21b. Scum Man Of The 90’s (1)

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When Wei Mingyan went out again, there were people lying on the ground, crying and wailing miserably.

They all have only one characteristic, no facial injury at all, but they are all weak with pain. Long-ge is the one who was beaten the worst. Seeing the man coming towards them, they immediately stared in horror, “What are you doing? what are you doing?!”

The pain made him feel irritated. Even if he wanted to hold up his pride as the boss, the fear on his face could not be concealed.

He really couldn’t understand how Hun Zi became so good at fighting. Although they used to call each other brothers, because Hun Zi didn’t go out with them, he really hasn’t seen Hun Zi’s skills.

“Long-ge, I’m really sorry today. I drank too much and didn’t see you fall.”  Wei Mingyan smiled without guilt on his face, just like a ruffian. He took out a dollar and stuffed it into Long-ge’s feeble hands.

“This is the medical fee. Take the brothers to have a good meal.”

“You, you …”{we do not translate 4 other sites besides translateindo}

Seeing the people lying on the ground looking at himself with hatred, Wei Mingyan smiled wider. He squatted down and said softly, “You be careful next time, don’t come to our village again. The roads in our village are uneven. It’s not like the roads in the next village, which have been leveled flat by cows.”

“Are you threatening me?!!”

Long-ge was shocked at first and then became even angrier. But he looked at the person in front of him who smiled as if he still respected him as before. His heart felt cold and he didn’t dare to make a sound.

He took someone to steal the cow from the next village. He kept it under wraps. No one except his brother knows about it. It’s impossible for this bastard to know about it.

If it’s reported, three years in prison is the minimum.

He was agitated. Usually, they only go out to scare people, to deter others by force. Now, these bunch of guys couldn’t even beat one person. What would people say?

Long-ge felt conflicted. Then a smile appeared on his face. “We are all brothers. No big deal, no big deal.”

“There’s nothing interesting about this village. Next time, I won’t come.”

“That’s good.” Wei Mingyan smiled, stood up, and saw a few people outside the door, poking around. When they saw him, they all shrank back in panic as if they had seen some kind of beast. He knew that it was the neighbors who heard the movement and came out. He raised his feet and went out.

A few people outside his house turned and ran, leaving only the disabled old man of the neighborhood; who was unable to run. He moved back in panic and looked at Wei Mingyan with fear in his eyes.

In those days, Wei Mingyan grew up watching them. Although he didn’t fit in, he would call them uncle and aunt when he met them. He wasn’t afraid, but he couldn’t stand people who groveled.

What the old man saw was real. Hun Zi dares to fight the town bully. What else would he do?[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters anywhere else]

“Uncle Chen, have you been frightened?”

Seeing that the old man’s calf was shaking with fear, Wei Mingyan smiled first and explained, “We were practicing our skills just now. If you are afraid, we would practice in town next time.”

“Practice… practice martial arts?”

Old Chen Tuo obviously didn’t believe what he said. There was no such thing as practicing martial arts.

“Yeah, I have learned some new tricks. But Uncle Chen, I remember you could do carpentry, right? When I was a child, you also made a wooden whistle for me to play with.”

He doesn’t know why Hun Zi brought up this issue, but Old Chen’s trembling reply was, “You remember that?”

In the past, Hun Zi was always beaten by his father, the little child was beaten black and blue. Their neighbors could not help, even they were nearly beaten. In the end, they could only watch the child being beaten.

The little boy, who did not have enough to eat, was always beaten. The other children were afraid of his father and did not play with him. At that time, Old Chen Tou was about the same age as Wei Mingyan right now. Seeing him so pitiful, he made a wooden whistle for him, so that Mingyan did not have to dig the dirt to play.

Speaking of it, most of the people in this era are simple. After Wei Mingyan’s father died, he was almost fed by a hundred families. They just didn’t expect to be feeding a rogue. In the end, everyone just sighed and didn’t want to bother with him again.

Today, Old Chen Tou was watching his chickens lay eggs in the yard. He heard Long-ge’s voice coming from the house next door and the sound of increasingly loud knocking. Then there was another fight. He was afraid of an accident happening, so he quickly came to see with his crutches.

Originally, he thought that if Wei Mingyan was beaten by Long-ge and his men, he could help call the police. He didn’t expect to come over and see someone else lying on the ground.

How could the past Wei Mingyan know Old Chen Tou’s kind intentions? He would think that Old Chen Tou was coming to watch the excitement. But the Wei Mingyan now, knows it all clearly.[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

He knew the ‘Hun Zi’ image the village thought of him. So, if he wanted to change this image, he had to start from the people around him.

