29. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (9.3)

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They didn’t want to accept this mentally ill adopted daughter, and their young daughter can’t have such a sister, even if no one knew the existence of Yun Xiangyi all these years. If they accept her, they still had to worry about how to explain why they haven’t mentioned her before.

Father Yan and Mother Yan did not know what to do at that moment, so they had to temporarily put Yun Xiangyi in a small room. They gave her food and water every day, but didn’t let her go outside.

In addition to the Yun family members, no one knew that there was a mentally ill adopted daughter in their house. Until the day Yun Xiangyi was picked up by Zhao Xingguang, the whole family felt relieved.

Although Grandpa Yun, who was far away from their home, said he could raise the mentally ill granddaughter before, Mother Yun has been prevaricating and refusing to let go.

She is selfish, but she is also a woman.

Even if she didn’t want this ‘big problem’ again, after that ‘thing’ happened, she would never send her ill adopted daughter to her father-in-law.

(TNote: I know you know Lady… You feel it in your gut,  just selfish. (`´#))

After almost being discovered to have such a daughter, Mother Yun’s guilt disappeared. Now she is left with the same thoughts as her husband. They brought her out of the orphanage, raised her, spent so much money, and refused to send her to her hometown even under pressure, which is worthy of her already.

She also had no intent to go and find Yun Xiangyi, to bring up the cost of raising her for so many years. After all, in Father Yun and Mother Yun’s mind, Yun Xiangyi didn’t do well in the entertainment industry.

Even in the eyes of the ‘respectable’ Father Yun, the adopted daughter’s career is similar to that of a theatrical troupe. She is looked down upon. How much money she can earn?

Therefore, when the couple sat on the sofa together, Father Yun watched TV, Mother Yun knitted, and Yun Weiwei showed them the entertainment news on her cell phone, he did not care very much.


“What’s so interesting about this? Did you do your homework so quickly?”

Yun Weiwei was a little unhappy. Her father always made her study. “Isn’t Yun Xiangyi my sister? I just saw what happened to her in the entertainment news.”

Father Yun frowned. He was worried about the loan shark recently. He was not in a good mood, and even scolded her a little more when she said that.

“It is better to read less of these messy entertainment news and hurry study. Also, don’t say that Yun Xiangyi is your sister outside. Spreading some messy news every day. It is shameful!”

Yun Weiwei pouted reluctantly.

It was because of her father’s attitude that she didn’t dare tell them that she wanted to apply for the film university entrance examination.

In her heart, she still didn’t put down her idea of taking the film university examination. Yun Weiwei thought for a moment and couldn’t help but ask, “Mom, are we really going to break off contact with Yun Xiangyi? She is a star after all, and she has been raised by you for so many years.”

Mother Yun was knitting for her daughter with her hands, and her eyebrows slightly wrinkled when she heard this.

“She has been sent to a mental hospital for such a long time, she is not close to our family. Don’t look at news about her any more. Your father will be unhappy.”

Yun Weiwei spoke again, “Even if she doesn’t like our family any more, she was raised by our family. She can’t be ungrateful.”

“All right, all right, quickly … go do your homework.”

Father Yun gave an impatient reprimand and she recognized that his tone was not good. Yun Weiwei reluctantly picked up her cell phone and wanted to walk to her room. After standing up, she suddenly remembered something and added.

“I read on the news that Yun Xiangyi’s boyfriend is Lin Shiheng, who is very popular in the entertainment circle. I have many classmates who like him.”

Mother Yun did not take her daughter’s words to heart, but Father Yun’s expression changed.

When the TV show was finished, he excused himself to his wife and went to the study to read some books.

In the study, Father Yun did not read, but turned on the computer and began searching for Lin Shiheng’s name.

It seems that Father Yun, who had little contact with the entertainment industry, can only see that he was a person with a lot of fans who has acted in TV dramas.

He couldn’t see anything else. So, he shut down the webpage.

It’s the same, what’s the use? He’s just an actor. Even if he is popular, he just has a little more money.


Lin Shiheng soon told the whole world how rich he was.

Lin Shiheng, who announced his departure from being single, is like a blooming peacock with a beautiful tail. He, who used to only like gathering people’s resentment, had a new hobby.

