4. Abandoned Military Wife (4.2)

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They said that they would provide for Shiheng in his old age, what nonsense?! Who doesn’t know that they are thinking about Shiheng’s money?

If it weren’t for Shiheng’s filial piety to his father’s family, she wouldn’t have to suffer from this embarrassment. Once she got angry, she couldn’t help getting even angrier when she saw her daughter-in-law.

Li Chunhua didn’t think of anything before that. She was the mother-in-law, and He Xuezhu; her daughter-in-law. What’s wrong with being angry with He Xuezhu? Didn’t her mother-in-law get angry when she was the daughter-in-law?[read at translateind0 to support the translators]

Only the thought of her son’s letter that said that it was thanks to Xuezhu’s medicated wine; it had saved his life, and the thought of He Xuezhu’s face going pale while trying to comfort her when she heard about Shiheng’s accident just now, made Li Chunhua feel a little guilty.

In the beginning, when she knew He Xuezhu made Shiheng some medicinal liquor, she also scolded a few sentences. Saying that there was a military hospital not far from the army. Who cares about some shoddy medicinal wine, He Xuezhu said she was worried about Shiheng’s injury and she scolded her for cursing her son.

(TLNote: apparently, being too prepared is like cursing someone. Like bringing an umbrella is like hoping for rain to the old people of that time…)

But in the end, if it weren’t for He Xuezhu’s medicated wine, she wouldn’t know if he’d ever come back.

He Xuezhu was going out with the basket on her back when he saw her mother-in-law coming out of the house and handing over the big kettle Shiheng had brought back for her mother-in-law, with a rare gentleness the woman said: “Take this water with you, if it is hard to find the herbs, don’t go look for it. Don’t go to such a dangerous place as the back mountain. No, just go buy it on the streets, it’s the same.”

She was flattered and took the kettle. “It’s okay, Mom. I used to collect herbs in the back mountain when I was young. Drugstores sell dry herbs. If you boil chicken soup, use fresh ones, they are better for your health.”

Seeing her daughter-in-law thinking about her son’s health and her bottle of medicated wine, Li Chunhua’s heart felt guiltier. She gave a dry cough and said, “Then be careful.”{we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo}

“Well… Xuezhu, Shiheng said in the letter that the money he brought back this time is enough to build a house. I still have the money that Shiheng sent back before, and our family is quite well off. When Shiheng comes back, I will let him take you to the city to buy some nice clothes.”

Not to mention that she can’t remember how long it’s actually been, Xuezhu has been married to their home for such a long time. She seems to have always been wearing old clothes. Before, she still felt that she was good to her daughter-in-law. Looking at the whole village, who didn’t buy new clothes for her daughter-in-law after three years.

Although Li Chunhua didn’t buy some for herself, she felt even more guilty.

He Xuezhu no longer felt flattered but felt as if she was in a dream. Apart from the time when she just got married, when did she see her mother-in-law being so kind to her?

Holding the kettle, her heart was filled with gratitude, and she thanked her at once: “Thank you, Mom. I’ll go up the mountain now. if you’re not feeling well, rest first. I’ll try my best to come back early to cook.”

Li Chunhua looked at the back of her daughter-in-law as she left, and thought of her bright eyes glistening with gratitude…

Why does my heart feel guilty?

He Xuezhu went up the mountain without a moment’s delay, looking for herbal medicine seriously. She was very excited because she had hardly been loved when she was a child. He Xuezhu was the kind of person who was; when given a little bit of good, she would cherish it and return it back with so much gratitude.

She always knew that her mother-in-law disliked her and never dared to complain. After all, in He Xuezhu’s heart, she felt inferior.

Such a rustic self, and such a handsome and excellent husband, she did not even know what to say.

It was normal to be rejected.

He Xuezhu is actually very scared. Life with the Lin family is much better than that of her mother’s family. She would only try to work hard, fearing that her husband and mother-in-law would drive her out.

Thinking of her mother-in-law’s concern for her just now, He Xuezhu smiled happily.

But then, she suddenly became dizzy, causing her to retch a few times.

The dizziness only lasted for a few seconds and then returned to normal. He Xuezhu thought about her husband who needed herbal medicine and did not care much about her self. He continued to search for them.

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A few days later

A handsome man in military uniform appeared at the entrance of the village with his luggage on his back.

There was money and clothes in the luggage.

And a fake medical certificate. {we do not translate 4 other websites besides translateindo}

4. Abandoned Military Wife (4)
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