“Uncle Chen, my family wants to make a bench. Do you think you can help me make one?”

Make a bench!?[support the real translat0rs @ translateindo]

Old Chen Tou was relieved immediately. He thought that Hun Zi wanted to grab him and do something. But he only had to spend half a day making a bench.

The bench is pretty simple. After he goes out to pick up some wood, he can make one in less than a minute.

“OK, then I’ll make you one.”

“Ah! Thank you, Uncle Chen.” Wei Mingyan thanked Old Chen Tou and shoved a dollar into his hand.

When Old Chen Tou looked at his hand, he immediately spoke. “You child, why are you giving me money? Isn’t it just a bench?”

If this were a table, he would mutter a few words if the kid didn’t give him money. After all, it takes a lot of time. But that kind of small bench, how is it worth asking money for?

He had a simple character and was about to return. But it was stuffed into his hand again by Wei Mingyan. This handsome young man with a ruffian spirit was still smiling so heartlessly. “Take it, Uncle Chen. Haven’t you taken care of me all these years? Isn’t it also necessary to pay when you buy a bench at the market?”

“It would cost less than a dollar in the market!”

The two kept pushing the money away, finally, Wei Mingyan said, “You watched me grow up and always asked Aunt Chen to give me some food and drink. I have long regarded you as an elder in my heart. If you don’t take this money, I’m going to buy it from someone else. It’s not going to cost a dollar, but you won’t do it. I should be filial to you as a younger generation.”

Old Chen Tou’s was touched and he felt sour because of what he said, so he had to accept the money. “Don’t worry, Uncle Chen will definitely make a good one.”[ not reading this at Translateindo? it’s been stolen]

“Okay, then I’m going to wash my face first. I haven’t washed my face after waking up.”

See Wei Mingyan looking embarrassed while scratching his head, Old Chen Tou’s fear unconsciously disappeared.

In the end, he looked at the kid. How could he hurt him?

Wei Mingyan went back to his house. Old Chen Tou walked back with his crutches and several neighbors who were far away looked at Wei Mingyan leaving, so they dared to surround him.

“Old Chen Tou, what did Hun Zi tell you?  How come he held you back?”

“Yes, did he frighten you?”

They asked noisily. Old Chen Tou smiled and shook his head. “The boy asked me to make a bench for him,” he said.


Several people looked at each other and were a little confused for a while.

“Yes, you see, I’ve been given a dollar. I didn’t accept it. He insisted on giving it to me. He has grown up and thinks I’m an elder in his heart. Ah, this child remembers kindness… It’s been such a long time, he remembered when he was a kid, I gave him a whistle.”

Hun Zi remembers someone’s kindness!?

Several neighbors looked strangely at the old man, thinking of Hun Zi who was always strolling around the village to steal eggs.

This old man wasn’t scared silly, was he?

Seeing that they didn’t believe it, Old Chen Tou raised his crutch and beat it on the ground, humming an excuse, “if they don’t remember the kindness, how come all those gangsters in town only made trouble in the next village, and have never came here for so long?”

This is also true…[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

No other gangsters have ever been to their village.

Seeing what the neighbors were all thinking, Old Chen Tou touched his long beard and concluded, “if it weren’t for Hun Zi and those people getting close, how could they let our village go and call us uncle and aunt every day, right?”

“It seems so …”

“This is true. I heard that chickens are always lost in the village next door, but not in our village.”

If Wei Mingyan heard what’s been said outside, he would laugh a few times.

Yes, Hun Zi didn’t steal chickens. He lived on stolen eggs.

As for not allowing Long-ge and his brothers to come to the village. Long-ge is despised in the first village. Secondly, if he offended others, he was alone. All the other people he knew as ‘brothers’ didn’t really care about him enough to mean anything to them. If he really was driven out of the village, it wasn’t their problem.

But now, none of this is a problem.

Wei Mingyan opened the back door, looked around, and then whispered, “Lan Lan, you go back first, and I’ll go to your house to propose. I won’t let you be wronged!”[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

Yi Zhilan’s resentment of losing her virginity after drinking; disappeared long after seeing the bruises on the man’s face after protecting her. She looked at her lover and opened her mouth to say something and closed it again.

Forget it. Just be nice to him. It’s okay to suffer a little. When he finds work, it would be better in the future.

“Lan Lan, don’t worry, I will definitely let you have a good life and buy a lot of gold necklaces for you!”

In the village, the most enviable thing is all kinds of gold jewelry.

Yi Zhilan stood outside the door, nodded with red eyes and turned to leave.

Although, she didn’t believe it.

How could he possibly have the money to buy gold jewelry?

{we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo}

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