31c. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (11)

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At the mention of Yun Xiangyi, Lin Shiheng’s expression softened a little.

“Okay, write an IOU and state the time of return, and I’ll transfer the money to your account.”

(TNote: For non-native English speakers reading here: an IOU is a signed document acknowledging a debt (more personal, non-‘formal business’ related dealings.) I.O.U. representing the pronunciation of I owe you.) 

Father Yun froze.

“Write an IOU?”

Lin Shiheng’s brows frowned more and more. “Uncle, although I believe in your character. 800,000 is not a small sum after all.”

“And I can assure you that I will destroy the IOU or give it to you as soon as you pay it back.”

Father Yun didn’t even think about paying it back.

How can someone who can buy some sports car worth tens of millions and give it away, care about 800,000 yuan?

In his hypothesis, as soon as he asked to borrow money, Lin Shiheng would immediately agree to it and would say that he didn’t need to pay it back.

This sounds shameless, but these days, he watched Lin Shiheng buy this today and buy that the next day. How can such a rich person care about 800,000 yuan?

He looked around again, confirmed that no one was there, and finally said thoroughly, “Shiheng, can I not write an IOU, you are so rich, do you still care about the 800,000 yuan?”

On screen, Lin Shiheng’s face went blank for a few seconds, he was obviously shocked by this remark.

The barrage sent by the audience are all that was left.

[Really shameless!]

[I can see that, Xiangyi’s father is the best at it, right?]

[The purpose of writing an IOU is to urge the other party to pay back the money. If you don’t write an IOU, you want to borrow it and not pay it back?!]

There was an angry look on Lin Shiheng’s face, but he seemed to be concerned about the elder status of Father Yun, trying to keep calm.

“Uncle, I know that Xiangyi was adopted by you, but at least she called your Father. You are borrowing money from me like this and refused to write an IOU. I really can’t believe that you have any feelings for her. I’m sorry. Although I’m Xiangyi’s boyfriend, I also know the law. I won’t lend it if you won’t write an IOU.”

Father Yun’s face altered from green and white. “Can I write an IOU and ask Xiangyi to pay back the money?”

[This is no father, it’s a vampire!]

[I understand. An adopted daughter is not a daughter. Didn’t you hear that he borrowed money to get his youngest daughter to go abroad? The youngest daughter is biological, isn’t she?]

Lin Shiheng’s expression was no longer angry, but furious.

Father Yun didn’t notice his look, thinking about the news that Lin Shiheng was trying to please his adopted daughter these days, still saying, “well, you’ve been proposing online, and Xiangyi hasn’t said yes, right? You lend me the money, and I’ll ask her to marry you, all right?”


Lin Shiheng grabbed the gold glasses he used to pretend to be gentle and threw them on the ground, his handsome face brimming with anger. “Are you selling your daughter? No matter how much I like Xiangyi, she will never be forced to say yes to me.”

“Don’t think that I don’t know anything, you ignore her when you had your own daughter. She was locked up by you in a mental hospital for ten years. She only remembers you foolishly. That’s why I didn’t care. I respect her. That’s why I respect you, not because the useless father you are, okay?”

“Xiangyi is an adult. She has the right to choose. I will tell her what happened today and let her choose.”

Father Yun was startled by his sudden anger and how he scolded him right to his face. Seeing that he was leaving again, he was angry and blurted out, “I am Yun Xiangyi’s father, and legally she has to support me.”

“If you don’t give me money today, I’ll ask Yun Xiangyi for it right away. If she doesn’t give it, I’ll go to a reporter and tell people all over the world that she is an ungrateful b***h who has seduced people since she was a child.”

Lin Shiheng’s back, unbelievably slowly turned, “you could even say such slanderous words?”

“Do you know that in for our profession, fame is everything? If you say something like that, Xiangyi’s whole life will be ruined!”

“Even if she is not related by blood, she is still your daughter! Do you have a conscience to do so?”

[I feel like my Shi-ge is going to get furious.]

[I’ve never seen Shi-ge so angry. He must like Xiangyi very much.]

[Shit, is this still human?! How unlucky for Yun Xiangyi, to be adopted by such a person…]

[This can’t be a TV show, right? How can there be such scum?]

Father Yun did not know that everything he had done was being broadcasted live, and his heart was beating violently.

