of them woke up.

A few seconds later, Stormy trembled and opened his eyes. His moist apricot eyes were full of panic. He was about to get up, but he felt the temperature on his body.

The old dog paused and looked at the man on the left and the female owner on the right. He saw that they were all well, confused about reality and dream for a moment. Wei Mingyan also turned sideways, closed his eyes and gently patted Stormy’s body with the other hand. In an indistinct voice, he whispered, “Good boy, Stormy.”

Stormy was no longer confused, closed his eyes and went to sleep happily.

On the spacious balcony, three rocking chairs are in a row, with Stormy in the middle, enjoying the love of the two masters.

The agent came in with a bitter face and a bunch of invitations, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw three salted fish drying in the sun on the balcony.

Recently, he was going crazy because of Wei Mingyan’s sudden failure to pick up scripts. He became a good man who sleeps soundly with his wife and child in his arms.

With money, leisure and a wife, and such a loyal Stormy, even a winner in life is not as happy as he is!

Envy! Jealous!

No, he can’t be the only one jealous.

The agent took out his cell phone and clicked a picture of the two people and a dog.

After thinking about it, he posted on Weibo.

[the depraved life of a family of three]

[Ah! How happy!!]

[I envy Stormy, being held by both my male god and my goddess at the same time. I’m so happy!]

[This scene is really beautiful. I wish time would stay at this moment forever.]

[*A burst of tears!* My family’s Qi Qi suffered so much, finally met a good man who cherished her, must be happy ah!]


Yu Baobao can’t help smiling as she touches a soft-breathing little body and looks at the warm photos on her mobile phone.

“Fatty, think about it. Stormy can survive, so can you, right?”

The orange cat wrapped in gauze on the bed opened a pair of moist eyes to his master, opened his mouth and made a silent cry.


It looked and smiled and looked at his crying master, sticking out his head, sticking out his tongue and trying to lick his master’s hand to comfort.

Father Yu’s opened the door and walked in. When he saw his daughter crying by the bed, he immediately felt distressed. “Bao, don’t cry, didn’t the doctor say that Chubby is all right?” If he can’t speak, then he can’t speak, we won’t abandon it. ”

The sadness that Yu Baobao just gathered was interrupted by her father’s words, and she wiped a tear. “it’s Fatty, not Chubby! Dad, you never call him right!”

“It’s fine. You didn’t see your mother, she misses her fat grandson like crazy. I didn’t dare let her see Fatty’s injury this time, otherwise she will die of heartache. ”

“Be good, don’t cry. Our family has money, so take good care of him. Maybe one day we will get vocal cord surgery. ”

“Yeah, I won’t cry. ” Yu Baobao dried her tears obediently and gently stroked her pet. “Fatty should be happy to have survived. ”

Although lost his voice, but as long as he was alive.

On the father’s side, looking at his daughter, who was crying and smiling, and her face that had become thin and pointed in just a few days. He remembered his wife, who knew that the ‘eldest grandson’ had been abused and cried all night, he had an extra layer of hatred for Qi Zhongjie.

You think it’s okay to hide in a mental hospital?

Today, I’ll let him know that the wicked have their own bane!

(恶人自有恶人磨 [Èrén zì yǒu èrén mó] The wicked have their own evil mills = which means that a man of evil nature will naturally have more evil people to make him suffer.)


At the mental hospital.

Qi Zhongjie looked at the open door and screamed nervously. Someone pushed in a man with disheveled hair and evil eyes.

“I don’t want it! I don’t want to share a room with him! Where’s Dr. Qiu?! I want to see Dr. Qiu!”

Dr. Qiu, was the one he bought it to help make a fake mental certificate, and will help him find doctors who will identify him as mentally normal and discharged from the hospital in the future.

The people standing outside looked at Qi Zhongjie, with disgust. “Dr. Qiu was involved in taking bribes and has been fired. ”

“We arrange the ward according to you condition, Mr. Qi. You and this patient both have a history of uncontrollable animal cruelty, so we put you together. Please ring the bell if you have anything in the evening. ”

With that, he closed the door, and Qi Zhongjie looked at the man in horror in the small narrow room.

“What are you doing? don’t come here, ah– help!! There’s nothing wrong with me!”

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