29. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (9)

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Lin Shiheng easily investigated the matter of Yun Xiangyi’s adoptive parents.

In Yun Xiangyi’s memory, her adoptive father worked in a state-owned enterprise, was a high-level intellectual, and was very gentle and square. Her adoptive mother was a high school teacher and attached great importance to education.

When she was young, the two were very strict with her education, and she also worked hard to cooperate until her adoptive mother became pregnant and her adoptive father’s work changed and they needed to move out of the city. At that time, the adoptive mother needed someone to take care of her and left with her husband. The couple only rented a single room, which was not suitable for a child to live together in. For the sake of her academic performance, the two left her in the care of the ‘perverted’ grandpa, in their hometown.

They sent her to a mental hospital only after her attempted suicide was found to relate to her depressive symptoms.

However, according to the private detective, who Lin Shiheng found by spending a lot of money, the results of the investigation was completely different from what Yun Xiangyi remembered from her parents.

The so-called changes in jobs was simply Father Yun venturing out for himself. Although that past was such a long time ago, who made the internet so omnipotent?

One of his former colleagues once expressed his perplexity on a public forum about Father Yun leaving the city for another unfamiliar, constant-wage work.

Legend has it that they rented a single room for only two months. After they became familiar with the working environment, they changed to a normal rental home.

It’s not even a problem if they took in two adults, let alone a single child.

That is to say, as they told Yun Xiangyi that it was their ‘last resort’, it was actually a conscious choice from the couple.

Moreover, the information above shows that how they taught their own daughter was not as severe as how they taught Yun Xiangyi. The textbooks that Yun Xiangyi could not recite when he was a child and needed to learn, would be taken to the balcony for punishment. The summer weather is already extremely hot, the balcony was where little Yun Xiangyi was often told to recite texts while enduring the sweltering heat.

In the sister’s memory, there had never been such a sister who had no blood relations. Her parents took a trip with her, accompanied her, having a room full of toys and various snacks.

When Yun Xiangyi was in junior high school, she had no pocket money, and all of it was in an account. When she called, her parents once said that this was for fear that she would spend money indiscriminately, and her family was not rich, so she needed to save some money.

For this reason, Yun Xiangyi at that time ate carefully and did not dare to eat more, but at the same time, their own daughter had her own pocket money in primary school.

According to common sense, the biological daughter and adopted daughter are close but far apart. It’s already kind of the two to raise Yun Xiangyi. At best, it was just unfair to those close to her.

After all, there is no blood relation. The other party is willing to send her to school, it was good enough.

It so happened that this kind of differential treatment, while telling Yun Xiangyi that they ‘just had to’, that made the young girl appreciate the couple. Even if she was sent to a mental hospital for ten years, she could not hate them. Truly disgusting.

Yun Xiangyi’s memory of the two remained in a small room ten years ago before she was put into a mental hospital. After she was sent from the mental hospital to the Yun’s house, she was kept in a small room. When Yun Xiangyi was in the worst mental state, she had no communication with her adoptive parents, even her memory was very vague. Later, when she was picked up by her brother, Yun Xiangyi saw her adoptive parents’ impatience and their attitude as if dumping garbage, and never thought of contacting them again.

Therefore, she is not very clear about what the Yun family is like now.

Fortunately, there is still the almighty money.

Lin Shiheng easily found out the current situation of the couple.

Yun Xiangyi’s adoptive mother is still a teacher. For her daughter’s sake, she gave up further study and chose to be a teacher in her daughter’s middle school. Now her daughter is in high school. However, as she is older, her memory is not as good as before and she could only continue to be a teacher in middle school.

At present, she is the head teacher of Grade 9. Facing the students who are about to take the senior high school entrance examination, she was very busy every day. She only has time to go home and rest at night.

The appearance of Father Yun is still the same as before. He, a high-level intellectual, is also a small leader in a company. He has a lot of friends, is respected, has good feelings with his wife, has full fatherly love for his daughter, and is a winner in life no matter where you look.

However, according to a private detective’s investigation, Father Yun started gambling little by little a year ago. Before, Father Yun had misappropriated company funds in order to repay debts. Later, Father Yun didn’t gamble again for a long time before being discovered.

Two months ago, he couldn’t help but start again and owed a large amount of gambling debts, so he did not hesitate to seek loan-sharks.

The reason why he has been hiding it from his family and didn’t tell them is probably because the couple had been planning to let their daughter study abroad.

According to the current situation, Father Yun wants to make money back by gambling without using his family’s money.

What is more interesting is that when Yun Xiangyi was nearly killed by violence in school, her adoptive parents did not ask her why she wanted to kill herself, but only took her to the psychiatric department. However, according to the information, the father of the abuser also worked in the state-owned enterprise; And soon after Yun Xiangyi was sent to the psychiatric hospital, Father Yun was promoted by two levels and was always a good friend to the outsider.

Even the other’s daughter has visited their home several times and had a good relationship with their own daughter.

Obviously, between his future and his adopted daughter, who he had no feelings for; Father Yun chose his future.


The original plot did not introduce too much of Yun Xiangyi’s adoptive parents. After all, the original owner was very clever at that time and full of hatred. Zhao Xingguang was single-minded and was only concerned about revenge on the guy who killed his sister. Naturally, he would not notice what happened with his sister’s adoptive parents.

Lin Shiheng estimated that if there were no problems, the family would need to sell their house and car to pay off their debts.

After all, loan-sharking is the same thing everywhere. You owe thousands of dollars today. If you drag it on for a long time, it will turn into hundreds of thousands.

But looking at Father Yun’s intentions, he also wanted to drag it on for a long time.

It seems that besides being dull, he is also a little tardy.

Lin Shiheng may have some ideas after reading the data. He doesn’t do anything else, but only signals a few people to reveal Yun Xiangyi’s love affair with himself to the Yun family.

The couple already knew about it before the person he arranged revealed the news.

Speaking of which, their own daughter saw it and showed it to them.

Their own daughter is called Yun Weiwei, who grew up like a pearl. Yun Weiwei knew that the star Yun Xiangyi was her sister, who was not related by blood. However, she always remembered the crazy woman who was suddenly brought home by her parents and locked up in a small room.

After that, Yun Xiangyi was taken away by her brother. Although Yun Weiwei watched some TV dramas by Yun Xiangyi, because Yun Xiangyi did not like publicity, nor did she like to go out and socialize, and she and Zhao Xingguang did not have a large number of Weibo followers; In Yun Wei’s view, these two people are only third-line stars.

Compared with her parents’ indifference to Yun Xiangyi, the adopted daughter, Yun Weiwei has some hostility to her sister who is not related by blood.

She is still in her teens, the rebellious period. When Zhao Xingguang came to pick up Yun Xiangyi, Yun Weiwei witnessed it at home. The man asked her parents why they treated Yun Xiangyi like this.

After Zhao Xingguang left, Yun Wei asked her parents curiously what was going on. After all, it seemed to her that her family was very kind in taking care of this crazy woman.


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