28. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (8.3)

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[Shi-ge belongs to everyone! We can’t give it to other women!]

[Shi-ge, wake up! There is such a big forest, why are you hanging yourself from one tree?]

“Everyone is my loyal fan, of course I will consider your suggestion, but you can’t bear me not getting married for a lifetime. Can you? “

Without waiting for an answer from the barrage, he slowly added, “I believe that true fans will not be so cruel, unless you are not my true fan…”

“If it’s not a true fan, then why should I listen to you?”

Fans: “…”

That seems to be very reasonable.

Lin Shiheng already took out a picture of Yun Xiangyi from his table at this moment, aimed it at the lens, and started to wantonly praise without shame. “Look at my girlfriend. You won’t let me have such a beautiful goddess; Don’t you think it’s a pity?”

“I also want to marry her and have a baby, if it gets messed up.”

In the other half of the scene, the man showed a mysterious smile: “I’ll have a vasectomy.”

Fans: “…”


This is a naked threat!

They don’t want this!

Which idol treat fans like this?!

But this is Shi-ge ah… wu wu wu wu…  QAQ

When it comes to true fans, even though 10,000 alpaca passes in their hearts, fans still hold it in, and try to argue for it.

(TNote: alpaca translates to Chinese as Cǎonímǎ [草泥马] ‘Grass Mud Horse’= widely used as a euphemism for the cursing phrase cào nǐ mā [肏你妈] meaning ‘F your Mom!’)

[Yun Xiangyi suffered from a mental illness. You should sober up, Shi-ge!]

“I am very sober.”

Lin Shiheng’s ‘fan service smile’ on his face grew larger. “Speaking of it, if it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t have taken the chance to get her. No, I wouldn’t have been able to impress Xiangyi with my true feelings and successfully embrace the beauty.”

[What the hell is this?!]

[Shi-ge, it turns out you’re like this?! Shi-ge, I was wrong about you!]

Looking at the barrage, Lin Shiheng’s facial expression gradually became serious, and even his voice became low.

He seriously asked, “Still not willing to promise?”


[Resolutely refuse to do so!]

[If you want to leave the Single Dog League, you have to step over my body!]

“All right. ”

Lin Shiheng rubbed his face, closed his index finger with his middle finger, raised the corners of his mouth slightly, blew a kiss at the camera, picked his eyebrow and blinked his right eye. “Now?”

[Ah, I promise. I promise. I’ll promise anything!]

[Shi-ge, how about another one?]

[Yes yes, whatever you say!]

[I’m dead. Please step over my body!]

The idol in the camera laughed with delight, “do you have to be so realistic? However, it’s impossible to give another one. In the future, my kiss will only be for my family’s Xiangyi.”

“As a matter of fact, I have already proposed, but she did not agree, saying that it is better to develop my career, it’s too early. So please put in a good word for me. If I can successfully propose, I will thank you all very much.”

[Will there be a kiss if the proposal is successful?]

[Want a kiss!]

Lin Shiheng selectively ignored the barrage of asking for kisses, complaining to the camera about how difficult it is to chase people. A person’s strength is not enough, and Zhao Xingguang, who was originally a fan of his, also turned into a passer-by because of his pursuit of his sister. He guarded against him like he was thief, every day.

“So, please everyone, if you can; I think the successful marriage proposal this year and the birth of the baby the year after marriage would be perfect.”

As he said that, he winked again. “I and Xiangyi’s baby, should be very good-looking.”

“I will take a picture and share it with you at that time.”


Until the end of the live broadcast, fans were still immersed in ‘our idol’s baby must be very good-looking, I’m so happy and excited’.

Under the leadership of the water army, of course.

Lin Shiheng has been lounging on the sofa browsing Weibo since he turned off the live broadcast.

Inspired by a large number of water army, there was a heated discussion in the comment area about what the baby of Lin Shiheng and Yun Xiangyi would look like, and some ‘big sister fans’ have even begun to create a picture of the baby based on their appearance.

(Tnote: Big Sister fans/Boss fans = people who have a say in the fan community. Like Admins and moderators of the groups.)

Of course, this ‘big sisters’ are also arranged by Lin Shiheng, and the picture was made ready a long time ago, waiting to be released right now.

It had to be said that both Lin Shiheng and Yun Xiangyi have top-notch looks, and the picture of the baby, which combines their strengths, has aroused the motherly instincts of a large number of fans.


[This is idol’s baby!]

[Little Idol!]

After the excitement, they calmed down.

Wait a minute, idol hasn’t proposed yet, where could there be a baby?!

Fans are easy to encourage, and as long as people say, ‘idol needs our help’ and ‘fans who don’t help their idol are not good fans’, the rest of them will naturally wave the flag and shout along with them.

In the end, there is no need for the water army to get involved, and real fans would brainwash people who came late, spontaneously.

The ‘marriage promotion army’ soon arrived under Yun Xiangyi Weibo, with their own Lin Shiheng photos and various profiles as if they were introducing a blind date, like a matchmaker.

[Little sister! Look at this man. Isn’t he very handsome? He will be even more handsome when he gets married.] Attached, Lin Shiheng’s handsome photo jpg.

[Don’t worry, we fans are not burdens, they are blessings. Please be together.]

[Xiangyi, you would definitely look good in your wedding dress.]

The media who didn’t deal with Lin Shiheng, were happy to watch the fans frying Lin Shiheng who was digging his own grave, but then they saw the large-scale matchmaking scene. “…”

This star is poisonous, isn’t he?

How come when something happens to him, it’s completely different from the norm.

The media was depressed, they still have to dutifully report a large number of Lin Shiheng fans urging for marriage, as the two stars announced the news of their relationship.

It was a big deal, and it wasn’t long before Yun Xiangyi’s adoptive parents saw the news.


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