51a. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (16-17)

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Qi Zhongjie was arrested and jailed, and at first, he refused to admit that he had attempted to hurt anyone, until he saw the recording that day.

His eyes were fixed on the grim-faced man on screen. His whole body gloomed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It’s over, it’s all over…

As an artist who makes money from his public image, he can never turn over again because of this video.

However, even if he can’t turn over, he will definitely not tolerate this imprisonment.

“I just killed a few cats. Which law in our country says cats cannot be killed? Besides, I didn’t steal those cats. They came to my house by themselves. Why should you arrest me?”

“I want to see my lawyer, and I want an appeal!”

In the face of the former star who used to be a popular Idol, but now makes people feel disgusted from the bottom of their heart, the inspector who looked after him was very cold.

“It is not against the law to kill a cat, but you are suspected of attempted r*pe. Now that the party concerned has taken you to court, and all the evidence and material evidence are there, what excuse do you have?”

The youngest daughter of the inspector, who used to be a fan of Qi Zhongjie, didn’t believe it at first. Then, she hid at home and cried all night, thinking that she had liked such a beast.

As a father, he was sick to his stomach thinking that his daughter would regard such a person as an idol.

He didn’t say anything redundant, but his disgusted eyes were thoroughly felt by Qi Zhongjie. He was originally a figure rising from the bottom, and he was more sensitive to this kind of look because his origins made him feel inferior.

Qi Zhongjie was trembling nervously, and he hated those kinds of eyes.

It should not be like this! He is a star who is admired by all, he is a Movie Emperor! His future should be brilliant, not nibbled away bit by bit in a cold prison.

Didn’t he just kill a few animals? They are not human, why should they arrest him because of those lowly creatures!

While he was thinking, someone came in and told him that his mother had come to see him.

Qi Zhongjie was immediately excited, and when the old wrinkled woman came in, he rushed over.


“Mom, did you contact my agent outside? Did you help me with public relations? Come on, pull out the money in the family and find a lawyer!”

“Don’t worry, son.” Looking at the excited Qi Zhongjie, Mother Qi looked flustered. “Before, your Uncle Zhang said he would help me invest. I gave him all the money in the family. I just called him and he didn’t answer. Maybe he’s busy. Wait a minute. I’ll go to his house and find him in a minute.”

Uncle Zhang…

Make an investment…

Thinking of the man who had worked with him several times, cheated other artists out of their money and then disappeared under the pretext of investment failure, Qi Zhongjie’s eyes were about to pop.

“How can you give him the money? How could you give the money to that liar! You are killing me! Killing me! You know that!”

He roared madly through the glass, and Mother Qi was startled, “I… I… I thought you said he was your partner.”

Qi Zhongjie paused, and he slowly closed his eyes with a wry smile on his face.

“Karma, it’s all retribution…”

Once he teamed up with the man, surnamed Zhang, to cheat other people’s hard-earned money, but now it’s his turn.

No, he can’t just sit back and wait.

Qi Zhongjie gritted his teeth and told his mother in a cold voice, “Mom, you go and get my last card, take the money out, and give it to…”


“Qi Zhongjie has a mental disorder?” Song Qi lounged in her rocking chair, watching the news on her mobile phone with a look of disbelief on her face.

“The girl’s father hired the best lawyer and pushed public opinion on the Internet. He only had one way to stay out of jail. ” Wei Mingyan is lying down, too. Their balcony is big, and it’s most comfortable to bask in the sun in winter.

“But won’t he escape punishment? How can this be? Qi Zhongjie got nothing at all? Those poor dead cats and dogs have died in vain.”

Song Qi couldn’t help getting angry and slapped her hand on the rocking chair. “It’s detestable!”

In the third rocking chair, the old dog was sleeping soundly when he suddenly heard the angry voice of his owner, with a spirited ear he raised his head warily.

“Wow, woof…”

Song Qi quickly apologetically touched his head, “I’m sorry, Stormy. I didn’t mean to wake you, you go back to sleep.”

Stormy rubbed his master’s head, closed his eyes vaguely and went back to sleep. His body was still recovering and was recently served good food and drink. He dozed off as soon as he was caught in the sun.

But no one knew whether it was too much in the sun or always playing with his owners, his originally dull coat is gradually glistering again, and his spirit is getting better and better, which made Song Qi, who has been worried that he won’t make it through, finally feel at ease.

Since the last time she fell into the sea and almost drowned, her lover seemed to be scared and would always stick to her when he came back. Song Qi wandered around with Stormy when he was going to film, with an air of early retirement.

Song Qi was a little worried that she would delay his career because of herself. The handsome man first looked at his silly lover, and then laughed as if he had heard some funny joke.

Song Qi was so exasperated by his laughter that she asked the man several times just to see him look at her with a smile, and simply did not ask anymore.

Anyway, Wei Mingyan has become very popular since ‘Survival in The Wild’s last episode. Outsiders don’t know that Song Qi, as his lover, saw his agent come over with stacks of invitations and hold them back with a sigh.

But she had to admit, because Wei Mingyan is no longer as busy as a top star, the atmosphere at home is so good every day. Every time Song Qi comes home and watches the man take the dog for a walk in the garden, she was bubbling up with happiness.

The favorite activity of two people and a dog is to lie on the balcony and bask in the sun after a walk after eating. Three rocking chairs are placed side by side. As long as you reach out your hand, you can touch your favorite loved ones. For Song Qi, a year ago, this was only a dream.

“Don’t worry, President Yu is not easy to bully. He has a famous wolf temperament in the business world. He can definitely bite off a piece of meat from anyone who messes with him, not to mention his only daughter was hurt by Qi Zhongjie this time. ”

“President Yu is famous for protecting his cub. When his daughter became an anchor, he found all the people he knew to support her show. I heard the boss of the live broadcast company say that President Yu’s daughter earned 300.000 yuan in those six months, of which 200.000 were thrown by President Yu for her. Qi Zhongjie provoked his daughter, and it’s no different from hurting him. Even if Qi Zhongjie hid in a mental hospital, it would not be any better. ”

After Wei Mingyan said that, his hand cannot help but want to hold his darling’s hand, touch the little hand, kiss the little face and so on. But, the hand stretched out, and touched Stormy.

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