Chapter 1. The First World

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  • Translated by: RandomAlex
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Knock. Knock.

Luo Ran frowned slightly. She was still sleepy. She could hear a faint knock on the door. She slowly opened her eyes. When she saw the decorations in the room, she knew that she had changed worlds again. She gently held the bedrail and slowly sat up. The knock on the door outside continued.

Luo Ran knew from memory who was outside and didn’t pay attention at first. Instead, she slowly woke up from the bed and walked to the bronze mirror. Although she knew from their memories that the appearance of this body was excellent, she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes. She felt anxious about it.

After all, a good face was absolutely necessary, if you wanted to attack a man.

The bronze mirror was still a little fuzzy, but it was enough. The woman in the mirror looked 15 or 16 years old. Currently, her hair was messy, and her long black hair scattered down. The two curved eyebrows and long and warped eyelashes were quivering. Her red lips were slightly raised, but the eyes seemed to contain tears. A timid appearance, it made people feel pity.

Before she could think much about what happened before losing her consciousness, the people outside seemed to realise that she had not replied for a long time. Some of them were impatient, and even the knocking on the door became short and loud. The next moment, though it was still a little immature, a steady voice sounded: “Luo Ran.”

Luo Ran looked at herself in the mirror and bit her lip. Her red lips were rosy. There was a faint beauty in her weak and pitiful eyes. Then, she said timidly, “I’m here.”

The man outside the door breathed a sigh of relief and paused for a while. He seemed to have made up his mind. Then, he opened the door and walked in wearing taijian clothes. He was indeed a taijian, a man of the royal study, and the godson of the taijian at the Emperor’s side. He went into the palace with her, but he was smarter than her. He called out his ‘lord… lord…’ cleverly and climbed faster than the palace people who had entered the palace much earlier.

( Taijian = official eunuch, that have a position in the palace. More than just a servant.)

Luo Ran contracted on the bed, wrapped herself tightly with quilts, looked up, and looked at the person with the black, slick but watery eyes.

After looking for a while, she sighed in her heart. If Luo Ran was that noble, why couldn’t she stand on her feet with her looks? It’s a pity that she was born to be a palace girl. How can any woman from the imperial harem let her come to serve and then steal the limelight? So, even though she tried to cover up her appearance, she was still excluded from everything.

They went into the palace together. During that time, she had the kindness to save his life, a little pity flashed in Xiao Lizi’s eyes. He didn’t move forward any more: “Are you okay?”

“I….” Luo Ran clenched her lips as if to bite them until they bleed. As soon as she opened her mouth, she didn’t say a thing, and instead, the tears in her eyes beaded and fell.

Needless to say, Xiao Lizi knew that she wasn’t feeling well. Looking at her tears, he couldn’t help but step forward and blurted out his worries: “Don’t cry.” 

Luo Ran seemed to become shocked so she wrapped the quilt tighter. She only showed black silk and a pair of watery eyes. She looked at Xiao Lizi some more. She seemed to see the pity in his eyes. Then she remembered that Xiao Lizi wouldn’t hurt her. She relaxed a little bit.

Luo Ran loosed her quilt. She was wearing a formal palace dress. However, because of her recent movements, her dress had some wrinkles. What’s more, the dress of a palace maid girl was both elegant and soft. She got out of bed and slowly walked up to Xiao Lizi, biting her lower lip. It seemed that she had made a decision. There was a decisive flash in her eyes:

“I, I don’t want to be bullied.”

Xiao Lizi breathed a sigh of relief and stared at her gorgeous face. It seemed that she had realized something, keeping control of the loss in his heart, he asked her: “What do you want to do?”

Luo Ran blushed, with slight hope in her eyes. She summoned up her courage and said, “I… I want to accompany the Emperor!”

Xiao Lizi looked at the hope in her eyes and couldn’t bear to break it. Such a beautiful woman should get the very best, not something that a ‘rootless’ man like him could provide, he averted his eyes and smiled bitterly: “Okay, I’ll help you.”