He knew that Lin Shiheng’s fondness for Yun Xiangyi, would definitely be threatened.

In that case, this matter is much easier to handle.

He wiped a sweat from his head and thought of nothing else. “Give me 800,000, or I’ll go to the reporters right now.”

“I am Yun Xiangyi’s father, and people would believe what I say.”

“Either her reputation is ruined, or you give me the money. You choose!”

Lin Shiheng’s heart was covered with anger, even his lips were a little white, and his hands trembled. He pointed at Father Yun and scolded, “you’re worse than a pig or a dog!”

The other hand, however, pressed the signal button on his collar.


The assistant, who had been hiding in the distance looking at the camera, rushed over when he received the signal and held Lin Shiheng “Lin-ge, Lin-ge, are you all right?”

As he said so, he quickly took out his cell phone and called, “Sorry, there’s been an accident. Please stop filming Lin Shiheng. Stop now!”

The director, who had been holding his heart and looking at the camera, exhaled, “stop the cameras on Lin Shiheng’s side!”

The assistant hurriedly turned off the cell phone hidden behind the newspaper, “Lin-ge, are you, all right? do you want to go to the hospital?”

Lin Shiheng stood up and waved, took a dark remote out of his pocket and pressed it.

The assistant: “Signal jammer? Shi-ge, why do you have this?”

“Ah, just in case.”

Lin Shiheng, who looked like he was about to be suffocated, straightened his hair. He squatted down to pick up the gold wire glasses that he had threw, and blew the sand off. Then he slowly put it back on his face.

The assistant: “Brother…”

Don’t flatter yourself at a time like this!

Lin Shiheng relaxed and threw the remote control into the hands of his assistant.

Watching him catch it in a hurry, he whistled to the dazed and uneasy Father Yun, and his slender and good-looking eyebrows proudly lifted, “what do you think? I’m a good actor, aren’t I?”

Father Yun choked on his words and worked hard for a while before he could utter the words “acting?”


Lin Shiheng spoke, leaning weakly against his assistant who was staring at everything, looking at him with a smile. “I’m sorry to trouble you today. You said something from the bottom of your heart, but there’s one thing that goes against it.”

“The whole world knows what kind of person I am, and now you do too.”

“I do mean every word.”

“I like Xiangyi, so I respect her and will protect her.”

The assistant was completely kept in the dark and thought that Lin Shiheng brought himself here to save the scene. “Lin, Lin-ge…”

“Let’s go.”

Lin Shiheng urged, “we have to go back, go back and watch a good show.”

“Ah, yes, yes.”

The two helped each other walk and they left the beach.


In the same place, only Father Yun stood in a panic, as if he knew something but seemed to know nothing.

He walked back blankly, and as soon as he got on the road, a taxi stopped in front of him, the door opened, and Yun Weiwei quickly came out of the car with an anxious expression on her face.

“Dad, what’s the matter with you?! How could you say that? It was broadcast live!! Now everyone knows that you threatened Lin Shiheng with Yun Xiangyi for money. Just now my classmate called me and asked me if you were my father. How could you do that?!”

Father Yun opened his eyes wide in shock. “What live broadcast?”

Yun Weiwei really cried out and collapsed while crying, “Lin Shiheng, he’s doing a variety show! What you just said was broadcast live!”

“I–I didn’t know. He didn’t tell me…”

Father Yun’s words came to a sudden pause. Lin Shiheng just said he was acting, that is to say, he was acting all that time.

Ah! He deliberately didn’t tell himself that he was on the air.

But it doesn’t make sense. He came here on the spur of the moment. How could Lin Shiheng know? Impossible!

Yun Weiwei was still crying, “I wanted to call you and tell you after I found out about the live broadcast, but your phone had been turned off. Dad, what’s the matter with you?! Now everyone is scolding you. Why did you turn it off, why now of all times?!”

Beep beep!

A car drove slowly beside them, and honked its horn. Father Yun looked over subconsciously and found that it was a cooperate car.

The window rolled down slowly, revealing Lin Shiheng’s handsome and perfect face.

He was still wearing a flamboyant floral shirt and whistled to Father Yun, who looked over at him. In such an instant, the car had already moved forward.

Father Yun only stood stiff, staring blankly at the hand exposed in the window.

The hand was long and white, with distinct bones, and it was a gesture of good-bye to him.

Bye, you’re out…


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