(TNote: Flower Peacock= an analogy, meaning he likes to flaunt his tail/ richness, with his nose in the sky just to attract attention.) 

Buy buy buy!

This car looks good. Buy it!

Too few houses. Buy it!

This diamond looks really big. Buy it!

The hot search in microblogs has been completely filled by his blooming peacock tail like a forest. Every day, various media compete with the same news. ‘Lin Shiheng bought that thing’ and ‘Lin Shiheng bought this thing’.

Most importantly, Lin Shiheng made it clear in an interview that these were all bought for Yun Xiangyi.

But she didn’t want it.

The handsome man in the camera sighed, and said “I heard my fans are working hard. Can you work harder, just a little harder?”

Unexpectedly, fans who were overwhelmed by the overbearing presidential style of shopping and buying over the past few days were excited.

[Okay, Idol! No problem, Idol!]

[Leave it to us and you can rest assure!]

[We will definitely help our Idol to propose successfully!]

A large number of fans sent handsome photos of their idol towards Yun Xiangyi’s Weibo.

However, Yun Xiangyi, who was involved in the spectacle ‘domineering star fell in love with me’, is filming with the cast in a closed studio. Lin Shiheng and Zhao Xingguang agreed that they shouldn’t let Xiangyi see this ridiculous scene.

What should they do if she follows these bad examples?


Father Yun soon learned what Lin Shiheng had bought.

Even if he doesn’t watch the entertainment news, it doesn’t matter. Some ‘passers-by’ would enthusiastically chant everything that Lin Shiheng had bought in his ear.

Sports cars worth millions.

Villas worth tens of millions.

Diamonds worth hundreds of millions.

At the end of the day, there is no need for ‘passers-by’ to rub it in and heat it up. The first thing Father Yun does now is to check what her adopted daughter’s boyfriend has bought.

He also realized how rich Lin Shiheng was for the first time.

If some of the money he paid for luxury goods leaked out, it was enough for Father Yun to pay off his debt.

Father Yun became more and more active.


On Lin Shiheng’s side, he is lying on the boss’s chair with his legs up, patting the data on the table.

“Stealth shooting artist activities.”

“To satisfy the curiosity of fans, the whole process is broadcast live 24 hours a day, with no person following. It is all filmed by stealth cameras and unmanned aerial drones.”

The assistant picked up the information and looked through it twice. “It’s very common. There were many such activities before.”

Since the advent of the invisible cameras, there have been a handful of such programs.

“No, no, no, this is not the same.”

The handsome man with nearly perfect features raised his eyebrows and hooked his lips, revealing a standard smirk. “I promise, this program will definitely be very popular.”

The assistant looked at him suspiciously, “Lin-ge, you shouldn’t be a demon again.”

“How can I? I am such an honest a person.”

Lin Shiheng smilingly explained, “I mean, this program is attended by my traffic representative. Of course, it would be very hot.”

Assistant: “…”

“Do you have any objection to what I said with this expression?”

He hurriedly shook his head “No no!”

“Also, before the show starts, you don’t need to advertise or inform fans, just find a few stars.”

The assistant: “No publicity? Would anyone watch it?”

“Are you stupid?”

Lin Shiheng turned with a supercilious look. “If you put it on the front page, someone will read it.”

“But how is the front page possible?”

Lin Shiheng asked, “what do you need to get to the front page?”

The assistant replied, “money.”

“What do you want most from your Lin-ge?”

Although he really didn’t want to answer, thinking back carefully to Lin Shiheng’s recent purchase of some strange things in his shopping, which all had the commonality of ‘expensive to death’. The assistant answered weakly.


“Isn’t this a done deal?”

The assistant had a bitter face “No brother. What should I think? What are you are trying to do? Please discuss with me first. My heart can’t take this. I really can’t stand the ordeal, please don’t act so unexpectedly every time, ok.”

Lin Shiheng leisurely turned back.

“This month I will give you three times the salary.”


The assistant’s face was no longer painful, and his eyes were shining brightly.

“Brother, feel free.”

“I worship you Lin-ge! You can do anything you like!”


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