Ch.6 Big Bear Egg (2)

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As Theo expected, the school run normally. He got there on time. On the first lesson, Mr. George threw a quiz, but it wasn’t that hard. And then they watched drama in English class. In the school canteen, the food was getting worse every day. On this afternoon, it should’ve tasted like Alice’s emu’s dirt, but he knew that he could not sue the school and ask them to serve the Gordon Ramsey lunches, even with the demon magic. So, the school runs normally, almost.

Yes, almost.

PE (Physical Exercise) lesson took place before lunch time. Theo changed his clothes and crammed all his belongings into his locker. He was in doubt, but at last he tucked the little bottle into his trousers.

He tried to tie his shoe laces faster, because everybody else already left for the school field.

Suddenly, a big frame shadow blocked the light in front of Theo. He raised his head, who else if it wasn’t the fat evil George and his comrade, towering with their monkeyish and stupid face.

He finished the knot on his sport shoes quickly and shuffled away. He is snobbish, but he doesn’t want to get into a rowdy. It was still in the school time. His snobbish acts are only to the level of not screaming and wetting his pants.

The fat evil George grabbed Theo’s shoulder and gripped it so tight until the boy winced in pain. There were cotton and plaster on George’s nose because of Theo’s dodgeball strike yesterday.

He grimaced to Theo, his breath smelled like stale milk. “Where are you going, Carter?” He hissed ridiculously through his yellow dirty teeth.

Theo scowled, tried to brush aside George’s hand from his shoulder, but failed. George’s grip were as strong as a wild boar, in tune to his face.

Theo acted brave. “To the field, of course! We’ve been called”, he said. George strengthen his grip on Theo’s shoulder. Theo struggled to get loose. “Let me go!”

“Your ball yesterday was as weak as cuttan candy”, George mocked.

“Cotton candy”, Theo corrected.

The fat evil George puzzled, tried to digest Theo’s correction. But he failed, so he threw it behind. He continued, “It didn’t hurt me at all. I was pretending that it hurt so you’ll get punished, you know? I’ll tell my mom to sue you, to drag you to prison.”

Theo snorted. He loves watching police drama on the television, he knew about things that can be and can’t be punished. Confidently he said, “You can’t be in prison just because you’re playing dodgeball”.

The fat evil George baffled, he stared at his companion to get some explanation. One of them said in doubt, “Maybe you can’t”, but then George glared at him and made him quiet.

He smirked, showing his shortening yellow teeth. There were some dirt between his front teeth. “Do you want to know, how it feels like when a ball hits your nose?”

Theo glanced up, one of George’s hand was already forming a fist. He gulped. “Hmm, no, thank you”.

George narrowed his small and watery eyes, “I don’t like it when you’re playing smart”.

Theo scowled, not that Theo was playing smart, but the fat evil George was too stupid. Even George and his crony looks like a bunch of foolish people, when they beat you up, it certainly hurts a lot.

“Auw!” Theo cried out.

Theo flinched and groped at his pants. He felt his thigh burning. While George and his crony looked perplexed. “We haven’t whack him yet, have we?” said the gang leader. Theo remembered at the golden liquid in his pocket. Hurriedly he took out the little bottle and drank it at once. It tasted like sour cherry juice, terribly sour and a little bitter. Theo cringed.

He heard one of George’s companion saying, “Hei, it looks good” and another said “Hei, he drank something, what was that?” but all their attention were soon shifted to the sound of the wind blowing, hitting the window. Immediately recovering  from the shock, Theo swung his leg to George’s crotch.

George screamed in pain, letting go of his grip. Theo pushed one of George’s crony, the skinny one, until he stumbled down, then he ran to the door. He bursted out laughing and ran away from the locker room while George angrily told his crony to chase after Theo.

Theo ran fast along the school corridor to the field, but then he stopped. Theo sighed, he knew, he reached into his other pocket. The hand bell.

Reluctantly, Theo swung the bell several times. Then, just like what he expected, Reginald appeared at the front door to the field. The rabbit took out his pocket watch and grumbled, “C’mon, let’s go! We will be closed in six hours and forty three minutes”.

Reginald went before him and pushed the field door, and, as Theo walked through the doorway, suddenly he was in front of the Shop.

The Shop looked different compared to the first time when he saw it the day before. It was painted in black and white like a chessboard motif, and the door painted in the same motif but in a red and black color. The curtain in red and blue color, covering the window, the canopy changed to a patio decorated by red and white roses.

In skeptical, Theo stopped before he opened the door that was closed with a bang after Reginald got in. He brought his ear to the door, then he heard a singing voices sung by several people.

♫  “Take me to the Safire City, the sorcerer will force you drink emu’s pee”. ♫

Theo frowned. It was the worst song lyrics he ever heard. He pushed the door with a disheveled face, scowled to Alice who was sitting on the purple and gold color giant chair.

Theo grunted, “You sang the Sapphire City song, were you? The lyrics was wrong, you know! It’s like this: take me to the Sapphire City, the witches will presenting you lemonade”.

“Hi!” greeted Alice once Theo got inside the Shop, ignoring Theo’s correction.

The shop looked weirder, stuffy and messier than the day before, but the room looked brighter, maybe because it was in the afternoon time.

It seems like the things in the Shop have been doubled than the day before, it blocked the sun rays at certain places. That day, Alice brought a big lacy hand-held fan, casually resting her legs on a big white oval-shaped thing, barefoot, and made use of her toes to pass over the screwdriver, nail, pencil and ruler to a bright blue cat. It turns out, Alice was singing with the blue cat.

Alice removed her legs from that oval thing that she uses as a legs coaster. Tiptoeing in one foot, moved closer to Theo, while her other leg upraised with a screwdriver between the toes.

“You’ve tried our goods, haven’t you? What do you think?”

“I could have think an escape way like that anytime. It wasn’t because of your golden liquid”

Alice scowled. “Who do you think that made the windstorm and distracted them?” she protested. She jumped on to the table and wearing her tiny black shoes. Reginald rushed to her with the polish equipment ready.

Alice sat on the table while Reginald polished her shoes. “But you were coming back. Have you thought about what you want from me?”

Theo shook his head. “I can’t really think any of it, what made you think that I need something from you”.

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