Scum Male’s Whitewashing Manual

Author: Sugar_In Cat/ Tang Zhong Mao/ 糖中猫

Title: Quick Wear: Scum Male’s Whitewashing Manual/ Transmigrasi Cepat: Buku Petunjuk Pembersihan Nama Baik Pria Bajingan/ [快 穿] 渣 男 洗白 手册.

Translator: RandomAlex

Other Language: Indonesian Here


Mr. Wei traveled from world to world, switching bodies–to care for those who had been violated by the original owners. Those who harmed genuine relatives and lovers; were redeemed by him.

A girl without a father, a lover betrayed by her boyfriend, a pet dog who was abused by the owner, a husband who sold his own child.

Protect girls, take care of them. Take care, return pets, devote to parents … His job is to make them happy, not difficult!

Even though this was the usual routine for Wei Mingyan redeem scum men one by one, he agreed to use his own efforts; to make distressed relatives happy without revealing his identity, so that people who suffer from can live happily.

Translator: This story complements the beauty and positive energy, love, friendship, family feelings in it. The plot of the beautiful story and warm heart it’s a very good work that’s a must-read.

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