Luo Ran burst into tears and smiled at the moment, her eyes were bright and shining. Xiao Lizi felt that he was happy for her, too. However, Xiao Lizi lowered his head, and he knew that he was not happy.

After Lizi left, Luo Ran had time to think about her losing consciousness.

She abandoned the quilt and leaned on the bed. Her eyes narrowed slightly. The timidity that was present when Xiao Lizi was there, was gone. She frowned, the hard bed was uncomfortable, so it would be better to get it changed early.

This world was mainly about Lu Chen, the male lead, and Zhou Xi, the female lead. Lu Chen was the Emperor of the harem. Zhou Xi was his favorite concubine and now Luo Ran’s mistress.

Zhou Xi was the daughter of the Tai Fu when Lu Chen was the crown prince. They were also childhood sweethearts. However, before Lu Chen ascended the throne, the position of Tai Fu was changed, and with this, Zhou Xi naturally became distant with Lu Chen.

(Tai Fu = Grand Tutor of The Crown Prince.)

However, Zhou Xi had already secretly promised Lu Chenfang to take part in the talent show after Lu Chen’s accession to the throne. When Lu Chen was young, he also had deep feelings for Zhou Xi. Now, seeing her, it was only natural for her to enter the palace.

Zhou Xi read poetry and books and had the charm of a lady. She was warm and elegant. She could be regarded as Lu Chen’s Jieyu flower. All the way, she had been in favor; straight to the position of the Empress. She gave birth to two princes, one princess, and became the honorable Empress Dowager.

(Jieyu flower= refers to Yang Guifei; one of the four outstanding beauty; known for beauty and intelligence.)

Luo Ran, however, was pushed out by others because of her appearance and met Zhou Xi by chance. For the sake of her own good and generous reputation, Zhou Xi begged for her to be forgiven, but never actually cared for her and never let her get close to Lu Chen.

Her loss of consciousness was caused by her being teased by the other palace people, bumping into the ground, accidentally hitting her head against the doorsill, and then losing consciousness. Lu Chen and Zhou Xi, who was wandering around in the palace, saw her. In front of Lu Chen, Zhou Xi punished the palace people, hired a doctor for her, and asked her to rest before getting back to duty.

Because of this, she was the only one living in this room at this time. On the plus side, she didn’t have to work as a servant, actually, she had a lot of leisure time.

As for herself, her consciousness is from the formation of thousands of passersby. The only goal of her existence is to snatch drama. After going through so many worlds, she already had her own way. As long as she had taken the male lead, she would always get her scenes; she would always be able to live.

This time the visit was still early. The female lead had only been in the palace for one year. The male lead had special feelings for her because of his youth, but that’s all. They hadn’t really fallen in love yet.

It was ‘strange’ to say that the female lead went to the capital for the sake of the male lead, but after the male lead fell in love with her, she got estranged from the male lead, and it was only after a sad love story that they came together.

After Qi’er delivered the complete storyline to Luo Ran, it questioned what was ‘strange’ about it. Luo Ran wrapped her hands around the green silk in front of her body and chuckled. The best thing is whatever you couldn’t get, however, If you got it, you wouldn’t think it’s precious.

(TNote: Qi’er=Little 7. It’s the name of her system, not gendered… yet.)

Luo Ran was not interested in the story. She just wanted to know what the man looked like. Luo Ran thought about the man’s appearance in this book. She licked her lips, and her eyes suddenly burst into a peach blossom smile, showing a hint of enchantment. The vermilion lips lightly opened: “Qi’er, check my play.”

“So far your scenes currently are at 0,1%. You can get to the next world if you bring it up to 80%.”

(Tnote: Add scene = to add value to a role/character with more scenes.)

Listening to Qi’er’s cold voice, Luo Ran hooked her lips and her eyes slightly turned. Does this world need 80%?

In the next moment, Luo Ran stroked the slightly rough cloth on her body. She felt her body was slightly itchy and she bit her lower lip. Her eyes were full of water and her mouth was soft.

“This material isn’t comfortable. It’ll be better to get it changed early…”



Chapter 2. The First World

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