24c. The Devil of the Entertainment Circle (4)

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He never needed her to agree with him, nor would he look at her with that kind of eyes.

Zhao Xingguang’s excitement didn’t last long, because the next day, as mentioned earlier, Lin Shiheng bought another box of milk tea and distributed it to the whole crew.

The whole crew, of course, included him.

Lin Shiheng threw the milk tea directly into Zhao Xingguang’s arms and shook his mobile phone. “If you don’t drink, a live broadcast is waiting for you. ”

Zhao Xingguang “…”

He endured the humiliation, opened the milk tea and inserted the straw.

Looking at Lin Shiheng again, he was already grinning, handing milk tea to Yun Xiangyi, and sat on the table opposite her, with a pure and innocent ‘red bean flavor’ face.

(TNote: Red bean flavor = sweet, earthy and deep.)

Yun Xiangyi looked at him that had mischievous excitement on his face, reached for the milk tea and whispered, “Don’t bring him milk tea.

The smile on Lin Shiheng’s face went stiff. Zhao Xingguang who was drinking milk tea with an uncomfortable look on his face, was moved when he heard this.

Sure enough, it was his sister who would spoke for him, he was happy. This was the first time for Yun Xiangyi, so he stood in front to protect her. Looking cautiously at Lin Shiheng, a domineering guy who said he would go against him.

Lin Shiheng still kept the original sitting posture, without looking at Zhao Xingguang, who was blocking the front. He stretched his head to the left, bypassed Zhao Xingguang, and smiled wantonly at Yun Xiangyi. “Okay, I won’t bring milk tea. ”

He promised happily, but Zhao Xingguang was still suspicious.

When Lin Shiheng left, he still couldn’t believe the devil actually promised not to send milk tea to torture himself.


When it was time to take a break the next day, when he watched Lin Shiheng’s assistant direct people to move things in, he still thought so.

Oh, Lin Shiheng would never be true to his word.

The next moment, the assistant began to shout, “Lin-ge invites everyone to eat cake. It’s very sweet and delicious. Come and pick whatever you want. ”

Zhao Xingguang: “…”

After a while, Lin Shiheng swaggered over with two cakes and whistled at the dull Zhao Xingguang, with a dandy smile on his face.

“Little fan, it’s time to eat cake. ”

“It’s sweet and delicious. ”

When he put the cake in front of Zhao Xingguang, he pushed another piece to Yun Xiangyi, and watched her quietly take a fork and eat it. Then he took out his cell phone naturally, and the camera focused on Zhao Xingguang, who looked angry and full of suffocation.

He urged, “eat quickly, or eat it in live broadcast.”

Zhao Xingguang huffed and puffed, and glared at the person sitting opposite him.

Lin Shiheng raised his eyebrow and pointed to his mobile phone. “Hello, audience friends. Sitting opposite is my little fan brother; Zhao Xingguang, Although I still don’t want to acknowledge him, he has been trying very hard to please me.

“Now, what he has in his hand is the cake I sent him in person. Come on, turn the camera around, and let’s ask him if it’s delicious.”

As he said that, he turned the phone forward, proudly raised his eyebrows and asked in a good voice, “is it delicious? what’s does it taste like?”

Zhao Xingguang changed his face in a quick second when he just opened his mouth. He listened to his question and smiled mildly at the camera. “The smells is very good. Thank you, Lin-ge, for the cake. I’ll taste it and tell you what it tastes like…”

He was still rambling as Lin Shiheng winked at Yun Xiangyi, who was quietly eating the cake, behind the phone. She understood and turned sideways to look at the phone in his hand.

On the mobile screen, was a game.

Lin Shiheng did not live broadcast at all.

She was dazed and looked up at her brother, who ate a mouthful of cake with a fake smile. She snorted and laughed.

Zhao Xingguang, who was chattering on and on about the taste and the sweetness of the cake, was stunned by his sister’s sudden laughter.

Lin Shiheng pulled down his mobile phone and clapped his desk with laughter, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you big fool!”

“Oh, my God, it’s killing me. Ha ha ha ha ha”

Zhao Xingguang: “Lin Shiheng!!”

He got up to hit him, only to see that the guy who was like a kindergarten kid picked up his cell phone and ran away without a trace.

When he turned around, he met the eyes of his sister smiling into a crescent moon.

Zhao Xingguang lost his anger in an instant.

He sat back and smiled at his sister and muttered, “Little heartless. ”

But looking at her so happy laughing at him, so be it.


The shooting of the crew was very smooth, and the smile on the Director’s face grew and grew. When it was nearing the end, Zhao Xingguang, who hated Lin Shiheng a little more every day, suddenly found that he was the only one who hated Lin Shiheng.

No, it doesn’t make any sense…

We agreed to avoid this devil together…

After Zhao Xingguang joined the crew, his heart was divided into two parts, half filming and half taking care of his sister. He didn’t even notice when everyone defected.

It was not until the crew disbanded and had a ‘last dinner’ together that he knew why so many people’s attitude towards Lin Shiheng had changed dramatically.

It’s those cups of milk tea.

From then on, Lin Shiheng did not send milk tea, but a variety of desserts. He sent them to the crew every time, almost every day. Artists who need to keep fit wouldn’t eat, but the crew and cannon fodder would happily eat.

After filming, Zhao Xingguang gained 3 kilograms, and Lin Shiheng’s reputation in the crew has changed from being ‘narrow-minded and arrogant’ to ‘generous, amiable and rich’.

He has money.

Otherwise, how can someone do this kind thing. Dessert that has been packed for the crew, every day for more than a month; Just to make someone who doesn’t like it, eat it?

When the Director announced the disbanding of the crew after the final meal, Zhao Xingguang was almost moved to tears.

Finally got rid of Lin Shiheng!

Got rid of his dessert attacks!

He doesn’t have to watch him get along with his sister anymore.

Thank God. Thank the Director!

After taking a few days off, Zhao Xingguang picked out a script for himself and his sister.

Because Yun Xiangyi told him that Lin Shiheng knew he wanted be in Director Zhang’s film, this time Zhao Xingguang was very cautious and asked someone during the audition to confirm that Lin Shiheng didn’t come to the audition; and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Lin Shiheng is highly poisonous, so it’s better to avoid it a little further away.


The audition went very well, and both brother and sister got their favorite roles.

Zhao Xingguang has not filmed this kind of fresh love drama for a long time, so he is really a little excited.

This excitement turned into a daze when he saw a familiar figure standing at the press conference where the leading actor gathered before filming.

Lin Shiheng is smiling and waving “Xiangyi, over here!”

Under the camera, Zhao Xingguang’s heart broke down, but squeezed out a smile on his face and walked in front of the reporter’s camera snaps and recordings.

The smile on his face remained the same, and his voice squeezed out from between his teeth. “You’re haunting me, aren’t you? ”

Lin Shiheng also laughed happily, squeezing the same voice, “if you’re not happy, I’m happy. ”

“Don’t worry, I will also deliver desserts every day for the new crew. “

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