21a. Scum Man Of The 90’s (1)

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Hun Zi is the murderer, and now, Wei Mingyan has become the murderer.

The girl on the bed was still sleeping uneasily. Wei Mingyan knew that she would not wake up for the time being. He got out of bed, took out the beer in the cupboard and splashed it to the ground bit by bit. The room soon smelled of beer. He lifted his neck and drank a whole bottle of beer.

As he sat quietly, his face reddened quickly.

There was a hurried knock on the door outside the house. It was the voice of his good brother. “Hun Zi, open the door. Your brothers came to play with you.”[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

(brothers = here means ‘bff’ / best friend that are close like brothers; or brothers in a gang.)

According to the plan, he deliberately shouted out loud, attracting the neighbors around him.

On the bed, Yi Zhilan jerked violently and opened her eyes. She was in severe pain and struggled to get up. Before she could figure out what was going on, she saw the back of the man standing in front of the door.

“Mingyan …”

Hearing the girl’s weak voice, Wei Mingyan turned his head. He had just drunk a whole bottle of beer. At the moment, he was full of alcohol, his face was red and his steps were unsteady. However, he still struggled to come to the girl’s side. “Lan Lan put on your clothes quickly. I’ll send them away. You hide in the house and don’t go out.”

Yi Zhilan also reflected on what had happened last night. She was afraid and confused. She subconsciously obeyed her lover’s orders and hid in the quilt while putting on her clothes.

“Hun Zi!  Open the door quickly!  Your brothers have come to play with you!” [ not reading this at Translateindo? it’s been stolen]

The people outside were still shouting loudly. Wei Mingyan opened the door without giving the people outside a chance to see inside from the gaps.

“Brother, we drank a lot last night. Let’s play when I wake up in the afternoon.”

Yi Zhilan was frantically dressing while listening to the drunken voice of men outside.

The people who knocked at the door were shocked. That’s not what they agreed on yesterday. Didn’t he say they should break in?

Yesterday this guy agreed to let them see Yi Zhilan’s body. Just thinking about that beautiful college student’s body, made him so excited all night. He brought people with him early in the morning.

“We are all here, why don’t you let us in?”

“Another day, another day …”

Seeing Wei Mingyan blocking the door and refusing to let them in. He guessed that there must be someone inside. His heart was filled with excitement. He shook off the man’s hand and was about to break in. “Not another day, Today!”

Listening to the noise outside, Yi Zhilan trembled, fearing that those people would really break in. Her love affair with Wei Mingyan was kept secret. If people found out, and they weren’t married yet…

Despair filled her heart.

“Long-ge, another day, I am really sleepy today.”

(Long-eg = Long Older Brother.)

“Move!”[support the real translat0rs read @ translateindo]

The argument outside is getting louder and louder.

“WTF!  Hun Zi, you dare to hit me!  Are you messing with me?! ”

“Brothers, help me!”

Outside, there was a miserable cry. Yi Zhilan was curled up in the quilt. Her face was full of tears, but she still struggled to get up.

Mingyan, they’re gonna kill him!

She got out of bed, frantically trying to open the door, but the door opened itself.

The girl froze, staring at the door in alarm and horror, but she saw a handsome man with a bruised face coming in. He carefully closed the door and smiled at Yi Zhilan. The smile blossomed, but because the wound on the corners of his mouth it twisted with pain.

Wei Mingyan’s face was aching, but he still tried hard to comfort his lover with a smile: “It’s okay, they won’t come in.”

Yi Zhilan’s tears fell down and rushed into the arms of the man who had just been wounded to protect her. She broke down in tears.

She didn’t know what to do or what would happen in the future. After one night, everything seemed to have changed.

But fortunately, her lover hasn’t changed.

Listening to the girl’s sobbing low voice, Wei Mingyan gently patted her on the back and softly coaxed, “Don’t be afraid, I will definitely marry you with a beautiful magnificent wedding.”

In the 1990s, it was still easy to make money.


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The Author added a little excerpt about Panpan:


” Panpan doesn’t have a Dad. We don’t want to play with her!”

“My mother said that your father didn’t want you because you were a girl. If you were a boy like me, he wouldn’t leave.”

“Nonsense!  You are talking nonsense! “

The little girl with two braids wiped away her tears. She sobbed and argued, “My mother said Dad would come back. He would come back to pick me up!”

“Your mother lied to you. Your father definitely would not come back.”

“Yes, he doesn’t want you!”

“Liar, you are lying …”

Several children took turns to talk so that the little girl couldn’t argue back. In the end, she could only stand with red eyes and cried, repeating, “My father will come back, he will come back to pick me up…”

“Panpan!” When Qi Ya heard her daughter crying, she hurried over anxiously. When the children saw her coming, they ran away.

