38. Breaking News, The Movie Emperor is Scum! (5)

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With watery almond eyes, the yellow-colored old dog wagged its tail, stuck out its tongue obediently and skillfully, and looked at the camera with its head tilted. (this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)


The faithful audience of ‘Survival in the Wild’ were stunned.

At this time, the staff came forward to introduce.

This time, a special guest: Stormy.

Stormy?  Why does this name sound familiar?

Wei Mingyan’s fans also stood by the screen early and saw that the yellow dog was on TV. With a thin layer of fur, it was looking at the camera with gentle eyes, and more or less responded.

[This is Yan-ge’s dog, isn’t it?  From the last dog training video?]

[Why did he bring the dog here?]

[The program team cheated, one-person vs one person and a dog, how can this be compared?] (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

Just when the barrage of comments almost broke the screen, forcing the audience to close the bullet screen to watch, the program group began to say the rules for this time.    (this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

(TN: In China; some programs let people that watch comment live it’s called ‘Barrage / lit. Bullet Screen’, there would be an option to activate and deactivate viewing with comments.)

Five people and a dog were divided into two groups, but since Stormy is also a challenger member, Wei Mingyan will have one less person on his side. That is to say, three people in one group and two people and a dog in the other.

The Song God, in the ‘Song God’ team, while the ‘Movie Emperor’, in the Movie Emperor’ team.

(TLnote: Song God is a title for someone who gained successes in the music industry. Like Movie Emperor in the Movie industry.)

This is definitely a lot less advantage. No matter how obedient the dog is, it’s not as useful as a person!

Soon, an audience analyzed the ‘Survival in the Wild’ this time; the person who followed Wei Mingyan’s group was absolutely unlucky.

In addition to Wei Mingyan, there are still four people left on the scene, including the Song God, a martial arts elder brother, and a 16-year-old girl who started her career as a child star. The other one is that always lukewarm, recently played the role of a royal princess in a TV drama; Song Qi.

The Song God had almost been forgotten by the public because he only sent out very few works in recent years. The martial arts older brother is a ‘forever-supporting-character’, he has never been too famous because he didn’t have an outstanding appearance. The little girl child star came to participate because of her studies, the foundation she laid down was almost lost. As a result, her academic performance was not very good. In order to enter the acting circle in the future, she came to participate in the program during her winter vacation.

Needless to say, Song Qi’s acting skills are good, looks beautiful, but has been delayed by various reasons. (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

It can be said that among the five people present, besides Wei Mingyan, who is currently at the top of the entertainment industry, others were stars unknown by the public.

‘Survival in the Wild’ is different from other program groups, they have no script, no follow-up, not to mention security guards.

In general, these stars are put on an island that has been cleaned up in advance and is probably dangerous. They are allowed to live here for one month. The first three weeks are in the wild, and the second part; the last week, is for survival. Generally, they accept challenges in small groups. Occasionally, individuals compete with each other in their ability to bear hardships and stand hard work. (this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

Although they can bring things, they are not allowed to bring things like kindles, so every time the game ends, the guests will look miserable.

People’s careers are on the rise. Who will come to the show? But the exposure rate of the show is really good. As long as there are no accidents, the artists who come to the show generally would gain a large number of fans. Therefore, although they know that it’s hard as f**k, the artists who don’t have exposure would be like moths to a flame, rushing to become victims.

[Why would Yan-ge come and participate in this program? A month later he might be blacklisted!]

[Yeah, according to the habit of the program, they won’t invite people of Yan-ge’s level. Would they??]

[It looks like you don’t understand the marketing. Why didn’t the program group invite them? Nope, it’s just that they didn’t want to come.]

[I think it’s for suspense. The Movie Emperor’s acting is good. If you let him live in the wild, he would go out for an outing and bring a dog. It’s not even a hound. What’s the use?]

The audience did not think much of the Movie Emperor, but obviously, the guests felt the same way.

The child star girl glanced at the old dog crouching at the man’s feet with its tongue sticking out. Then she looked at the Movie Emperor’s slender hands and moved her steps to the Song God. “I choose the Song God team!”

The martial arts brother quickly stood beside the Song God with a neat pace that didn’t match his figure. “I also chose the Song God team. ”

In the screen, the handsome and brilliant man was holding a dog. There are three people standing far away from each other. The audience can’t see their faces in the middle of the screen, but the audience imagined Song Qi’s silly face.

[ha ha ha ha ha ha, little sister didn’t respond. In a blink of an eye, everyone ran away!] (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

[Little Sister: I was just lost in thought, you traitor!]

[I really want to comfort her, although the Movie Emperor is useless, but he looks good!]

Song Qi was actually hesitating whether to join Wei Mingyan or not. She lived with Wei Mingyan for three months and knew how lazy the man was. If she joined others, the man would never give in to her. He had a bad temper and if he caused another problem… this is still live broadcast …

Although they broke up, she had to say that in the past half a month, the man insisted on sending her a video every day, which had some effect.

As she was thinking about it, everyone ran out.

