28a. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (8)

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Lin Shiheng growled at the end of his breath and laid back on the sofa as if he had wanted to do so for a long time.

“But in the future, you don’t have to worry about it. I have plenty of money. In the future, I will be responsible for supporting the family, Xiangyi will be responsible for being as beautiful as the flowers.”    

(TN: this phrase shows up a lot in CNs so let me explain it. “Men are responsible of the family, while the wife is responsible of the beauty”: The general meaning is that men are responsible for the monetary needs of the family while the wife is responsible for how the family looks, in terms of social standing, teaching the children how to behave, etiquette, dress well, cooking, cleaning, etc etc. Sometimes people say it literally, as a joke.)

“Quite perfect.”

Zhao Xingguang finally regained his senses from the bewildered face he had been nursing for a long time.

According to Lin Shiheng’s meaning, Xiangyi is afraid of being exposed by the media. She is worried that when people knew about these things, they will not be able to make any more money.

It’s not because of her mental illness.

Lin Shiheng laughed at Zhao Xingguang after knowing what he was thinking. “If you’re weak, you think Xiangyi is also weak?”

As he said that, he turned his head and looked affectionately at Yun Xiangyi, who sat on one side and opened his mouth fluently with a string of praise. “How can a strong person like Xiangyi be afraid of such a little thing? As a brother, you look down on her too much.”

Zhao Xingguang was in a trance. Yeah, Xiangyi never said she was afraid of it…

In addition to being afraid of strangers at first, in the end, she was only afraid of water, calling him brother, and being alone.

The rest, is just like a normal person.

Lin Shiheng is still bragging, “in my opinion, Xiangyi is just like me, with lofty ambition and noble conduct. And we have a common topic, so it’s no wonder that we are a couple.”

“Wait a minute!”

Zhao Xingguang finally got out of the roundabout logic given by Lin Shiheng, “since when are you a couple with Xiangyi?!”

“Right now.”

The handsome, perfect-looking man happily held Yun Xiangyi’s hand who was quietly listening to them. “Don’t you feel our spiritual connection, brother?”

Zhao Xingguang, “you let go of Xiangyi and stop calling me brother!”

“Good brother, no problem, brother.”

Seeing this, Zhao Xingguang looked like he was going to eat him. Lin Shiheng shrugged and let go of his hand holding Yun Xiangyi.

Yun Xiangyi tilted her head and looked at him.

Zhao Xingguang stood up, blocking his sister’s view of Lin Shiheng. “Lin Shiheng, I warn you, don’t have any ideas about Xiangyi!”

“Here we go again.”

Lin Shiheng yawned, “Why are you always like this? Every time Xiangyi doesn’t make a decision, you can’t wait to make a decision for her. She is your sister, but she is also an adult. You always do this. No wonder Xiangyi is not talkative and can’t get better.”

Zhao Xingguang’s vigilant expression darkened a little bit just now.

Seeing him soften, Lin Shiheng continued, “in fact, Xiangyi now knows what she needs to do. I read her file before I came here. She is only slightly depressed and does not like to talk to people. She is not crazy. She has her own judgment and reasons, as well as things she wants to do. You always imprison her mind and refuse to let her make her own decisions, which is really harmful to her.”

“In the future, I suggest you let go and let Xiangyi make her own decision, otherwise according to your care, maybe one day an unfamiliar person will tell her that Zhao Xingguang is looking for her, and she would follow that person without hesitation. What if it was dangerous?”

The gloom on Zhao Xingguang’s face once again turned dispirited and into guilt.

Lin Shiheng sighed and patted him on the shoulder sympathetically. “You don’t have to blame yourself, as a brother, you’ve done well enough; But now it’s time for you to let go.”

Zhao Xingguang looked up at the man in front of him, and for the first time he felt that this man was kind to him.

He looked at Yun Xiangyi again. She was still calm, looking at him silently, her beautiful eyes like autumn water.

Zhao Xingguang came forward and wanted to speak, but hesitates, not knowing how to say it.

Lin Shiheng urged behind him, “Don’t hesitate to say it quickly. I’m worried for you.”

Zhao Xingguang pursed his lips and opened them with an obscure voice. “Xiangyi, you’ve grown up. You decide for yourself, okay?”

Yun Xiangyi looked at her brother and nodded. “Okay.”

Lin Shiheng, who was frantically agitating for this result, immediately beamed with delight, squeezed out Zhao Xingguang and stood in front of Yun Xiangyi. He knelt down neatly, and brought out a shining diamond ring from somewhere.

The handsome face that could break the sky was now full of excitement and seriousness, “Xiangyi, marry me?”

“I promise, no one can bully you with me here, only could you bully others.”

Yun Xiangyi was startled by his sudden kneeling. After the shock, she smiled again, looking into his eyes.

Before she could speak, Zhao Xingguang exploded.

“You can’t!”

Lin Shiheng stood up triumphantly. “Tsk, you said it yourself just now. Xiangyi would make her own decisions.”

Zhao Xingguang: “…”

He said…? How could Lin Shiheng be so good? With a series of words just now– it’s to pave the way for this!

This shameless little man! He can’t get him to promise to marry Xiangyi! No way!

Lin Shiheng’s proposal came to nothing in the end. And because of Zhao Xingguang’s strong opposition, he finally made a secondary proposal and changed the proposal into a courtship.

Before Zhao Xingguang went crazy and beat him, Lin Shiheng turned on a live broadcast.

Zhao Xingguang: “…”

In the end, Yun Xiangyi agreed.


After almost turning the discussion into a beating of the brother-in-law, Yun Xiangyi let go of the knot in her heart and wrote down her past, one by one.

She was not talkative, and neither of them forced her, but waited silently and nervously for her to write down those things.

After writing it, Zhao Xingguang read it with Lin Shiheng.

After reading it, neither of them looked any better. Zhao Xingguang just picked up a baseball bat and went out.

Lin Shiheng grabbed him. “Where are you going? ”

“I’ll get even with them!”

Zhao Xingguang was so angry that he lost his mind, and his voice was shaking. “I thought they just ignored Xiangyi, and casually threw her into a mental hospital, but this…!”

Lin Shiheng added, “it turns out that they pay less attention to Xiangyi than you think.”

“It’s not that they ignored her, it’s abuse!”

Zhao Xingguang clenched his baseball bat. “I’m going to sue them!”

Yun Xiangyi came out of the room, looked at her brother with worry on her face, and said in a clear voice, “Don’t go.”

Zhao Xingguang’s face was dark. “No, I have to get you justice!”

The exquisite and beautiful girl shook her head. “There is no proof.”

“Not only is there no evidence, but even reason can’t stand.”

Lin Shiheng reached out and easily held down the angry Zhao Xingguang on the sofa. “Come to think of it, her head teacher knew that Xiangyi was molested by that old man, but Xiangyi is an artist and a girl, and she will be the one who will be most affected when this story gets out.”

“The couple didn’t know anything about the violence in junior high school, and they didn’t even check it. If you ask, they can directly say that Xiangyi didn’t tell them, and they were worried that Xiangyi would commit suicide and sent her to a mental hospital.”

“They haven’t visited for such a long time, but they really gave the money for her to live there. Although they didn’t do their duty, they raised Xiangyi, who is not related by blood. If this matter is not handled properly, Xiangyi will become an ‘ungrateful adopted daughter’. After all, it was Xiangyi who tried to commit suicide before they chose to send her to a mental hospital.”


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