31b. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (11)

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Speaking of this, Lin Shiheng blushed again, and coughed. He looked like a pure boy and said, “of course. although I want to keep Xiangyi glued to me all the time, this is what she wants. As a boyfriend, I should support her.”

[Shit, this conversation unexpectedly jumped to Little Idol! Shi-ge, what are you trying to do with that shy look on your face?]

[Wu wu wu wu, I envy Sister Xiangyi having has such a Shiheng as her boyfriend. I didn’t want to have another baby after giving birth to my eldest son. My husband talked to me about having another one, which would make it lively. Mother-in-law had a bad look on her face. If you want to have a lively life, your feelings will suffer when your pregnant for 10 months. He is not the one who would suffer from pain when giving birth!]

[The sister above of me is so pitiful. I must stick to my position. Although I also gave birth to my second son, it was because I wanted it. If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have had him.]

[Don’t change the subject everyone. You’re going to miss Shi-ge’s shyness for the first time in a thousand years. Ah ah ah…]

[Lin Shiheng’s words are beautiful. No matter the situation, as long as he really loves his daughter, the father would be influenced by him.]


However, Father Yun had no fatherly love for his adopted daughter. He only thought of the things Lin Shiheng bought. If all the money is earned by his hard work, it would be stupid to work hard for the family and not earn anything.

And the most important thing is that he plans for Lin Shiheng to marry Yun Xiangyi, then both parties will become serious relatives. If a woman works outside, how can a husband accept it?

Looking at Lin Shiheng like this, he must like Yun Xiangyi very much. If he, as a father, came forward to make Yun Xiangyi come home, get married and be a housewife, he surely would be very happy.

It would be even easier to talk about the money.

Thinking in this way, he said, “Don’t bother. I’ll tell Xiangyi to quit showbiz when she gets married.”

On screen, the smile on Lin Shiheng’s face faded a little. “What do you mean?”

Father Yun looked normal, and there was even some benevolent aura in his eyes. “Xiangyi is a girl and isn’t suitable for this kind of public performing. When you get married, I’ll let her take care of you at home. Or, like her mother, see if she could get a teaching certificate to be a teacher so she could take care of the children.”

The fans who were happily waiting for sweets, were stunned.

[Is this her real father?]

[What does that mean? What’s wrong with being a girl?]

[Come on, it’s been a few years, it’s not ancient times. How can you not show up in public when you’re a star?]

[Comment above, it seems that it’s not biological. When Sister Xiangyi mental illness was exposed at that time, she once posted a long blog post. I remember it said that she was picked up by her own brother for treatment, and her surname was also different. Is this her stepfather?]

Lin Shiheng fans, mostly girls, were so sensitive to the remark that it exploded almost as soon as Father Yun opened his mouth, and noise came up in the harmonious barrage.

[It’s said that Father Yun did it for the good of Yun Xiangyi. After all, her mental state is generally recognized as bad.]

[It’s also said that Father Yun is completely feudal. What kind of era is it now? To still think of artists as public performers.]


The director who was just happy about the chance encounter: “…”

It’s not that he doesn’t know anything. He knows Lin Shiheng’s identity very well. In this case, there might be a possibility of interrupting this live broadcast.

He can’t bear it wu wu wu.

Why did he have to say that?

The director called and asked dejectedly whether to interrupt the live broadcast. Unexpectedly, the other end told him to keep on broadcasting without interruption.

Oh, my God, it’s changed!

When the director joyfully leaned to the screen to watch, Lin Shiheng, who had been courting Father Yun in every way, was not as enthusiastic as before. He smiled, looking serious with a hint of anger at the same time.

“As far as I know, your little girl is preparing to go abroad.”

“You made all kinds of plans for your youngest daughter, and you would ask Xiangyi, who already had a career of her own, to give up her career and become a housewife?”

The natural look on Father Yun’s face withdrew a little.

If Lin Shiheng was rude to him as soon as he met him just now, and he still has some reluctance in his heart. But now, after feeling his flattery, and the change of his expression at this moment, he would also have some anger in his heart.

Is it not for his own good? Really un-appreciative of people’s goodwill. Also, this attitude towards an elder; The entertainment industry is completely a mess indeed.


The atmosphere between the two men became tense, and the barrage, which had just been quarrelling, quieted down to see how this would end.

Lin Shiheng is a junior, and looking at the way he fawned before, he should be bowing his head first.

Sure enough, a minute later, the young man in the camera was the first to stand up. Although the smile on his face was not as warm as before, it was also very polite.

“I’m sorry, Uncle. No matter what happens to Xiangyi and me in the future, I won’t recommend taking her, who is on the rise, out of the entertainment industry. It’s nice to meet you today. I have work to do. I’ll tell you what… Xiangyi will be back from the shoot in five months, and we’ll officially meet at that time.”

No matter from which aspect, these remarks were very conciliatory and modest. It’s obvious that Lin Shiheng, who has always been arrogant, is going to put up with it for the sake of Yun Xiangyi this time.

[Wu wu wu wu, Shi-ge! Well done. That’s what it’s all about!]

[Poor Xiangyi, having such a father. It’s a good thing Shi-ge is reliable.]

[Wait, Shi-ge, you forgot about us. Come back and take us with you!]

Just when the fans were silent, Father Yun, who was still sitting in the screen, looked at Lin Shiheng’s back, his eyes flashed in panic, and hurriedly shouted, “wait a minute!”

In five months? His debt can’t wait that long!

Lin Shiheng turned to the ‘Uncle’ with an interrogative look on his face.

Father Yun didn’t look very good. After confirming that there was no one around, he asked Lin Shiheng, who came back, “can you lend me some money?”

“Lend money?”

On screen, a man with a perfect face frowned, “how much do you want to borrow?”

Father Yun said that the amount of debt he owed now. “800,000 yuan.”

[The old man easily said 800,000. Even if it was his son-in-law, and no matter how much Shi-ge likes Xiangyi, they are not married yet!]

[Shit! 800,000. Does he know what he’s talking about?]

[Shi-ge, you mustn’t say yes. I don’t think it’s normal. This might be a con-man. How could a person borrow so much money from his daughter’s boyfriend?!]

Of course, Lin Shiheng would not say yes. He just frowned and asked, “Uncle, you have just told me about your family, you shouldn’t be short of money right now. What are you going to do with 800,000 yuan?”

How can Father Yun directly say that he lost a bet and had to pay his debts. He vaguely said, “I have use for it.”

“With such a large sum of money. 800,000 yuan. You should at least make it clear where it is going to be spent.”

Lin Shiheng suddenly realized, “is it really expensive to go abroad? Is it for the sake of your youngest daughter’s going abroad?”

Father Yun was stunned and thought this was a good reason, and nodded hurriedly. “Yes, just for my family to go abroad. Shiheng, you are a good boy, and I agree with your marriage with Xiangyi. I am in urgent need of this money. Please lend it to me first.”

“I can take out the money, but if you come to borrow money from me, does Xiangyi know?”

Father Yun looked so embarrassed that she didn’t know. Since Yun Xiangyi was picked up by Zhao Xingguang, they haven’t contacted her at all.

“She doesn’t know. I don’t want her to be burdened.”

Seeing Lin Shiheng still frowning, he looked like he really didn’t want to say yes, and he was also a little anxious when he could have kept calm.

This is his last hope.

If the money is not paid back, even if the family’s house and car are sold, it will only be enough to pay it back, and their basic living standards would suffer a decline.


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