27a. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (7)

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Zhao Xingguang who was lying in bed behind him, was stunned by Lin Shiheng’s impudence.

Unluckily, the audience really fell for his tricks.

[Don’t be angry. We all know who you are. The media are so unscrupulous.]

[Shi-ge is very touching. I’m really angry this time! Don’t worry. As your fans, we firmly boycott the media that distribute false news. I will persuade my friends around me to not look at them. I won’t look at them myself.]

It may be that the indignation on Lin Shiheng’s face is so real, that true fans believe it, and even some passers-by murmur in their hearts.

After all, the video is right here. Lin Shiheng’s car did go straight to the hospital after leaving the meeting venue. Even if he and Zhao Xingguang teamed up battle these media, what was it for?

The media were a little crowded and eager at that time, but wasn’t everyone like that?

Once a star has an affair, the media will swarm up like cats smelling fish. Those in better condition will only ask questions around the person, while those in worse condition will wish to directly put the microphone into their mouths.

Although it sounds shameless, people had to say that this is the norm in the entertainment industry. It’s not that there are no stars condemning this phenomenon on public platforms before, but the results are not satisfactory.

After all, no matter how competitive the major medias are, they are all still the same. Today, you point to the news of other families to scold and interview rudely. Another day, will you also point to your own family to scold?

This kind of behavior must be resisted.

As a result, those who are not famous are beaten into starting a career, and those who are famous are scolded as ungrateful white-eyed wolves.

When you were not popular, didn’t you always rely on these media to help you send messages and get traffic?

Why is it when you are popular now, you start to burn bridges?

Don’t say that you rely on acting and singing. If there are no media reporters to publicize it, who would know you?

It’s shameless, but it directly stroke a nerve on some people.

In the entertainment industry, loosing reputation is losing everything; Especially in a world where the entertainment industry is heavier than weight. Otherwise, in the original plot, Zhao Xingguang would have been ruined after the scheme ruined the reputation of the original owner.

Now, Lin Shiheng is not like the stars who used to say obscure words or post a poem implying that the media went too far.

He just stood up.

A real person coming on the stage and declared war on the media.

‘I just want to mess with you.’

‘If you don’t like it, come at me.’

‘I can fight a dozen of you alone.’

Among other things, this momentum alone is frightening enough.

And he did stand up, after all, just the previous statement was enough to earn most people’s trust for Lin Shiheng.

If Zhao Xingguang was not beaten by the media, he would have punched himself a few punches and then go to the hospital. Is this his plan?

If Zhao Xingguang wasn’t beaten, Lin Shiheng, as a popular traffic star, would just shove people away one by one. Now there are lawsuits that cost money and time. Is this what he wanted?

Offending the media is not good for both of them.

More and more people are starting to stand on Lin Shiheng’s side, and watch him continue a Peashooters’ bombardment on the media that posted negative messages about him three times a day.

If any other ordinary star does this, the reasonableness can cause physiological discomfort to some passers-by, or make fans think that the idol is making a mountain out of a molehill.

Unfortunately, this is Lin Shiheng.

Since his debut, Lin Shiheng, who has appeared in front of the public with the image of ‘the first child is heaven, the second is earth, third child is still aggrieved’, is it strange for him to do these things?

(天老大地老二我排老三还委屈 [Tiān lǎodà dì lǎo èr wǒ pái lǎo sān hái wěiqu] = the first child is heaven, the second is earth, third child is still aggrieved; something like– always being wronged, a bit of a bully, but feels that everyone should be nice to him. Sorry if I’m wrong… it’s hard to find the exact meaning.)

Fans also didn’t feel that their idol was unjustified. They waved flags and shouted in the comment area one by one every day. They only wanted to help idol overthrow these ‘evil dark forces’.

If passers-by accidentally watched the battle and did not understand what had happened, fans would come out dressed in ‘white light’ and start brainwashing in the tone of ‘we can’t help loving our idol’, ‘he is just too kind’ and ‘this is a justified battle’, until the other party was completely subdued to their side.

By the time things got to the end, when media reporters couldn’t bear the increasingly energetic ‘Peashooter’ Lin Shiheng and apologize one after another, his fans had soared several times.

When they are blackened, others would lose fans. You have to put it to Lin Shiheng, his fans didn’t drop but rise.

And from then on, it’s conceivable that in the future all ‘Lin Shiheng news’ will be released only after careful consideration by these media before publishing.

A long blog post was issued under the company’s instructions, saying Lin Shiheng did put on a ‘miserable for Zhao Xingguang act’ for his sake. However, the reason for the increase was very strange.

Because Xingguang won the title of ‘The Happiest Fan’.

Lin Shiheng fans have said how happy they would be when protected by their idol, and make their idol stand up for injustice.

Zhao Xingguang, who was still happy about the increase in fans: “…”

If these people knew that the wound on his stomach was caused by Lin Shiheng, he wondered if they would envy him as the ‘The Happiest Fan’.

Fortunately, by the time the dust settled, no one remembered Yun Xiangyi anymore.

No, someone still remembers…

The company finally got the long blog article made by Public Relations sent out after the situation almost calmed down.

Naturally, Yun Xiangyi should be consulted on this Weibo post. After all, no matter how good PR is at making celebrities sell ‘a sob story’, they can’t make up these things out of thin air.

Before that, there was an episode.

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