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Lu Feng’s scalp went numb, and the hairs on her arm were about to rise. He wasn’t fooling around, was he?!

“Believe it or not, I’ll beat you so hard that you dare not shout these two words!”

Lu Feng shook her fist in front of him and stared at him with clenched teeth, full of threat.

Xu Mu giggled. His eyes washed by tears were particularly bright, as if to look into Liu Feng’s heart. “You scared me.”

Xu Mu was very good-looking, especially without tears and snot on his face. At least, Lu Feng thought that he looked very pleasing to the eye except for his red eyes and nose.

When Lu Feng saw that he didn’t believe it, she gave a light tut and looked at his white face with drooping eyelids. Her fingers were itchy, and she said, “I know I haven’t been beaten, but I’ll beat you twice and you’ll believe it.”

Xu Mu smiled more happily, thinking about how this person was so cute when she was a child, she still had the same bad mouth and soft heart as before.

He has a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes. At a young age, he was not attractive, but he can turn into a crescent when he laughs. With the small dimples at the corner of his mouth, he was so soft and cute that people want to bully him all the more.

As soon as Lu Feng’s eyes narrowed, she pinched his face. It has the same touch as tender tofu, but it’s quite comfortable to hold it.

She did not hit him seriously but Xu Mu hissed in pain, and his eyes were forced out of steam.

Lu Feng immediately released her hand like a cat that had been trampled on its tail. Seeing that his face was red on the half she had pinched, she quickly hid her hands behind her back, afraid that he would cry again.

If her father knew that she had pinched the face of a young man, and he cried, he would have skinned her alive!

Lu Feng took out a bag of wrapped things from her arms and said viciously, “Don’t cry any more!” After that, regardless of his reaction, she ran away.

Xu Mu looks at Lu Feng in a daze and takes back his eyes when he can’t see her. Opening the oilpaper bag she had wrapped into her arms, he found that there were some candied fruits in it.

Xu Mu’s eyes suddenly softened. He put one of them into his mouth and went to “Sweet Tastes” while eating.

Candied fruit was covered with white sweet powder on its surface, and only when it is bitten into the flesh; has some taste sour. Sour and sweet, especially delicious.

Although Xu Mu’s eyes were red, his eyes were full of joy, especially when he saw the corner of the candied paper which was written with beautiful words “Sweet Tastes” — that was his father Li Shi’s handwriting.

This shows that Lu Feng bought this bag of candied fruit in his shop. As long as he stayed there, he could always watch Lu “rabbit” who came to buy candied fruit.

Although their first meeting didn’t go according to his plan, it was a good thing that Lu Feng didn’t hate him.

Xu Mu knows his wife most. If she didn’t like him just now, no matter how he called Lu Feng, she would leave without looking back and wouldn’t talk nonsense to him at all.

This was also the reason why he won’t worry about Lu Feng after getting married. First, the rules of the Lu family did not allow her servant to be placed there. Second, Lu Feng didn’t have the patience to see what other people’s sons looked like.

At first, he thought that it was thanks to the candied fruit so he could see her. It was delicious. When he ate more, he thought about his “sweet candied fruit”.

Thinking about this, Xu Mu’s chest became sweet and sour, half of them felt uncomfortable and half were happy. The sad thing was that the sweet days of the two men are too short; yin and yang will be forever separated. The nice thing was they still have a better chance to live.

Xu Mu stuffed another candied fruit in his mouth and ate all the way to the door of the store.

Li Shi was cleaning and tidying up. Zhang Shi stood at the door looking for him. Seeing Xu Mu coming back, he hurriedly pulled this person over and looked at them from head to toe, fearing that he would be bullied when he went out.

“Why are your eyes red?” Zhang touched his face and asked anxiously, “Have you been pinched? Why has your face become red?”

Xu Mu had to admire his grandfather’s sharp eyes, pursed his lips and said, “I fell on the road and rubbed my face to the ground. My eyes may have turned red after crying in pain.”

Then he held up the bag of candied fruit in his hand and showed it to Zhang Shi. He smiled and said, “But when I met a sister on the way, she gave me a bag of candied fruit when she saw me crying.”

…… Liu Feng’s little tyrant’s reputation was not very good, Xu Mu felt it necessary to put in good words for his wife in front of his family.

Zhang Shi was relieved, smiled and touched his head and said, “I wish you hadn’t been bullied.” When his son and grandson were orphaned and widowed, he was afraid that someone would have some bad intentions towards them.

Actually, he was not worried about Sweet Candied Fruit because he was still young, but Li Shi…

(*TN: Just reminder, Xiao Mu, Mu’er, and Sweet Candied Fruit are all nicknames for Xu Mu.)

Li Shi was good-looking, full of the charm of being a husband. His well built paired with a pair of peach blossom eyes. The women who come to buy cakes have lost their souls. Some more shameless women even stared at him directly, and the intention was self-evident. 

As long as the “Sweet Tastes” has been opened, someone asked him whether Li Shi wanted to remarry or not. Of course, it shouldn’t be long before the Iceman would come to act as a matchmaker.

Zhang Shi couldn’t help sigh when he thought of these. There must be a place for Xu Mu’s mother in his son’s heart. Not to mention that he was only thinking about Sweet Candied Fruit; how could he think about himself. 

But after all, his son was his own flesh and blood. Zhang Shi hoped that Li Shi could find a good family to remarry. In the future, he will not live too lonely after the Candied Fruit was married. He was afraid that Li Shi would not remarry for the sake of his wife and for the sake of the Sweet Candied Fruit. So, Zhang Shi didn’t dare to mention it in front of him for fear of upsetting his son.

Zhang Shi’s mind, Xu Mu naturally can not guess, he saw that Li Shi was busy, he rushed in to help clean up the tables and chairs. He was so clever and sensible that Li Shi’s heart was in a mess.


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