31a. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (11)

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Fans were stunned again.

[Shi-ge, where’s the honor? The gold bars? can you stick to it a little bit?]

[Really, Shi-ge! I can watch this wardrobe change a hundred times!]

[Don’t say that. Shi-ge likes little sister Xiangyi so much. Of course, he should please his future father-in-law a little bit. Maybe she doesn’t want us to urge her to marry him. As soon his father-in-law agrees here, Sister Xiangyi might agree to his proposal.]

[But look, did Shi-ge forget about us? He’s so nervous he doesn’t know where to put his hands.]

The onlookers only watched the excitement, but the director of the program group was instantly excited.

“Change the title quickly, just change it. Lin Shiheng ran into Yun Xiangyi’s father during a shoot.”

Originally, the design of the program was plain and corny, and it was broadcasted directly without publicity. There was no advantage except for the guest, Lin Shiheng.

But now!

Yun Xiangyi’s father came out of nowhere.

The home page of the live broadcast was immediately replaced with the title requested by the director, and many viewers who were not interested in an ordinary live variety show were attracted.

Before, Lin Shiheng’s hand-torn media heat fell and his love affair with Yun Xiangyi broke out. But now he ran into Yun Xiangyi’s father. Few people would miss such hot gossip.

Father Yun doesn’t know that his actions were being watched by tens of millions or even more viewers. He was left speechless by Lin Shiheng’s costume change. He stood still and didn’t know what to do next.

At this time, Lin Shiheng stood up enthusiastically, “please sit, please sit.”

After he sat down hesitantly, he felt a little remorseful. He was not sure if Yun Xiangyi had spoken ill of them to Lin Shiheng. When he saw the excitement and even a trace of flattery on Lin Shiheng’s face, his heart settled down.

It seems that Lin Shiheng doesn’t know what happened, and to Yun Xiangyi, he has always said that he had no choice. At that time, she was only a teenager. Even now, she was locked up in a mental hospital for ten years and did not go to school. Looks like her intelligence had declined a lot compared to ordinary people.

During this period of time, Father Yun has been searching for news of Lin Shiheng. He naturally knows how obsessed the man is with his adopted daughter. Sports cars worth tens of millions were bought and sent directly to Yun Xiangyi.

That’s tens of millions! Father Yun, who had no worries about food and clothing, couldn’t sleep well at the thought of such a large amount of money, not to mention he who was in urgent need of money right now.

And this uneasiness gradually dissipated when he saw the undisguised flattery on Lin Shiheng’s handsome face.

Yes, the star is flattering himself…

If he wants to marry Yun Xiangyi, he has to please himself as her father.

So, it should be easy to talk to him.

Father Yun looked around and found that it was so hot that there was no one around the barbecue stand except for the boss who was standing further away.

In other words, no one would know what he said to Lin Shiheng.

He looked relaxed.

Of course, although he has already decided to ask, Father Yun wouldn’t borrow money with the first words from his mouth, but the loan sharks were pressing for it now, and the amount would skyrocket after only a few days.

After thinking about it, Father Yun picked up a topic and asked, “how are you getting along with Xiangyi now?”

“Very good, very good.”

Lin Shiheng blinked nervously, and his hand on the table tapped subconsciously. His voice replied hurriedly, “We have a very good relationship. Xiangyi is filming a show now. Otherwise, we would have come together today.”


The bullet screen on the hidden mobile phone screen behind the newspaper exploded in an instant.

[Haha, Shi-ge, can your expression be a little more stupid? Haha]

[It’s the natural law of heaven! Shi-ge, it’s your turn today, hahahaha.]

[I see that Shi-ge really forgot about us. Since Sister Xiangyi’s father came, his eyes have been fixed on him, and he hasn’t given us a single look.]

[I didn’t expect that there are times when Lin Shiheng would be so nervous. No, I have to capture a screenshot to make an emoji package! Hahaha]

[Above, please share it when it’s done!]

Unlike fans who just want to shout yoooooo! Father Yun frowned imperceptibly when he heard ‘shooting’.

He doesn’t like these so-called stars. In his impression, the entertainment circle is a messy place. Today a male star cheats and a female star divorces tomorrow. Anyway, it is not a decent place.

Just as Lin Shiheng finished speaking nervously, he then hurriedly and carefully pushed the mutton kebabs he had just ordered to Father Yun.

“Uncle, would you like to eat this freshly baked kebabs?”

The barrage showed another group of 666666.

 (TNote: 66666 = a row of thumbs up.)

Just now, when the assistant came to deliver a coat, he wanted to eat some, he said that he would never share the delicious food with someone else and asked him to buy some separately.

How long did it take him to share it? Sima Zhao’s heart to curry favor with his father-in-law was known to everyone.

(Sima Zhao = Chinese military general, politician, and regent of a state during the Three Kingdoms period of China. Some say he needed support from his father in law; Wang Su, who entreated Cao Mao to allow Sima Zhao to succeed Sima Shi as regent of Wei. Please seek historical records for more detailed facts.)

[Do you need us to help you?]

[Look at Shi-ge’s cautious look. When did he ever look like this? He’s making me laugh to death, hahaha.]

[Look at his hands. His beautiful hands are shaking like having Parkinson’s. Oh, my God, Shi-ge must be so nervous.]

[He was on the air. Shi-ge forgot us when he nervously met his father-in-law.]

Father Yun never liked to eat these kinds of things. Seeing Lin Shiheng giving away his treasured things, he suddenly wanted to see how far he would go for Yun Xiangyi.

If anything, just ask for money today.

If he is impatient with ‘Yun Xiangyi’s father’, then plan slowly.

Thinking in this way, he chuckled and said, “I don’t like this kind of greasy food, you can eat it.”

Sure enough, Lin Shiheng did not feel unhappy, but pushed the mutton kebabs that had just been pushed, to the side, with a serious face.

“In fact, I don’t usually eat such greasy food, but there’s nothing else delicious on this beach.”

[That’s a lie. You just ate so much!]

[Find out where the man who just ate and boasted until I was drooling, went!]

[Could you help me find Lin Shiheng, please? I’m have his face, but he doesn’t want it.]


As the audience watched Lin Shiheng make a joke of himself in order to please his father-in-law, Father Yun completely settled down.

He went on to ask, “do you have plans for the future?”

“Yes, there is.”

As soon as the handsome man’s eyes lit up in on screen, he was obviously well prepared, and then came a series of sentences. “I want to marry Xiangyi as soon as possible, and then help her move forward in her career and win an award within five years. It would be great if she could be on the Movie Queen list. Uncle, I’m telling you, Xiangyi is full of talent.”

Father Yun did not quite understand, but felt like he was in a haze. He interrupted Lin Shiheng, who was constantly planning for the future. “if you have a child, and Xiangyi continues to act, who will take care of the child?”

When Lin Shiheng spoke, his cheeky face showed a little shyness.

“As for a child, of course I would take care of the child.”

“We should only have one child. After all, it’s a bad experience for a woman to have a baby. Uncle, you can rest assured that I am not a person who ignores his family just for the sake of his career. Although I will hire a cleaning aunt and a babysitter, but I will still save more time to accompany.”

Father Yun moved his eyes. “I remember she was very busy at work and was often away from home, right?”

“If she’s busy with her career, won’t you miss her?”


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