All that remained was Panpan’s crying.

A pair of gentle hands gently embraced her, and she could hear her mother’s voice in her ear, “Why are you crying Panpan?”

“Mom…” The little girl hugged her neck, choked and asked, “Why hasn’t Daddy come back yet? They all laughed because Dad doesn’t want me anymore.”

Qi Ya’s eyes dimmed, but still gently coaxed her daughter, “No, Dad will come back, he just went out for a long time, he will buy toys, and clothes for Panpan…”

“Liar!”[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

The little girl broke away from her mother’s arms and cried loudly, “He just doesn’t want me. Everyone said he doesn’t want me. I hate dad. I hate him!”

“Panpan… Panpan…”

Her mother’s anxious voice faded away, replaced by a man’s worried voice, “Panpan … Panpan?”

Qiao Panpan opened her sour and bitter eyes, that had tears. After her eyes blurred for a while, she caught sight of the worried handsome man in front of her.

“What’s the matter?  Did you have nightmares? ”

“Dad …”[translateindo.C0m does not post chapters any where else]

The girl let out a hoarse cry, trying to hold herself up. She wanted to sit up. Wei Mingyan hurriedly lifted her up, touching her forehead with one hand and his own with the other. “No more fever, they said you were still swimming on such a cold day.”

“If it weren’t for me and your mother sending you fish, you could have burned to 49 degrees I tell you.”

Listening to her father’s nagging voice, Panpan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was not as exaggerated as 49 degrees. The aunt that came to cook every day would come at 9 o’clock, and she would definitely be found out.

But she also knew that her father was worried about her, so she showed a clever smile, “I know I was wrong, and I won’t go swimming next time.”

In fact, she exercises all the year round, how could her body fall just after swimming once? On her way back yesterday, she met a man who was beaten by someone and recognized his face. She began to feel dizzy and uncomfortable in the evening.

That face was the face of the rich guy who harassed her in the toilet before she recognized her father.

At that time, too many things happened. She didn’t pay much attention to that person. She only found out that his family had gone bankrupt yesterday. Because he only knew how to eat, drink and play every day; he couldn’t support his family at all. He was being played around with by his old friends.

Those friends knew her. When she passed by, they would smile and say a few words of flattery. Panpan felt that the ridiculed guy was staring at her. She felt sick and left after casually replying with a few words.

As a result, at night, she began to have nightmares. She even dreamt about her childhood.{we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo}

Qiao Panpan did not quite understand. Since she met her father, she never had these dreams anymore. As she was thinking, Qi Ya came in with a lunch box.

Although she is old, her face is still elegant. She looked at her daughter grumpily. While unpacking her lunch box, she rambled like Wei Mingyan did before, “How old are you? You still don’t know how to take good care of your body. Why did you go swimming on such a cold day?”

Panpan smiled at her mother. “I know I was wrong, Mom. You and Dad are exactly the same.”

Wei Mingyan inserted one sentence from the side, “Because I have the same heart as your mother.”

Qi Ya blushed, “What are you saying in front of the child?”

Looking at the affectionate appearance of the two, Panpan couldn’t remind them that she is almost 30 years old and not a child.

“I saw your aunt Zhang, she is now enjoying a happy life. Her daughter is doing well and she herself is retired. She came here today for a physical examination. The results of the examination are very good. We also made an appointment to go to the flower market to buy flowers.”

Aunt Zhang, of course, is the head nurse Zhang who had always taken care of them before. After Qi Ya’s legs were healed, her relationship with nurse Zhang was very close. Now, she hung out with her every day. The two are friends.

“Isn’t Aunt Zhang’s daughter in our company?  Although I opened the back door to let her in, she really has skills. I was going to give her a promotion. ”

“Really!  That’s really good. Your Aunt Zhang would be very happy to know that. Drink this soup quickly and I’ll go talk to her for a while. ”

While the mother and daughter were talking, Wei Mingyan looked at them with a smile from one side. Qiao Panpan inadvertently looked up and saw the man’s eyes.

Gentle, full of tolerance.

She froze slightly, then smiled happily.

The child without a father in her dream is only a dream.

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20. Scum Dad Who Isn’t Scum (End Arc)
21b. Scum Man Of The 90’s (1)

Author: RandomAlex

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  1. Oh darn, that little bit snip at the end is full of fluff! But really, it’s rare to stumble on such simple yet somewhat somber novel like this. We need more of them. This is like the second I’ve read that was about an honest male MC who had a mission to fix the scum characters.

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