27b. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (7)

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Yun Xiangyi refused to cooperate with Public Relations to talk about her past.

Finally, Lin Shiheng ran out of the hospital and had a talk with her.

Yun Xiangyi has always had a cold temperament in the eyes of outsiders, just like the role she played when she made her debut.

No matter what happens, she can keep a calm face and look calmly at everything.

Even Zhao Xingguang, who had seen his sister tremble no matter what she encountered, and had to huddle in the corner to sleep every night, thought she was in much better shape than before.

But in fact, she just learned to pretend to be a strong character to protect ‘Yun Xiangyi’, who dared not touch anything and was wary of anyone.

Lin Shiheng just said what Yun Xiangyi was thinking.

She was afraid, afraid that she would be the one who had been blamed after the revelation of the past.

This is obviously the shadow left by being molested by her ‘grandfather’ and being beaten.

And the impact from Zhao Xingguang.


Carefully listening, Zhao Xingguang, who wanted to protect his sister: “I…”

Lin Shiheng asked him, “have you ever heard that a baby bird that has just broken its shell will regard the first life form it sees as its mother?”

Zhao Xingguang nodded with a bewildered face.

“Xiangyi has been locked up in the hospital since childhood, and when she was picked up by you, you took care of her. Of course, she will regard you as the person she depends on most.”

“She will emulate everything you say and do unconsciously.”

Zhao Xingguang’s expression began to get uneasy.

He left the hospital the next day and went home. After all, he could only see a group of curious people and reporters in the hospital.

In the past few days, he could not help but watch the devil bombard the media with mixed feelings, until they apologized.

The injury on the stomach hadn’t healed, it looked bruised. And the muscles that hurt, that made it a little harder to breathe, are throbbing. He had to smile to thank the person who beat him, after being beaten for nothing. It is impossible to say that Zhao Xingguang didn’t feel indignant.

But while angry, he didn’t forget what Lin Shiheng said when he hit him.

Knowing that Xiangyi could not be stimulated, and after being delayed for 15 minutes, he still refused tear down his own face.

(撕破脸 [sī pò liǎn]/ tear down face = to lose sense of decorum/ embarrass himself.)

Even if Zhao Xingguang could tell himself that needed this ‘face’ to eat and make money, if Lin Shiheng didn’t show up, what would happen to Xiangyi?

Every time he thinks of it, Zhao Xingguang wanted to slap himself a few times.

It is unfair that he boasts that he is protecting Xiangyi. There was no such protection.

Indeed, he is too weak, he is afraid to bear it. Afraid of falling out and regret losing everything.

Now, Lin Shiheng said, Xiangyi was influenced by himself.

She didn’t trust others in the first place, and it must have been cold to see that even her own brother refused to protect her ‘face’.

She must have thought that money was more important than her in her mind.

That’s why she is so afraid of exposing the past.

Zhao Xingguang unwittingly clenched his fist. His mind had trouble calming down for a long time.

Finally, he exhaled and looked apologetically at his sister. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s my fault. I will never do it again in the future, Xiangyi.”

“It’s your fault!”

Lin Shiheng saw him apologize and immediately held his head high. He slapped the table and stood up, his face full of accusations as if treating a sinner.

“I can see it a long time ago. You’re a money-hungry person. I treated you like that before, you put your face before anything for money every day. And you could still smile at the media.”

Zhao Xingguang’s expression was even more sorry, and his heart was filled with great guilt. He opened his mouth, wanted to say something, and felt that it was futile to say anything now.

Lin Shiheng is still bombarding him with the same attitude of not losing to the media: “I think you earn a lot this month. You also bought a car and a house. The treatment expenses that Xiangyi told me, is not that expensive for the two of you. You shoot scenes like you had to earn for the next life, aren’t you tired?”

Zhao Xingguang’s head hung lower and lower with the reprimand of the person standing over him.

Lin Shiheng is right.

He shouldn’t take money so seriously. Xiangyi must think that in his mind, money is the most important thing.

“Tell me, do you know how much impact you have on Xiangyi?”

Zhao Xingguang gritted his teeth sadly, and the rims of his eyes almost turned red.

Until the man above sighed, sat down and sighed again.

“Do you know why Xiangyi is so afraid of being found out that she used to be in a mental hospital?”

Zhao Xingguang looked up with red eyes and raised his head blankly, “because of fear?”

“No, it’s because of you!”

Sure enough.

Tears almost fell from his eyes.

He wanted to say that he didn’t mean to, and he wanted to protect his sister.

But it was caught in his throat. It’s difficult to say a word.

Lin Shiheng slapped the table again.

“Who made your family look like it had no money every day? We’re going broke and we have to work hard to earn money to survive!”

“Xiangyi thought that the poor brother in her family was worried every day; That if her past was exposed, people would set up a collapse, and fans ran away. The company wouldn’t give scripts, no money to support the family.”

“Do you think you have a good reputation for a workaholic? In Xiangyi’s eyes, you are trading your life for money. She is such a strong and smart person. If it wasn’t for you, would she be afraid of that mere rumor?”

“Do you think she would care if she didn’t want to support you?”

“Because of you!”


Zhao Xingguang raised his face blankly, tears swirling in his eyes and Lin Shiheng’s eyes were full of disdain.

No, wait!

Something doesn’t seem right …


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    Loui-oui says:

    Linshiheng is in the top of the game when it came to brainwashing.
    He is what politicians aspired to be ahhahahaha

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