26. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (6.2)

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Lin Shiheng walked two or three steps to the door, directly scolding, “the media is too bullying!”

The young eavesdropper outside was startled by the angry voice. He shook himself and carefully changed his position to listen with his heart pounding.

Shiheng was still cursing, “I watched a foreign news report saying that the stars were chased by paparazzi and had a car accident. At that time, I still felt that our country at least had a bottom-line. Now I know where their bottom-line lays. For the sake of news, they were completely shameless.”

“Look at Zhao Xingguang, ah. What a polite person. His usual temper is so gentle and generous. When someone slaps him on the left cheek, he stretches out his right cheek for a slap.”

Zhao Xingguang, who was lying in bed, huffed from the corner of his mouth. Clearly this bastard was praising him, but why does it sound so wrong?

Lin Shiheng was still indignant and full of justice. He said, “I really saw it just now. He protected Yun Xiangyi from those people. Boy, that group of reporters just got started and beat people up! If it weren’t for my rescue, Zhao Xingguang might have been killed today.”

The assistant grabbed his cell phone and said a word, but he was smashed in the face by these two sentences. He scratched his head and said, “Brother, what are you talking about?”

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Lin Shiheng snapped back, “what’s wrong with celebrities? Aren’t we humans too?”

“Today they dare to beat Zhao Xingguang, tomorrow they might dare to kill someone. I know what they are going to do. There were so many people at that time. Even after the reckoning, they could hide their faces and say they didn’t know who it was. Sometimes they would even say that we framed them up. Rubbish by scum! Shameful and skinless, not even ashamed! They had the nerve to try to look like pure white lotus flowers. I really think no one can cure them.”

“You go online now and find out which media company sent the order to block Zhao Xingguang at the door. Write it down and send a lawyer’s letters one by one. I have to find out which bastard hit Zhao Xingguang.”

“Well, I can’t tell you, the doctor hasn’t come yet. I have to go to see if the doctor has come, Zhao Xingguang is suffering and is rolling around, holding his stomach.”

Zhao Xingguang lying peacefully behind him: “…”

Why didn’t I know that Lin Shiheng was so skillful before?

Lin Shiheng opened the door as soon as he finished speaking, and was about to hang up the phone when he caught the guilty look of a young man who was about to run away.

His face was still angry and tired, and he was not angry when he saw this man standing at the door. Instead, he said politely in a hoarse voice, “Hello, excuse me.”

“Oh, oh, okay…”

The young man hurriedly ran away, thinking in his mind as he ran: Lin Shiheng is not the same as what people had said on the internet. He seems polite. (Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

Thinking about it, he took out his cell phone with the video recording in his hand, thought about it for a moment and sent it to the internet.

This is Lin Shiheng’s voice, and the content is so explosive. How can he not send it to Weibo for those fans?

Lin Shiheng stood at the door, watching the young man run away and the corridor was empty. He turned and raised his eyebrows at Zhao Xingguang on the bed, “Done.”

Zhao Xingguang covered his stomach. “You’re so sure he’ll talk about it.”

“Look at what you’re saying, there is no 100% sure thing in the world.”

Lin Shiheng hangs up the phone, does a magic trick, and pulls out another phone, which is showing a recording status.

“If he doesn’t do it, I would be kind enough to help.”

Zhao Xingguang: “…”

Until Lin Shiheng went out to see a doctor, he was still in a trance.

No wonder he couldn’t fight this guy before.

So shameless. So outrageous!

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At this time, the Internet has split up in debate again.

15 minutes ago, when they were still in the car, the media began to post pictures of Lin Shiheng on Weibo.

The title is also very hot.

‘Lin Shiheng pushed a reporter so hard, causing him to fall.’

There are pictures, words and truth.

This is much more exciting than the news that Yun Xiangyi, the lukewarm little actress, has been in a mental hospital. After all, Lin Shiheng is the famous one, and they have the proof.

The evidence is conclusive this time, and Lin Shiheng would be successfully crucified.

However, the ironclad facts tell them that fans are un-seeing, and even if Lin Shiheng in the photo looks gloomy and aggressive, they think that it’s their idol that has been wronged and that their idol is pitiful.

[What’s the use of such news?]

[The more I see my idol, the more pitiful he seemed. You bad guys are scheming together against my idol!]

[Bah, the dark entertainment industry!]

Lin Shiheng fans are rarely uncertain, they only recognize one thing, their idol cannot be wrong! If he wronged, you deliberately made our idol make mistakes!

Harboring evil schemes.

Evil intentions. (Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

Us fans will never let you succeed!

This time the news broke. Within 15 minutes, a war was immediately launched on the Internet.

True love fans and anti-fans were squeezing out all major media who fell to the ground. Even fans pressed the media that broke the news, looking for scandal history because of what Lin Shiheng said last time, ‘I don’t want online violence, we need evidence to make our move.’

If they find any, they throw it out.

[Didn’t you say my idol pushed someone?]

[He certainly didn’t push!]

[Why do you still need to ask? You see this report you sent last year is wrong, which shows that you are very untrustworthy. Anything you say is just bullsh*t, so my idol certainly didn’t push anyone! You little people are all just spreading rumors.]

[Why is there such a rumor? Who knows if you have any scandalous deals? Anyway, we will definitely find out your scandal history one by one to prove that your words don’t count!]

The major media that reported Lin Shiheng’s news was once again aware of Lin Shiheng’s influence.

It was only 15 minutes ago. Even before passers-by had arrived, this group of fans had already occupied the battlefield.

They also did not directly wash their idol white, only churning out the scandalous history one by one, with an understated tone. It successfully gave passers-by the impression that ‘this media is unreliable’.

These media people were spitting blood. (Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

Please, we have plans and evidence, okay!

Waiting until the 10’th minute, finally the media sent out a video.

This video should have been shot when Lin Shiheng started pushing back people one by one. The opening of the picture was that he pushed back people one by one and then walked forward with an ugly expression.

To the great satisfaction of people…

This time there is a video, which is much more convincing than photos.

The media, who had previously reported Lin Shiheng as an aggressor but was crushed by fans, immediately forwarded the news with great energy.

The photos are not convincing enough, so the video can finally convince the fans.

Then, he was sprayed on again.

This time, fans did not say that it was fake news. After all, the videos are all here. Even if they want to wash their idol white, they can’t fail to recognize the handsome face of their idol that breaks the sky.

They switched to the reporters around him.

[Looking at it, I acknowledge that my idol pushed someone. But look at that one next to him on the right. He stepped on my idol!]

[On the other side, the one in the black suit, did he want to hand over the microphone? Giving it to my idol? Maybe the microphone hit my idol before the video. Otherwise, why would a person with such a good temper like my idol push others?]

[Ok, look at my screenshot. Sisters, come and look at that fat man on the left. Look at his hand. He must have hit our idol!]

The media were speechless. (Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

(Tnote: I am speechless too… but to be honest. Some fanatic fans are like this. Don’t… it’s not healthy.)

These fans are no longer ‘un-seeing’, they are definitely blind!

It’s obviously Lin Shiheng who pushed someone, they stubbornly found one hundred kinds of ‘Reporters Bullied Idol’ articles.

26. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (6)
26. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (6.3)

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