29b. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (9)

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Father Yun and Mother Yun obviously thinks so too. They feel that they have done everything possible to treat Yun Xiangyi, their adopted daughter, well. After all, Yun Weiwei could have been sent abroad when she was young, but she lost the opportunity to go abroad because they had to pay for the psychiatric hospital.

Zhao Xingguang has nothing to blame them for, after spending so much money on the psychiatric hospital over the years.

Therefore, in Yun Weiwei’s heart, there is only disdain for Yun Xiangyi and Zhao Xingguang, feeling that these two people didn’t know how to be grateful.

Forget Yun Xiangyi. She’s crazy and doesn’t know anything, but Zhao Xingguang is a normal person. Doesn’t he know that if her parents hadn’t adopted Yun Xiangyi, in the first place, she would have grown up in an orphanage?

Even if her parents sent Yun Xiangyi to a psychiatric hospital, it was because she was mentally ill. She was raised by the family with her family’s money, and then she had to let her brother talk to her parents like that. It was right for such a person to leave their home.

Although she looks down on this unrelated sister, Yun Weiwei can’t help but pay attention to the news in the entertainment industry.

Her mobile phone is a 15th birthday present, although she can play with her parents’ mobile phone and computer before that, but she can’t play as much as she wants.

Although they have academic requirements for her, the good news is that they are not very strict and only want her to be happy.

Therefore, Yun Weiwei’s attention on the entertainment industry news was very smooth.

Yun Weiwei has been watching Yun Xiangyi silently; To see that she didn’t show up in the entertainment news, and even if she had a publicity opportunity, it was turned down by herself. While she felt Yun Xiangyi was stupid, she wondered what she would do if it was herself.

Yun Weiwei’s appearance is also quite good, although she can’t be compared to Yun Xiangyi, but she has a lively personality and gave off a much better feeling than Yun Xiangyi, who doesn’t like to talk, even on camera.

Even though Yun Xiangyi has a few fans, in her parents’ hearts, she was only a third-rate star. Yun Weiwei would still be jealous every time she sees them frantically praise Yun Xiangyi on her mobile phone.

If a person with mental illness can, why can’t she?

Yun Weiwei had already planned in her heart that she will study at a film university. Therefore, besides paying attention to Yun Xiangyi, she will also pay attention to some other news in the entertainment circle.

She had always known that Lin Shiheng is a relatively popular star in the entertainment industry, from his debut all of his script was about gaining fans. His official publicity is also very powerful, very smooth sailing.

It’s just that she never thought that such a powerful person would fall in love with her adoptive sister.

Even after Yun Xiangyi revealed that she was mentally ill.

When she found out about it, Yun Weiwei took her mobile phone to her parents and told them about it without thinking.

Father Yun and Mother Yun’s facial expression was very complicated. They do not want to pay attention to this adopted daughter who was not related by blood.

Father Yun is fine. He believes in his father and has always insisted that Yun Xiangyi did a ‘shady thing’ for pocket money. Therefore, he has never felt guilty about how he treated his adopted daughter. It is just a matter of business for his own sake.

Mother Yun’s feelings for this adopted daughter are more complicated than Father Yun’s. At the beginning, she thought she could no longer have children, so when she reached that age, she discussed with her husband and went to the orphanage and bring back the adopted daughter, Yun Xiangyi.

She really wanted to raise the adopted daughter as her own daughter. Mother Yun taught Yun Xiangyi to study well and did not allow her to contact any electronic gadgets. She studied all the time except for rest time during which she slept. Everything was to make her an excellent person.

It was just during the summer vacation. She had been teaching her adopted daughter all summer, so the bitter lessons would not have been tolerated if it had been the present Yun Weiwei. However, Yun Xiangyi did not say a word and just followed her skillfully. Therefore, Mother Yun was naturally satisfied with such an adopted daughter.

But no matter how satisfied Mother Yun was with the adopted daughter at that time, the care would only become complicated when she found out she was pregnant and had her own child.

