26. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (6.3)

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Although fans are blind, passers-by and anti-fans are still discussing it, even if the comments are crushed to death by fans, how long will it take to ferment? It will certainly ruin Lin Shiheng’s reputation.

No, he doesn’t seem to have a good reputation.

Some media have withdrawn the news when they saw that the opportunity was not good. Others ridiculed them for being timid and failed to prove it, but they were worried about the news on screen.

They use to catch big news, and their brain didn’t notice anything else. Now it is only after being surrounded by fans that they woke up.

For such big news, the normal and bigger media did not respond at all.

Before the siege on Yun Xiangyi, although it was not everyone, it was several people.

The media has always raced against time. After all, the same news, no matter who filmed it first, who broke it first—is the final winner. After all, people will only pay attention to the first person who broke the story, and unless they have more detailed revelations, they will only be ignored.

So, every time there was any news, everyone will send it out immediately after asking for instructions. Unless it is the kind that takes a long time to prepare.

When time went by, only a few of the more than a dozen media outlets that sent the news responded.

Those big media companies didn’t do it at all.

Although they do not know why, but thinking about it again; We can see that the big news outlets had a lot of connections and wide resources. They don’t know where this news had stepped on a mine this time, and made those sly people ignore it.

When they understood it, several media outlets withdrew the report one after another, and now there is chaos everywhere, and there are not enough fans. They saw that the fans withdrew and did not take advantage of the victory to chase them, concentrating their firepower on the media that are still stubborn and unwilling to withdraw the report.

And after the smoke settled, which seemed short and felt very long for many people, lasted for 15 minutes, another video broke out on the Internet.

The owner of the video, a young college student, said on Weibo that he was at the hospital to visit the elderly who stayed in the hospital. He found two big stars, Lin Shiheng and Zhao Xingguang were at the hospital.

He happened to be making a video recording, and when he came to the door of the ward, he recorded the voice of Lin Shiheng.

That’s the video here.

The click-through rate of this video went up, and after watching it. They, who were still clamoring and wanted to tear up these media so that even their family didn’t recognize them, immediately changed their face, and became quieter and better, one by one.

[It turns out that my Shiheng is fighting for injustice! No matter before or now, he has such a sense of justice!]

[These media are too unscrupulous. I was a fan of Shi-ge, but I also have a good feeling for Zhao Xingguang. He is so gentle, but he was beaten by the media until he had to go the hospital. If not for Shi-ge, I can’t imagine what these lawless media would do. I hope Zhao Xingguang will get better soon *pray*]

[We just want to quietly guard out Idol, but why is there so much darkness in the entertainment industry, like Shi-ge said? Today, the media dare to beat artists in the street. Tomorrow, is it still going to be like this? When did society become like this? Full of violence and bloodshed, does it mean that if you have the right to speak, you can do anything?!!]

[*Crying*… Shi-ge said before that he didn’t like Zhao Xingguang, but now hit people for Zhao Xingguang. It must be because he is his fan. Shi-ge is like this. As long as it’s a fan, he is willing to protect them. I am lucky to be a fan of Shi-ge!]

[Comment above is right, we are lucky to be the fans of Shi-ge, but even if he did so for the sake of a fan; Such a good Shi-ge was scolded so miserably because of some one-sided video. Our Shi-ge is so pitiful.]

Who on earth is the miserable one? Who was really scolded?

By this time, however, Lin Shiheng’s fans have left the scene in large numbers, and fans have lost interest in besieging the losers and show-business scum after there was evidence that their family’s idol was fighting for injustice.

It doesn’t matter anyway, he will send a letter from his lawyer and sue them one by one.

The media refused to be sued like this and immediately said that the video was fake. There were so many of them at that time. If someone really hit Zhao Xingguang, how could they not have seen it?

Soon, a group of private messages for the young man who had a huge number of fans poured in and scolded him for faking the video with no conscience and even rising to national criticism.

He was angry.

Who faked the video?

This is a real video!

He took it secretly at the risk of his life.

But anger turned into rage, but he didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, at this time, a fan of Lin Shiheng, private-messaged him with advice.

[You should go to the hospital to copy the monitoring, if you are in the hospital at the time and Shi-ge came in later, it will be irrefutable evidence.]

The young man clapped his hands. Yes!

He can go to the hospital to copy the monitoring.

He had never copied a surveillance video before, and he was still a little nervous, but the people who believed he was a fraud on the Internet were so exasperating. So, he went to the hospital security room to ask for the monitoring.

Fortunately, the person in the security room was very talkative. After listening to his request, he did not say a word and patted his chest, saying, “what happened to you is so heartbreaking. Don’t worry, I am a good man. I will transfer the surveillance to prove your innocence.”

The young man left gratefully with the surveillance, thinking that there are still many good people in the world, and the world is full of love.

While Lin Shiheng, the ‘good fan behind him’, is yawning on his hospital bed and refreshing his Weibo feed.

“Oh, there it is.”

He smiled a little, confirmed that it was indeed monitored by the hospital, and proudly showed off to Zhao Xingguang, who was lying quietly. “Look… I told you so.”

Zhao Xingguang’s expression was indifferent. “I now believe that you did not invite the water army before. As far as you’re concerned, you can destroy them without even asking the water army.”

“Oh, how can you say that?”

Lin Shiheng raised eyebrows. “Of course, the water army should be hired, how can we control the situation without the water army?”

Zhao Xingguang, “Didn’t you say to me you didn’t invite them in the previous interview?”

“You also believe that a slightly more popular star doesn’t need a water army to control the field? Besides, it’s interesting to spend money to listen to a group of people throw empty praise.”

Zhao Xingguang: “…”


While he was shocked by the impudence from Lin Shiheng, Lin Shiheng fans boiled over with the release of the surveillance video.

[Look, open your eyes.]

[The whistleblower came early that morning.]

[When Shi-ge got there, he was still sitting outside in the hallway.]

In the surveillance they can also clearly see him sneaking to the door, although this is obviously different from what the whistleblower said, that he inadvertently recorded, but everyone also expressed understanding. After all, secretly recording is not something easy to say.

[We are the little fans of Shi-ge, and we all have good tempers. It doesn’t matter. Forgive the whistleblower.]

[But for those media who discredited Shi-ge, I will never forgive them!]

[Even if the head is broken and the blood is shed, Shi-ge’s face should not be lost!]

[We have to get back to the battle field!]


At a time when the media that published the news were worried, the lawyer’s letters were sent to them.

In such a strong posture, Lin Shiheng told all the media that this lord was the best in the world, and could kill in one move.

He began to look for reporters who beat up Zhao Xingguang with great fanfare, and during the search, he did not forget to say that he would absolutely keep his promise to sue the other party until bankruptcy.

Anyway, everyone knows that he is rich, and he can drag people to death just by hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit.


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