“Can you join me?” The next second Song Qi accepted this fact, the handsome man holding the dog spoke with a little uneasiness. She could clearly see the caution in Wei Mingyan’s eyes, seemingly thinking she was some fragile porcelain.

Clearly knowing that the girl had no choice at the moment, Wei Mingyan still tried hard to not make her too unhappy. “I have been studying all kinds of outdoor materials for half a month, and I have also learned to cook, set up tents, and fish; Stormy is very clever, can help keep watch, and can carry things to me …”(this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

[Look at Yan-ge’s miserable appearance. Yan Ge, whom no one loves, is really poor.]

[Wow!  When would you see the Movie Emperor like this? I never saw him being rejected so much. Ha ha ha, three of them ran away on the spot, and one forgot to run. Oof!]

[What the hell is this atmosphere of a marriage proposal? In order to get a teammate, Yan-ge uses his killing skills. It’s blinding!]

[This pitiful expression is so terrible that my heart will explode! Little sister, please promise him quickly. If you don’t promise him, I will!]

It has to be said that people are visual animals. Even if it is clear in their heart that the Movie Emperor is unlikely to be a good teammate, there are still a lot of people crying and boasting in the bullet screen.

Looking at the careful look of her former lover, Song Qi felt sad inside. But she still has a smile on her face and reaches out her hand. “Movie Emperor Wei, we would be teammates this month.”

She told herself that it was now live broadcast, so don’t reveal any flaws. The most important thing now is to get through this survival game.

The Song God and Movie Emperor teams quickly divided into two camps, one to the left and the other to the right. Everyone had things in their bags, but because of regulations, they basically brought clothes. (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

The camera was also divided into two sides, but now the audience were more like chickens pecking left and right. Since they don’t want to miss both sides, they used a mobile phone to watch, a computer to watch, or a bunch of people watching together. They didn’t have any way to watch a replay.

On screen, the Song God team was holding mobilization meeting to boost morale.

“This time, our advantage is still very big, I worked with Mingyan before, and he can’t even cook. ” the Song God said while laughing gloatingly. He and Wei Mingyan have been keeping in touch, the two are friends, and he knew how squeamish the man was.

The little girl was a little confused, “but Qi Qi-jie and I have cooperated with each other. She can cook anything. ”

The smile on the singer’s face was stiff for a moment. He coughed softly and waved, “Even a clever woman cannot cook a meal without rice. Even if Qi Qi can cook, she doesn’t have a pot!”

Seeing his side had a bigger advantage, the martial arts elder brother was also happily laughing. The two men are happy, as if victory is just around the corner.

The little girl frowned doubtfully. “Captain, Qi Qi-jie has no pot, and neither do we …”

The laughter gradually weakened down …

(this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

While the Song God team is still enjoying their time, Wei Mingyan carefully placed the hay found by Stormy on the small fire; which he had not been able to get started easily by wood friction. He protected it with his hand and watched the fire gradually grow larger. Only then was he relieved enough to release his hand.

“I learned this skill after watching the tutorial over and over. Are you cold? First, come and warm up. I’ll take Stormy to find some dry wood.”

The man wiped his forehead. It was winter, but there was a layer of sweat. He smiled at Song Qi; his face was full of care.

Song Qi looked at Wei Mingyan’s scuffed palm, her mood was somewhat complicated.

She knew how squeamish this man used to be. She had to say that she had suffered a little when he couldn’t wait for someone else to pass food to him. But just now, as he held the wood and rubbed it for a long time, he even refused her when she came.

“It’s all right. Callouses would form at the palm of my hand. It won’t hurt.”

At that time, the man was just rubbing wood with a smile and looking at her tenderly. Song Qi could not tell what he felt in his heart but felt that Wei Mingyan was really trying to change, and these changes were really due to herself.

Qian-jie told her how hard Wei Mingyan worked in the past half a month. She was still thinking that it was impossible; according to his character. But unexpectedly, this person actually changed.

She has not been idle for this period of time. She brought back a lot of bamboos with a knife distributed by the director group. At first, it was still difficult. When Wei Mingyan got the fire source ready and came to help, she quickly got up.

“You go to the shore with Stormy to find some stones that can be used as pans, and I’ll build a hut. ”

Song Qi listened to the man’s words in silence and took Stormy to the shore. At night, Wei Mingyan stood on the shore in the dark and raised his bamboo stick with a big smile. “Qi Qi!  Look, I’ve got a fish!”

Two people sat in a simple tent made of bamboo around the fire, to roast fish. Stormy obediently showed her belly so that Song Qi could warm her feet. Wei Mingyan carefully raised a large fish and handed it to her, “be careful it’s hot.”

Song God’s side:  (if your NOT re$ding at Translateindo, this ch4pter has been stolen fr0m our s1te)

Martial arts brother: “Elder brother, I am cold.”

Little girl: “I’m so hungry …”

The Song God was cold and hungry, shivering from the cold. But he did not forget to comfort his teammates. “Don’t be afraid, Movie Emperor’s team must have it worse than us!”

Audiences who are still watching them: [ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m laughing to death at this contrast.  ha ha ha ha ha ha.]


(this has been copied without permission from Translateindo)

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