5. Abandoned Military Wife (5.2)

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He Mother’s heart burst with fright. Thinking about the Lin’s money, she swallowed her saliva and restrained herself from running away. She said cautiously: “In-law, slow down. I heard this from Shiheng’s second-aunt. She said that Shiheng was seriously injured and wanted to adopt her son. I just thought, your relationship with the Lins isn’t very good anyway. You might as well adopt our family’s Xiaobao.”

“You! You! Today, I have to kill you … “

Li Chunhua lost her kitchen knife, picked up the broom on the ground and hit them.[ not reading this at Translateindo? it’s been stolen]

The two people were shocked and were about to escape, but behind them came a clear male voice: “What’s going on?”

Li Chunhua made a gesture and looked at her handsome son standing outside the gate with his military uniform and bags on his back. Her eyes immediately turned red: “Shiheng ah…”

He Xuezhu, who was trying to stop people from fighting each other, also froze in place. Looking at her handsome husband, who was standing tall and smiling. She looked down at her dirty hands; because she had been feeding chickens before. She hid her hands behind their back awkwardly and approached cautiously, “Shiheng, you are back.”

“Yes, didn’t I say it in the letter?  That I’ll come back in a couple of days.”

“Mom, what’s going on?”[ not reading this at Translateindo? it’s been stolen]

Listening to her husband’s question, He Xuezhu bowed her head in embarrassment. “Well, my mother and brother are here.”

She knew Shiheng didn’t like her family. Every time he sees them, he wouldn’t want to touch her at night. Even He Xuezhu herself was powerless. She even hated her own family. How could they come to Lin’s house so recklessly?

The more they’re like this, the more He Xuezhu couldn’t lift her head in her husband’s family. Especially now, when Shiheng had already seen them.

He Xuezhu kept her head down to prevent people from seeing her eyes. She knew that he was going to be disgusted again. When her body was shaking slightly because of sadness, her shoulder was hugged by a slender warm hand.

She raised her head in dismay. It was Lin Shiheng who took her shoulder and leaned close to her.

Her jittery heart seemed to fall to the ground in an instant.

Lin Shiheng looked at the mother and son standing opposite him with conflicted expressions. His lips suddenly showed a gentle smile. After two low coughs, his speech was also intimate.

“It turned out to be Mother-in-law and Xiaobao. We haven’t seen each other for a long time. The last time I saw you it was three months ago, wasn’t it?”[support the real translat0rs @ translateindo]

Mother He and He Xiaobao were stunned for a few seconds, they didn’t think Lin Shiheng would be so accommodating. When they thought of how they came to make trouble before, and how the man in front of them didn’t look very good but was still being hospitable, their hearts settled down.

Mother He immediately smiled warmly: “Yes, yes. Back then you were too busy, the last time you came home was three months ago. Mother-in-law also misses you ah. When did you come home? Mother didn’t see you…”

Li Chunhua’s face was green when her son treated the mother and son well: “Shiheng you …”

“Mom, please wait a minute while I talk to Mother-in-law.”

Li Chunhua has always loved her son to death. Hearing this, she could only suppress her anger, and watch while her son listens to this woman’s nonsense.{we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo}

“If we talk about the relationship between our two families, it’s very close. What I say may not be pleasant to hear… Your grandparents are solely thinking about your second-uncle. Only my family really loves Xuezhu and you, son-in-law. My Xiaobao is also a sensible child. Look, he is young but he already has so many friends in town…”

“Shiheng, our two families are broken bones are still connected…. aren’t we?”

(打断骨头还连着/ Dǎ duàn gǔtou hái liánzhe = broken bones are still connected; Although separated, there is still a relationship that cannot be broken.)

Lin Shiheng smiled and added: “Broken bones are still connected with tendons. Mother, you are right. I think so too.”

“I regard Xiaobao as my own brother.”

“Yes, yes, isn’t he still a brother?  Shiheng, Mother felt very sad when I heard that you were injured, but fortunately, you can still take out money to build a house. Mother-in-law is also a little comforted, otherwise it will worry me to death. Look at your little brother, his wife had just given birth to a big fat boy. This child is weak, and he needs money … ”

As soon as they are listened too, it comes back around to money again. Li Chunhua and He Xuezhu’s face changed. He Xuezhu endured her fear of her own mother in her bones and whispered: “Mom, Shiheng’s money was exchanged for his life. You can’t …”

“Xuezhu..”[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

Lin Shiheng called his wife’s name, patted her on the shoulder and looked at He Xiaobao with a smile: “Xiaobao, I regard you as a brother. Do you also regard me as your brother?”

He Xiaobao received a look from his mother and expressed his devotion: “Yes! Elder brother Shiheng, I also regard you as my brother. ”

“That’s great.”

A relaxed smile appeared on the handsome young soldier’s face: “I was injured in the army. let alone walk around, I need someone to take care of me. Just now, Mother-in-law said that my grandparents are unreliable. As for my family, Xiaobao and I are the closest. Mother-in-law, didn’t you ask me to look at a bicycle when I came back last time?  Have you bought it yet?”

Mother He gradually began to feel something was wrong, “That … still, haven’t had time. It’s because a baby was just born …”

“Just don’t buy it.”  Lin Shiheng took his wife’s shoulder and looked relieved. He coughed twice and leaned weakly on his wife: “Look, let Xiaobao lend me the money. I have to go to see a doctor on my return. I was afraid I couldn’t afford to spend the money. I was worried all the way here. I didn’t think Mother-in-law and Xiao Bao were so considerate and came to my house to help.”[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

As he said this, he held out his hand and grasped He Xiaobao’s hand who looked bewildered. His pale face looked tempting for a moment: “Xiaobao, look at your sister and my mother, both of whom are women. They can’t help me to go to the toilet at night and carry a urinal bucket. You are not the same. A young man is very energetic. You can stay at my house tonight. We two brothers can talk overnight and you can accompany me to the provincial capital tomorrow.”

He Xiaobao stiffly turned to his mother; who hurriedly pulled her son back.

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