When she was pregnant, she began to regret that she and her husband went to the orphanage as soon as they reached the age to adopt orphans. No matter how clever and lovely the child is, it is not her own child after all. Even if she does not have her own child, now that she has her own flesh and blood, it’s unnecessary to look at an unrelated child.

She can’t help but think that the resource that should belong to her child is now divided into two parts by force.

Isn’t this too unfair to their own flesh and blood?

Mother Yun knew that her husband felt the same way, but neither of them showed it. Their work, education, and ethics did not allow them to abandon their adopted daughter after they had their own flesh and blood.

Whether it is because of their conscience, or condemnation by the society or punished by the law, if it was done; Neither of them showed that complexity and regret.

In fact, at that time, Father Yun took the initiative to get the new job. Mother Yun knew about it. Neither husband nor wife said anything about it, but she knew in her heart that Father Yun did so in order to have a reason to keep this adopted daughter who is not related by blood, in his hometown.

It takes money to raise a child, but it doesn’t cost much. For both of them, the money is not something they can’t afford. They just needed to transfer money to Yun Xiangyi’s grandfather every month so that their adopted daughter can grow up smoothly without them having to worry about her and devote their emotional energy.

However, no one expected such an incident. Mother Yun is still unclear as to whether it was the fault of the teenage Yun Xiangyi or her father-in-law, but Father Yun always insisted that it was the fault of her adopted daughter.


To the adopted daughter who cried and begged him, Father Yun was not soft-hearted. Only bored and disgusted.

It all comes down to: When you love someone, the person does everything right, and when you hate someone, the person does everything wrong.

Even if she was a child, even if there was a school teacher to testify, Father Yun still chose to trust his father and put the blame on his teenage adopted daughter.

Even if something like that happened, neither of them wanted to raise their adopted daughter by their side. Although they didn’t want to admit it, they didn’t want to let an outsider into their warm and harmonious family

As a result, the second accident happened. Yun Xiangyi tried to commit suicide and was rescued. It’s impossible to say that Mother Yun didn’t feel guilty. After all, when the child was first picked up, she was always brought up by her side. She, more or less, had some affection. But looking at the mental diagnosis brought back by her young daughter and husband, she still reluctantly accepted her husband’s decision to put her adopted daughter in a psychiatric hospital.

At first, they talked about visiting their adopted daughter in the psychiatric hospital, but they never mentioned it when they found that no one of their colleagues and friends noticed that they had an eldest daughter.

Yes, no one around knew that the Yun family also had an adopted daughter who wasn’t not related by blood.

(TNote: I know they keep mentioning ‘not related by blood’… either they really think of her as an outsider, or in China, adopting a child related by blood like niece or nephew, is a normal thing ╮(ω ̄;)╭  I don’t know, but it’s irking me…)

When Mother Yun was pregnant, the family moved to another city. People here only knew that their family had a daughter named Yun Weiwei, but they did not know that they had a daughter named Yun Xiangyi, who lived in their hometown.

It’s like they automatically erased the memory of this daughter, saying nothing about the adopted daughter, either to their friends or to their own daughter.

So, when the psychiatric hospital was shut down and Yun Xiangyi was sent back, both husband and wife shared the same problem.


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    Oozora says:

    it is more irk. the author keep repeating the past….early chapter the past synopsis then on latter chapter a detailed for 1-2chapter…..so unnecessary better if told when “cause and effect” happen.

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    Kokorosy says:

    Thanks for the chapter! I think the “related by blood” thing is connected to the feeling among a lot people in both China and Japan that adopted is not as good as a blood-related child because family connection is carried by blood. The few times I’ve discussed the idea of adoption with acquaintances from both countries, the general reply is “it’s not really that accepted to have a child that is not related by blood”, so adoption is not really that preferred by people, especially among more conservative people. I’m not sure how much of this has to do with carrying on blood lines, and how much comes from a belief that there can’t be a true filial connection with blood relationship.