26. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (6)

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Lin Shiheng’s shameless degree obviously greatly exceeded Zhao Xingguang’s cognitive range. The car drove to the hospital, and before opening the door, this guy wanted to help and hide him, but also had the nerve to educate him with a serious face.

“Elder brother, you can’t be so uncooperative. I offended the media for you just now. Shouldn’t you be grateful to me now?”

“Come on, look miserable. Show your acting skills. It’s best to show the look that you’re going to faint the next moment, so that we have a reason.”

Zhao Xingguang doesn’t have to pretend, he’s going to faint soon!

Although he didn’t want to cooperate, Lin Shiheng was right. He offended the media just now for Xiangyi’s sake.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Xingguang had just opened his mouth, Lin Shiheng pulled him again, “wait a minute.” (Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

The man in the car helplessly watched him pull out a small spray bottle from his pocket behind the seat and pointed it eagerly at Zhao Xingguang’s forehead. “Brother, I’ll make look like you have a cold sweat first.”

They are all familiar with this thing. When acting, actors occasionally need to show thin and dense beads of sweat on their foreheads, but real sweat is not very nice to show. Even if some actors are willing to exercise in order to show sweat on their heads, they are different from normal people. Some people will sweat on their foreheads when they move, but what they produce is some big beads of sweat that is not esthetically pleasing at all and does not set off the plot at all.

Everyone knows the effect, but the question is why there is this thing in Lin Shiheng’s car.

Isn’t that what the crew uses?

Zhao Xingguang stared suspiciously at the handsome young man with the spray bottle in front of him, almost suspecting that he had planned it.

Before he asked, Lin Shiheng skillfully spurted ‘beads of sweat’ on his forehead. He looked almost done. As soon as he threw away the small spray, he pulled Zhao Xingguang directly and was about to get down from the car.

When the two were about to get out of the car, Yun Xiangyi on one side suddenly grabbed Lin Shiheng’s arm, with a pair of slightly red eyes and worry.

“Will it affect you?”

Lin Shiheng turned and smiled at her. “Don’t worry, the media can’t play with me.”

“When we get out of the car, you go home and have a good sleep. I’ll take care of it.”

As he said that, he naturally reached out his hand and comfortably patted Yun Xiangyi’s head.

Zhao Xingguang’s eyes widened as he covered his stomach with a feeble face. “Let go of me,” he said.

Lin Shiheng let go of his hand as if nothing had happened, opened the door and helped Zhao Xingguang out of the car. As soon as the angry man saw outside, his face looked ‘miserable’ and was helped into the hospital.

“Brother, look more painful, it’s best to show internal injuries.”

Zhao Xingguang hung his head and replied in a low voice, “Don’t think I don’t hold a grudge just because you helped us this time. I remember all those things before.”

“What are you saying? There was nothing wrong between us before.”

Lin Shiheng’s near-perfect handsome face is full of worry, but the words squeezed out between his teeth are full of showing-off. “Don’t forget, you are my fan, and if you block my way, the company will come after you.”

Zhao Xingguang: “…”

No, no.(Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

Isn’t Lin Shiheng trying to woo his sister now? Shouldn’t he please himself?

Why is his attitude still so arrogant?

He wanted to say a few more words. Lin Shiheng, with three points of anxiety, three points of worry and four points of sadness on his face, pushed the person beside him two or three steps forward and shouted “Doctor!”

The nurse at the nurse station saw this and hurriedly greeted them. Zhao Xingguang’s hand covering her abdomen immediately tightened again, and the corners of his mouth showed a bit of pain.

His acting skills are still quite good, especially since he already has a stomachache, coupled with the worry on Lin Shiheng’s face, he succeeded in fooling the people around him.

“Is that Lin Shiheng? Is that him?” (Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

“Isn’t he a celebrity? Why did he come to the hospital? Who is he holding?”

“I can’t see his face clearly. What’s going on? Do big celebrities go to the hospital by themselves?”

Lin Shiheng anxiously held Zhao Xingguang to the nurse’s station and asked the nurse to help measure the vital signs. When asked why Zhao Xingguang had a stomachache, his magnetic voice was hoarse and his eyebrows frowned. The once praised starlit eyes were now filled with worry. “He was punched several times. I don’t know if the other side hit that hard. He was hurting all the way here.”

With that, while the nurse turned to get the blood pressure measurer, he secretly pinched the Zhao Xingguang, whispering on the table with worry all over his face, so that only the two could hear his low voice.

“Show your face and let others know who you are.”

Zhao Xingguang was pinched. This bastard is deliberately retaliating against him, isn’t he?

Skeptical, he still looked up with his stomach covered and his face miserable.

As soon as he looked up, Lin Shiheng exclaimed, “Why are you sweating so much on your head? Nurse, nurse, hurry up.”

The nurse who came back with a blood pressure measurer was also surprised. What kind of pain would make him sweat so much? She hurriedly instructed another nurse who had just returned. “Go and call Dr. Zheng.”

The nurse station was busy, and the people who had long been secretly watching because of Lin Shiheng’s celebrity face, were surprised to see Zhao Xingguang’s face.

Lin Shiheng fans are mainly young people, Zhao Xingguang is different, he can endure hardships, in order to make money he was filming non-stop, some people do not dislike his image of a rustic character. So, most of his audience are middle-aged people who don’t surf the Internet.

Maybe they don’t know the name of Zhao Xingguang, but when they see his face, they will know that he is a star who has played in this and that series.

Soon there was a cry of surprise from outside.

“Isn’t this Jinyun?”

“Is it the young man in ‘Iron Blood Pass’s decisive battle?”

Zhao Xingguang leaned against the table with a cold sweat on his face and looked as if he was about to faint. Lin Shiheng stood forward and ‘whispered’ again. “Brother, I find that your long history of acting has failed, people don’t even know your real name.”

Zhao Xingguang squeezed the words out of his teeth to say, “go away!”

“How can I go? If I go, who will act out the big show?”


The nurse over there also arranged a bed and asked if he wanted any help. Lin Shiheng shook his head sadly and helped the feeble Zhao Xingguang up. “I’ll do it myself, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”(Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

The nurse obviously knew Lin Shiheng, and her face was even more excited when he thanked her.

If Zhao Xingguang wanted to show that he was powerless, Lin Shiheng had the opportunity to show his talents, almost directly dragging him all the way to the ward. As soon as the ward door closed, the young, middle-aged and old people who were just quietly watching began to discuss it eagerly.

“That was Lin Shiheng, right?”

“The one covering his stomach seems to be Zhao Xingguang. ”

“What’s going on? Aren’t they stars? Is it a sudden emergency? But, what kind of emergency can make them come to the hospital without even wearing a mask? ”

“Look at Weibo. Maybe there’s some news on it.”

The young people went to search Weibo, and those who didn’t have Weibo had to sit together in discussion. Lin Shiheng in the room was walking around to look at the environment of the ward when he noticed that the closed door moved.

He picked his eyebrow, took out his cell phone and dialed his assistant.

From The other end, came the assistant’s voice, “Brother, I’m almost there. How is it over there?” (Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

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