25. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (5.3)

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Zhao Xingguang didn’t bother to think about why this guy would help them. He took his sister’s hand and protected her and went outside.

A group of reporters watched Yun Xiangyi leave, immediately worried, and even wanted to go on stage to chase. Lin Shiheng took off his coat, leaving only a white shirt, his handsome expression is still natural, smiling, with hands out to stop this reporter.

“It’s my turn for an interview. Why are you running?”

The reporter was not a novice either. After listening to his words, he only looked at Yun Xiangyi, and stretched out his hand to push the person away wantonly.

As a result, he found that Lin Shiheng was not as slim and weak as he was, but he didn’t have the strength to smile. Now he grabbed his hand with a smile on his face and dragged him off the stage, so rough that he even pulled off his tie.

In the face of the reporter who was still quarrelling at the bottom, Lin Shiheng pulled out his cell phone and clicked on the live broadcast.

“Hello, dear viewers. Now facing you are our dear journalists. Right now, it’s my turn for an interview and share with you.”

The reporters, who were in an uproar below, suddenly quieted down.

Who doesn’t know that Lin Shiheng fans are a bunch of mad dogs.

If they provoked the idol, they will bite to death. If they bite to death, they will also eat meat, drink blood and boil bone soup.

If this is a live broadcast, and they ran away when they should have been interviewing Lin Shiheng. It’s just the same as waiting to be beaten by his huge fan base.

The man in the white shirt on the top looked at the reporters who were as quiet as chickens under the table, and his face was still smiling, “isn’t anybody talking?”

“Then ask the journalist who isn’t wearing a tie to ask some questions first, but come and say hello to my fans before asking questions.”

The reporter without a tie, “Hello, hello everyone.”

He doesn’t want to ask questions. He wants to go after the big news about Yun Xiangyi.

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Lin Shiheng has always been eloquent. The reporter who interviewed him was delayed for 15 minutes. Counting that the time was almost up, he turned off the live broadcast and left the stage toward the backstage.

As a result, as soon as they went out, Yun Xiangyi and Zhao Xingguang were still blocked at the door and couldn’t get in the car.

Yun Xiangyi still wore his coat over her head. Zhao Xingguang protects her with one hand and stretches out his other hand to block the camera. “Stop filming, please stop filming.”

“Will you excuse us? We’re in a hurry!”

The only response was a constant click of the camera shutter and questions from some people, and some even tried to reach out and pull down the coat from Yun Xiangyi’s head.

Many of these reporters are unofficial, they can be called paparazzi. They were even more shameless than the reporters inside. Zhao Xingguang head sweated in panic, but he can’t break free from their siege.

He didn’t know what to do, but he saw Lin Shiheng in a white shirt frowning. He grabbed people one by one and pushed back to squeeze in front of them.

When he came up to him, he glared at Zhao Xingguang with an ugly look on his face. “Go on.”

Zhao Xingguang doesn’t care that Lin Shiheng is his enemy now. “The front is blocked.”

Before he had finished speaking, he saw Lin Shiheng push away and squeeze out the reporter, and with an attitude like he was not afraid to offend them at all, he made a way out.

After opening a path, he saw Zhao Xingguang still standing still. Lin Shiheng didn’t bother to talk to him again. He grabbed Yun Xiangyi’s hand and led her straight ahead.

Zhao Xingguang was stupefied and hurriedly follow.

Their car was parked in front of them, but the driver was not there. Before he arrived, another nanny car came along again. The window opened, and it was Lin Shiheng’s assistant.

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Lin Shiheng got into the car with Yun Xiangyi, and Zhao Xingguang followed. The next moment after he was seated, the assistant drove onwards quickly.

He breathed a sigh of relief. Before he could recover, Lin Shiheng, who was sitting next to him, punched him with a fist.

“What’s the matter with you?!”

“Are you still Xiangyi’s boyfriend?! How are you protecting her? I’ve been delaying them for 15 minutes. Can’t you get away?”

Zhao Xingguang was stunned by the hit on his stomach.

Seeing that Lin Shiheng was about to come forward to hit again, he subconsciously reached out his hand to cover his face, and then he got another punch in the stomach.

“I told you there was no boyfriend like you! Open the door and throw him out!”

Lin Shiheng wanted to hit again, but Yun Xiangyi took off his coat over her head, showing a white face full of tears, and stopped him with a crying voice, “stop it!”

“He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my brother.”

Lin Shiheng’s fist stopped in mid-air.

After pausing for a second, he turned his head to look at Yun Xiangyi, “biological?”

Yun Xiangyi nodded.

Zhao Xingguang was holding his stomach in a daze.

The problem that he didn’t understand for a long time seems to be easily solved at this moment.

Why does Lin Shiheng say that he doesn’t care about the role grabbing, while at the same time did all kinds of tricks, targeting him?

Why did he turn to talk to him so many times and secretly made him think of breaking up with Xiangyi?

And the desserts.

He only thought that he hates sweets. How can he forget that Xiangyi likes sweets?(Please support translators by reading at Translateindo.com)

This bastard is targeting him and regarded him as a romantic rival!

In the eyes of Zhao Xingguang, which was suddenly full of anger, Lin Shiheng slowly withdrew his hand.

Just now he was ferocious and wanted to eat his face alive, within a second it turned it into a smile. He graciously reached out and held out his hand to hold Zhao Xingguang, who was stuck in the middle isle with seats on both sides, and sat him down.

“Why didn’t you say so? Really, why are you stuck in the middle? Let me help you up.”

As he said that, he looked anxiously at Zhao Xingguang, who was covering his stomach. “Why are you covering your stomach?”

“Is it true that those reporters had hit you in the stomach? Don’t be afraid. I’ll avenge you and we’ll go to the hospital for an injury test and sue them to death.”

“Later, they would have used my push to vilify me. I’ll just said that I had no choice after seeing you beaten. Xiaohe, we’re not going home, drive to the hospital. Let’s go to the hospital for an injury test. If there’s a wound report, let’s see what they can do.”

“In this way, my image is suddenly on the rise, and I may even be able to get some fans. Who came up with such a good idea?”

Zhao Xingguang’s hands trembled, “you, you son of a b***h!”

“Yeah, that’s what you came up with. How come you’re so smart? That’s my brother!”

Zhao Xingguang, “who’s you’re brother?! Ouch!”

Lin Shiheng is now reaching down on his stomach with all his attentions. His face full of courtesy.

“Brother, I will rub your stomach for you.”

“Well, these reporters are too hard to sue. If they don’t lose everything, I don’t deserve to be your brother.”

Zhao Xingguang stomach is aching and his eyes turned dark. His heart, liver, spleen and lung are aching.

“Go away!”

“Your acting is great!

“There’s no need to praise we are and who we are.”

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